Another Chance to Boo the Buffalo Sabres

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 21, 2024

The Sabres lose. It’s who they are. They’re furious you’re aware. Reports that players are ticked at fans who offer accurate criticism of emblematically atrocious performances somehow make the experience of following them even more unfulfilling. I’m almost impressed they find new ways to insult. Athletes are not going to win by bickering with fans, which with this club is the normal result.

Those poor millionaires on the verge of extending the league-record playoff drought are very upset those they’ve wronged by not completing job tasks possess the insolence to react appropriately. You know a locker room emanates a bad vibe when fans get blamed. I have a related update about the Sabres.

Competing for the draft lottery offers a thrill unappreciative types don’t cherish. An eternal exile from the playoff race is the only thing more irritating than lame excuses from well-paid athletes who don’t know how to properly manipulate a puck. The team in question sucks at a historical rate. Rare wins are accompanied by a lack of caring about frequent shortcomings. Can you believe the crowd doesn’t cry with joy?

I just wish there were a way to prevent a fanbase from getting cranky like not missing the freaking playoffs yet again. Roster members focusing understandable frustration on job performance isn’t as easy as condemning anyone with the nerve to buy a ticket. Cognizance of the investment’s foolishness does not justify annoyance in those who ultimately receive a portion of gate receipts. They should be infinitely more ticked at how close a Buffalonian born on the last day the Sabres won a series is to voting.

Technical players are allegedly particularly upset that followers are familiar with the flailing failing coach. Of course Sabres players like Don Granato: he doesn’t hold them accountable when they underachieve. The owner likes him as well because he’s cheaper than someone skilled. The only problem is that bit where his squad is supposed to win games regularly. Dwindling backers have the audacity to notice.

Keep flipping off those you’ve disappointed: it’s the surest way to express shame. Ingratitude is particularly super when aimed at those who pay to watch you work in the hope you can bring them a little joy. Attending a professional hockey game is an investment. Going to a Sabres game costs nearly as much.

Optimists in spite of it all who spend a considerable sum hoping to vainly see success are crushed by the exact opposite. Players get mad… at the honest summary of their ineptitude. Their setbacks somehow get even more infuriating.

Bickering with those ultimately funding your career is a guaranteed defeat like the Sabres after a win. I’m shocked sportsbooks take bets on a lock like the inevitable letdown.

Perspective makes matters worse if you follow this team. It’s easy to examine each result under a microscope. But step back to see how distressing an activity that’s supposed to be a merry diversion has been over a way too long time. Hissing is a natural reply.

Why are you not cheering with delight for a ceaseless desert exile? The fact anyone keeps showing up at all is testament to loyalty. The devotion may not be rational under the best of conditions, and hockey’s Washington Generals have created less than pleasant ones.

Catharsis is necessary when coping with a team that’s been this lousy for this long. The Sabres are the worst franchise in the NHL. There are others with fewer points this season, but nobody has been more consistently woeful over time. They may be the worst of any North American pro outfit. Debate enthusiasts might suggest similarly dreadful entries like the New Jersey Jets, but the fact that the Sabres are a plausible candidate is sufficiently depressing. And they could be the worst globally unless there’s a Romanian handball team that runs to the town square and pummels anyone they find wearing team gear after each thrashing.

Fans are actually too nice. Mild jeering is the nicest possible feedback regarding an unprecedented run of losing. The Sabres are lucky they don’t play in the Vaudeville era. The concession stands don’t sell rotten vegetables for a reason.

It’s preposterous even having to note cause and effect. Entertain your customers. The product has been rotten on a semipermanent basis with no relief in sight. Since there seems to be confusion, I’ll point out that’s the fault of those inside the dasher, specifically the ones on skates wearing home jerseys. The Sabres think you’re not allowed to dislike a movie because it’ll irk the director. And it’s your job to make Coldplay not suck by being supportive at concerts. Get back here and attend.

“Of course they’re booing. They have the right at any time and especially when we don’t meet expectation. We’re here to entertain those who treat us as heroes and have come up short. We understand and respect their dissatisfaction and hope it will disappear once we start competing at a suitable level.” There: I wrote an apology for them. You have to do everything for this team. Wear a jersey to games because you might be called upon to join the third defensive pair.

True pros would be begging for forgiveness. But this team doesn’t qualify. Uninspired play is just the start. The Sabres are not just generating garbage but treating their admirers the same way. They deserve more booing. I hope the fact nobody but Hans Moleman is saying “Boo-ryson” hurts their feelings, as they’re getting off easy compared to the devastated congregation generating the most genuine response.