Avoiding Media Socializing

Twitter is the worst disappointment since our government. A theoretically sound idea makes its ghastliness in practice even more acute. The scrolling garbage pile is as dreadful as a conceptually noble federal system where Joe Biden ends up executive, Nancy Pelosi leads the commoner legislators, and Chuck Schumer gets to run the snotty section. Nothing matches our ideal conception in this woeful reality. But we could still try voting a little better while letting anyone to Honecker’s right maintain a social media presence.

Closing an open platform is especially regrettable for an app conducive to kvetching. Humans need venting. The online steam valve allows for pressure alleviation whenever there’s stupid news, which makes typing fast enough to keep up a challenge. Noting what’s horrendous about a story is cathartic on its own and even more relieving when others who choose to see your rants get to your point.

But the audience dwindles for one particular side. Limiting the reach of anyone who disagrees is always for a good reason, according to those enforcing power trips. Ejecting anyone who notices government sucks at everything is for safety. You’re not pro-violence, are you?

The worst part about banning anyone who likes the Constitution is cutting off other interests. Twitter theoretically allows users to enjoy a wide disparity of particular personal interests. Nothing beats a break from politics at any time.

Notes from more joyous parts of life especially welcome in a place where refreshing sadly brings updates on what our government is doing. The ideal time-waster remains the eclectic place where I can see what’s on the mind of humans as wide-ranging as Matthew Barnaby, Bootsy Collins, and Whit Stillman. I wish I could get them to comment on the same thread. Ensuring distractions from current events is especially welcome when events would ideally not currently happen. Getting to see what inspires others is particularly welcome compared to churning out hot takes every 10 minutes.

Gleeful banning makes the failure even worse on account of the disparity. Acting like narcing bitches is entirely predictable behavior for those who believe so thoroughly they support equality that anyone else must be a bigot. Accuse all who disagree of Nazism for purity. Meanwhile, flip tables and find crawlspaces to find where those who believe gender isn’t a choice are hiding.

Twitter must ban Hitler fans, who just happen to be everyone who disagrees that Joe Biden will make us rich. Virtual hall monitors only bounce aspiring Fourth Reich members, which sure is a relief for the self-righteous gloating over excised viewpoints. No true Scotsman would have his account terminated. You must hate transgender people if you think they shouldn’t be allowed in the military, as there could be no other reason aside from unfitness for service in a profession whose goal is winning wars.

Gleeful moderators only ban evil demons, so Patty Parler must be one. Typing “QED” saves space. The same sort of pure logic allows adherents to believe socialism will finally increase their wealth.

Your ideas are fine as long as they agree with the site’s management. Now, that’s an open forum. It’s no wonder Twitter lets China spread propaganda when they admire their vigorous approach to monitoring humans. North Korea should try to get on with their computer. Tandy’s stock price suddenly surges.

Coaching Twitter should be easier than winning with Michael Jordan. All they have to do is roll out the ball. Instead, social media monitors think their fancy coaching is what will create greatness. Please just let us play.

Treating the glorified texting site like an open forum makes Twitter employees’ jobs easy, which I figure they’d crave. Read tweets in the order chosen for a revolutionary experience. A true free market of speech scares those who don’t trust people to buy and sell, either.

As for monitoring, Twitter elves could ban true abuse with explanations that permit appeals while letting users figure out who deserves blocking. But that dearth of meddling would be like being in government and not ordering people what to do.

Instead, Jack and company decided they’re very serious guardians against mean words. People who endorse a diabolical system that killed 100 million humans are deeply concerned about white supremacists, which they define as anyone who wants a flat tax.

The execution kills the concept. Users loathe reading the trending topics to see how Twitter minions distort the news this moment. Feeling compelled to check how bad it is surely means the woke political science majors toiling in Twitter mines have uncovered valuable content.

Gluing asterisks to every lie by a politician they don’t back is for truth’s sake. Acting like Donald Trump was unique for treating truth as casually as he does his marriage vows disregards how many officeholders fib regularly. It’s true, even for Democrats, if you can believe. Barack Obama lied more smoothly, but there are no disclaimers about how his promise insurance would finally be cool ended up making premiums as unaffordable as the coverage was lousy. Biden continuing a legacy doesn’t make it noble.

How could anyone expect to see if a lovable senior citizen is untruthful as he makes us appreciate accumulated wisdom? Your unnervingly devoted partisan adversaries pretend Biden is a cool grandparent in their creepy Maxine Waters/Bernie/RBG fetishization of hoary pinkos. Personal adoration of a creep who happens to agree with their viewpoints allows them to treat his fibs as part of his charm. The mendacious oaf they want to believe can’t be lying skates on scrutiny.

Twitter stumbled upon something amazing and do everything they can to wreck it. The George Lucas of social media has only gotten worse since Disney obtained Star Wars. They never have their story straight. As how the plot twists were so jarring between episodes that they almost seem unplanned, Biden proclaims preposterous assurances that fail before his staffer in charge of pressing the tweet button performs the job responsibilities.

Don’t expect the most irritating social media site’s favorite bullplopper to be hassled with anything as insolent as questions. Twitter could let users figure out what’s worthwhile. But what business would respect its customers?

Cranky as a lifestyle choice.