A Real Fixer-Upper

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 22, 2024

Who’d want the job? Aversion to toil doesn’t just apply to most positions at a time when not working is incentivized. Replacing meddlesome idlers means adding all the tasks they never addressed to a list of responsibilities. Candidates must factor in coping with facing the shameful state of their workspaces and the country.

A job obtained through an election might be cool on its own thanks to a company plane and someone to do your cooking. Presidential minders don’t let Joe Biden plug in the George Foreman Grill. The woeful conditions he’s created discourage potential successors, which is his best chance for doubling the length of perks.

Pondering what replacements will inherit is almost staggering as looking at the debt roll upward. The most worthy won’t bitch about it despite the seemingly impossible task. Cleaning up messes left by adult children is the responsibility of those who aren’t merely legally so.

Democrats aren’t big on accepting it at any point, much less when they’re handed power. One might think those who claim government can fix everything would be thrilled to obtain authority so they can organize society into an efficiently wealthy paradise where nobody works.

It’s going to take an even greater interest in higher interest to cure the disease of devalued currency. Inflation is a hangover inflicted on others by drunkards. Spending fortunes seized from others just doesn’t buy enough junk for bribes. You may be shocked to learn present office-fillers are neither careful with quasi-legal plunder nor skilled at buying anything worthwhile. Wait for a charging station to open up after your high-speed rail is three weeks late.

The same mentality works abroad. A stern tone will be needed when telling the Taliban they can’t keep being bad even with the gifts of equipment and fleeing. Iran is accustomed to spinning centrifuges at will while presuming 87 percent of its economy will take the form of ransom payments. It’s understandable why Russians don’t want to stay in Russia but still unacceptable to visit neighboring countries without permission.

As for villains living nearby, the only thing harder than recruiting cops after the profession has been treated as the source of evil is the job itself. You may be surprised to learn law enforcement is actually intended to prevent harm and not inflict it if you’ve trusted media outlets these last few years. The ensuing spike in everything getting ripped off somehow similarly caught a few incumbents off-guard.

One of the few actual necessary and helpful government roles has been demonized if you wonder why things are a way you wish they weren’t. A determined fan of both law and order will have to convince law enforcement that they won’t be treated as criminals before convincing the public of the same.

Trump’s Igor was once known for conducting successful experiments to make New York freaking City livable. Rudy Giuliani took an urban war zone that was conceded to criminals by liberals and took ground collaborators announced simply could never be recaptured. We can only hope there are numerous aspirants who are sick of barbarians and have a plan to drive them back to the wastelands.

Passive culprits presumed they had to cope with the diabolically deranged prowling the streets as part of residing in a vibrant urban enclave. Menace enablers refuse to think about how their policy of welding Arkham’s gates open might just have led to foreboding.

Enduing an entire presidency packed with excuses just makes it lamer. Biden kvetched about job tasks on the first day just like he will on his last. The lack of growth is a constant theme in his bafflingly charmed life. Maintaining a routine brings the wrong kind of predictability for puttering dolts. Our nation’s wise grandpa should brag more about approaching levels seen before politicians concluded they possessed the power to ban you from getting a haircut.

Proclaiming that everything is unfair is the only thriving liberal industry. Professional pouter Barack Obama whines as a reflex. Times he announced he would ameliorate were so lousy that he couldn’t mend a thing during two terms. Please disregard how the charismatic putzing tyrant’s philosophy spurred economic meltdown in the first place. A similar approach shut down society via diktat before lamenting that everything was standing still.

Things somehow never improve while having the same criminally inept staff. Most politicians would admit government doesn’t help before they’d retire. Everyone should respect Mitt Romney for not being addicted to caffeine or an office. By contrast, Nancy Pelosi voted for Woodrow Wilson twice, while Bernie Sanders took his grandchildren to see the first aeroplane flight. There’s no other industry where failures are never held accountable, which is a mentality those regrettably elected impose upon every industry they attempt to modify into a wholesome federal monopoly.

Lots to repair could be an upside. Deft repairers could get credit for refurbishing busted junk that seems to be up for junking. Remember to thank Biden and his underlings for creating such dreadful circumstances. Existence will seem worlds better once everything presently making it even more insufferable than usual is discarded. Ingrates won’t thank the present occupant for his sole contribution.

Democrats who think government corrects everything have created conditions where a Republican successor could do just that. Overcoming ineptness inflicted by those who rather mistakenly think they’re good at everything is an innovative way to restore faith.