You have some nerve seeking joy in this racist hellhole. Ruining sports makes life thorough, as the one distraction thorough misery is now gone. Watching people in better shape than you try to move an object helps through normal stupid times and especially now during the hour of eternal masking. Or at least it should.

Professional athletics are infected with the same sort of regrettable juvenile tendency to indulge in loathing a great and good nation as angry teens who claim they get underwhelming grades only because they’re not challenged. Note their commitment to truth by euphemistically referring to their lunacy as social justice even though it’s neither.

The anthem is controversial if our world seemed too sane. Woke lunatics sunk to the point where those honoring a tune documenting America’s awesomeness are demonized as the contemporary equivalent of possessing slaves. Speaking of owners without consciences, Mark Cuban acting like a song about a country dedicated to natural rights could be offensive shows gratitude’s limits. If the Star-Spangled Banner doesn’t represent you, you’re the problem. The same place where he made an unimaginable fortune off one good idea apparently isn’t cool. His homeland allows him to say anything he wants, which might be his issue.

The only thing worse than disrespecting an anthem is disrespecting the most awesome country’s anthem. I forgot this was the one place in the world that has problems. And circumstances must be way cooler in, say, China. The righteous better indulge in the most thoroughly insulting gesture that condemns the jurisdiction outright. It’s not just any country: the one with checks on power and drive-thru liquor stores where kneelers make a fortune pursuing a career of pursuing a ball.

Only one side bails when times are tough. Those who believe the Constitution is worthwhile didn’t kneel when, say, Barack Obama was forcing allegedly free people to buy crummy insurance. It’s totally complex to respect something imperfect. Leftists try their hardest to make it more so.

But aren’t you against police brutality? Framing everyone who stands honorably as an endorser of oppression serves as a reminder that pro athletes didn’t attend college on academic scholarships. Professional disrespect merchants only hate certain parts of the country, you see. They can claim whatever they please, as it doesn’t make it true. I can call your grandma a hoary whore and say it’s a compliment, and you may not agree that my disclaimer makes it so.

You’d think such shrewd detectives would find more evidence. If the case for cops as an assault force against minorities was so strong, the passive activists would have more examples. Instead, they parrot a few horrifying cases they’ve oh so fairly decided represent the entirety.

Actual racist violations can horrify without proving America still has roving bands of Klansmen tasked with enforcing the law. Scraping for incidents is actually a heartening sign that bigot cops aren’t in control. Recall the advancement of justice on the night alleged pros refused to play because a sexual predator with a knife ignored police commands. Jacob Blake is at least a better example than a drug dealer whose boyfriend shot at cops first.

Wanting to feel oppressed is a sick way of gaining credentials. Those with cushy lives feel bad for not suffering from the same discrimination we’re told spreads like some sort of airborne virus. The sense others gained through overcoming injustice leads to overcompensating out of guilt for winning the genetic lottery. Maybe police don’t gun down black people for fun on a daily basis, but searching for instances shows you amateur researchers care deeply about injustice.

This country must be racist, according to leagues that don’t hire enough minorities. Someday, pro leagues will catch up with America’s tolerance.

Don’t judge them on individual cases, as they should be held to their own leftist lunacy. Pity the poor NFL team with a coaching opening that thinks Eric Bieniemy interviews badly. It couldn’t be that many white coaches got into it precisely because they weren’t good enough to play for money. Franchises keep hiring safe choices, and it merely takes more time for black applicants to get jobs based on previously holding them. Executives are prejudiced against risk.

Prejudice is its own punishment. If general managers hire some lame cracker coach and fail, the team gets what it deserves. Hiring a minority regardless of if he’s qualified for the particular opening is actually racist in a patronizing manner, but at least sports shows can have more pictures of black coaches in their graphics. Skin-deep bigotry goes both ways.

Don’t you know those who you like watching run around have strong feelings about very important issues? Crusading athletes have to make themselves feel knowledgeable and caring. Social consciousness takes the form of an assistant summing up a news event and explaining why it means there’s no freedom here.

Speaking of which, forget your freedom to be entertained. Deprived distanced fans only got to enjoy a few innings, quarters, or periods before the harangues began.

Set aside scolding about being masked for those blessed few allowed to attend the occasional sporting event lest an unfiltered breath reinitiates the zombie outbreak. Many athletes in virus protocol sure don’t seem sick but must be kept from competing. Once teams were allowed to play again, they took a break to tell you why mean law enforcement shows how there are two Americas.

People with no real trauma search for it. They have to show you what deep thinkers they are by acting socially conscious, which happens to coincide with spouting off about liberal. As for having to feel important to compensate for not being able to play, Colin Kaepernick embodies the shallow dolt who decided he is going to fix oppression. It beats being lousy at football, although his pay was alarmingly high for being on a team within the Fourth Reich.

It’s not enough to entertain. Playing a game well in exchange for tickets or watching commercials should constitute the entire transaction. But leaving both parties satisfied is apparently insufficient an era where companies feel compelled to tell us they’re not racist. You can’t just spend 37 bucks on a Starbucks iceaccino: here’s your free lecture on why you’re not experiencing enough guilt.

Daring to attend a game in order to watch athletes pursue an object as specified by the rules is a chance to preach to a captive audience. Politicizing escapes from politics hasn’t helped society while it ruins joy. But at least those made impossibly rich by being able to launch a sphere through a hoop feel meaningful.

Cranky as a lifestyle choice.