Bankrupt Repeat

Of course Joe Biden sucks. Anyone surprised by hope evaporating still thinks pro wrestling is real. Frustration as the default setting is the natural result of winning by default. Nominate someone who isn’t awful next time if you’d like to beat the equivalent of a Democratic write-in.

I don’t want to review the case against Donald Trump one last time, but it’s still not taking with a certain percentage of frenzied believers even after a full term of toxic exposure. So, we’ll once again note the singularly unpleasant human is a wannabe elitist New York City liberal who never follows through.

A human black hole who brought out the worst in others spent his entire alleged business career faking success, too. The only difference now is we know his unfortunate tendencies applied to the presidency.

The remaining Trump diehards note with as much snark as they can muster fro their bunkers that at least there are no more mean tweets whenever Biden does something regrettable, which means we encounter the alleged defense regularly. But the decidedly rejected president’s behavior is precisely what put the oafish incumbent in a position where his horrid opinions have meaning. It was the actions that accompanied the alarming social media posts. Psychiatrists would have only begun by expressing concern at his syntax.

Character is apparently unimportant as with Bill Clinton. And you claim the parties are different. Trump exhibits a hideous demeanor that sucks the soul out of any decent creature who had the misfortune to encounter an attempt to be triumphant, calculating, and impressive while screwing up spectacularly in every sense. But at least he massively expanded government.

Perhaps Republicans could avoid nominating a unique phony who’s genuinely miserable for such an alleged victor. Once was probably enough. Learning lessons from what didn’t work is for low-energy losers, which is why Trump boldly came up short at being president just like he did at countless businesses.

But at least there’s no dignity in forced retirement. Picturing how awful it’d be to have a conversation with him if you’d like regular life to seem less painful. Spending 10 minutes talking with Trump would be the best way to give people a sense of why they want to avoid an eternity somewhere worse than his hotels. Anyone suckered into thinking he’s interesting should have to go first.

Those who didn’t grasp how full of it he was never will, which is why the notion of re-nominating the least deserving option possible remains depressingly possible. Trump’s flimsy posing was the precise opposite of toughness. It’s hard to believe it’s still being debated. Of course, it was hard to believe in the mid-’80s when the undefeated business stud took down his own football league and brought even more vacancy to Atlantic City.

I extend best wishes to anyone attempting to dissuade unfortunate zombies still dreaming of re-election. The last defenders of the indefensible remain convinced their savior is the dreamy muscular embodiment of keeping his noble word even after a career spent doing the opposite.

Living as the most prominent phony merely culminated in a rather public presidential term. If you think this is another year that shows we’ve been abandoned by any supernatural force for goodness and decency, wait until 2024 when we hear from the worst sort of nostalgia crutch-users how the former board game pitchman and forgettable executive deserves another chance.

Anyone seeking a foe to face Kamala Harris and whoever her alleged boss is should start by spotting principled ideology, which is to say a bit more depth than praising those who praise him. Trump condemns anyone who accurately notes his ample shortcomings. The most psychologically simple human imaginable reacted like a true leader by figuring out what he thought voters wanted and crudely restating it. I’m as shocked as you by the lack of a finished border wall.

The last Republican president is ever so charmingly the precise opposite of what he says to be, especially for someone who runs his mouth without effect constantly. Pretending that snipping at anyone who hurts his precious feelings is toughness made the nation as masculine as expected. Don’t even think of mustering enough dignity to rising above critics who should be below you.

A lack of integrity affects everything. The unwillingness of Earth’s most powerful man to ignore the slightest negative feedback explains why he never signed Obamacare repeal. Please accept a threadbare excuse for the alpha male’s weakness.

It’s tough to claim being for the Constitution when you’ve never read it. The document is nowhere near as enthralling as Think Big and Kick Ass.

An incursion that went as disastrously as the campaign was a perfect finish to a rather imperfect term. Anyone aware of Trump since he brought bankruptcy when he boasted of prosperity was prepared for him to bitch about losing unfairly. But why research a dreamboat success’s history? He said he was awesome, and who would doubt him now after a term like that?

Republicans still cope with the results of a loss by someone who did nothing with a victory. The poser’s entire shtick is based in winning for winning’s sake, which serves as the shallow liberal screenwriter’s idea of commerce. Thank him for confirming the ghastly stereotype of soulless business titans instead of as attentive innovators engaged in negotiations with customers.

The worst thing about the post-Trump recovery is making it so liberals have a point. They got to gesture to a prototypically selfish, heartless faker and say he represented their foes. Biden’s struggling to remember his name, much less his wretched agenda. But he receives undeserved praise for not being the cruel lunkhead he beat. All it took to beat him was not being him.

Trump’s legacy is Biden. That really ticks him off, which is the only benefit. The rather depressing sequence makes it tougher to giggle about Obama’s legacy being Trump.

Such a poor option winning surely must’ve involved skulduggery, which naturally ended with the all-time failure refusing to accept it. At least we know why Trump likes Confederate generals, as the fellow insurrectionist defeated lowlifes also couldn’t take the Capitol. And that’s the story of how America ended up with an addled government-adoring oaf who’s still accomplished nothing outside of promising everything. Thanks, Donald!

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