Back and Down

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMar 9, 2023

Affecting cause and effect seems too much like capitalism. Why should only businesses who offer something customers want prosper? The same goes for politicians who face the indignity of having to impress some dumb electorate with incursions into a formerly free society.

The direct result of beloved liberal beliefs offers ample evidence for people who claim to love science. Policies they back are as close to disproven is possible. Democrats lament what they caused, which is at least a brand.

You have some nerve if you think everyone else is suffering. Think of the poor planners who came up with the ideas currently dragging down America’s ranking. Political experts carefully plotted out how existence would proceed. Meanwhile, nobody will be able to buy a house until at least the next presidential election. The guilty confuse correlation with causation as they inadvertently strive to link the two.

The age of woke progressive tolerance features tremendous anger. Irony stems from everything that follows. If being broke wasn’t upsetting enough, demonizing people who notice biology will keep normal folks on the defensive.

They absolutely voted for this. The relationship really is that direct. Agony uncannily became the default setting once people who agree with Joe Biden got what they desired. The direct correlation between voting and rottenness presumably was unintentional. Selectors think that makes them immune from scolding.

Support for progressive policies express loving help for others aside from how everyone’s broke even before they get robbed. Seeing how policies they support impact the world was supposed to make massive schemers feel even smugger. Instead, Democrats have to blame mean supermarkets for driving away amalgamations by greedily charging more. It would be easier to list items people can afford.

Nothing repulses liberals like consequences. it’s for good reason, although not a good reason. Enforcing a platform that is mandatory for obvious reasons leads to outcomes nobody would choose. Consumers can’t do anything like patronize a different company. Fans of coercion loathe the notion of tracking what someone does, as it reeks of accountability. Watch which pompous twits they promote for office and learn why.

Sickos are shocked at what happened after humans were treated perversely. Punishing advancement leaves people in place, which surprises those joining humanity for the first group meeting. Incentives also apply inversely to stealing, which is a trendy hobby in particularly lax places where shoplifting is easier than buying. Figuring why criminals empty the few stocked shelves would require pondering their policies, and that’s exactly what mean conservatives want.

The curse of implementing everything they wanted should be a sign to modify ideology. Modern liberals are so open-minded that they refuse to even consider that what they want makes life sad.

Damn this internet. It’s never been tougher to dodge responsibility on account of how anyone can check anything. Preposterous excuses get debunked as quickly as they’re spewed. Take how capitalistic avarice kicked in at the most convenient time. Biden needed examples of cruel profiting and made sure there were plenty.

It’s easier to call Republicans hateful demons than concede that handing out money doesn’t create rich people. Examining why poverty is now the default setting sounds too much like self-examination for people who are clearly awesome. Blame the party out of power for cruelty to drown out consciences.

Resenting anyone who makes more money isn’t just a key to misery: the practical effects are nearly as deleterious. Rich people taxed mercilessly for the offense aren’t spending as much, which it turns out hurts the economy.

We all pay for what thieves take. Shoplifting makes everything more costly if you thought poor committers were just ripping off jillion-dollar conglomerates. Sob stories about thieves needing to feed their children never include poor folks who set out to buy items. Blame corporate greed. After all, it’s what they do for every other problem they cause. Victims of felonious violations are now the perpetrators.

Fate is cruel, claim those who create it. Acting like ensuing awfulness is inevitable comes naturally to those creating artificial chaos. Fans of politicians who treat bail as a human rights offense shrug while nonchalantly announcing how cities are simply bound to be dangerous. Voting culprits couldn’t do anything like supporting different candidates.

The embodiment of Blue State concepts shows the results, I’m afraid. Who’d have thought crime would flourish after not treating it like a violation? New York City is a progressive utopia, so bury your wallet in Riverside Park before it’s removed forcefully.

Nobody’s making it in New York. You can enjoy all the peril without any of the excitement, but at least the universe’s worst rents have skyrocketed. There are blandly identical corporate drug stores on every corner; sadly, they’re all locking their products. The days of condemning the city for a bland Times Square seem quaint. It’s already irritating enough to survive in Stink City without facing unchecked felonies treated as inevitable. Metropolises are only defined by rampant crime when very compassionate liberals decide being put on trial is cruel.

Heartless Republicans express woe over criminality serving as the only thriving industry. Shrug off those suffering to show love. Claiming parasitic toilers are selfish for wanting to keep what they earn and believing people would never voluntarily donate to charities is particularly adorable for the party that announces there’s more to life than possessions then proceeds to make both things and nice concepts unavailable. The worst part of a decade that’s turning out even lousier than usual is how it’s been planned.