Joe Biden’s worst enemy is Joe Biden. Well, it’s himself along with mathematics, reality, and shame spurred by unearned pride. But every regrettable connection results from someone who has dodged responsibility for a reason.

The last person who should be trying to fix everything attempts just that. Possibly replacing him in only a sliver of a geological age offers small comfort for those suffering from his mad mayhem. It’ll be easier if he’s dreadful. Ensuring he will only get one term at this seems to be his primary goal. He can’t think anything happening is good, right? The most useless president imaginable apologizes by trying to get fired.

Setting up his downfall is the only thing at which he’s succeeded. Biden will not be halted by getting his head stuck in a bowling ball return: he’s going to ensure his downfall by implementing what he thinks will thrive. Prompting recession everywhere but Iran isn’t provoking as much peace as hoped. Your putzing inspiration is ensuring Americans will be desperate for him to stop helping, and his own bad example is the best he can provide.

The head of state is an innovative thinker in the same sense he keeps his hands to himself. Molesting wallets like they’re barely legal girls is just another public Biden perversion. A certain type of visionary has spent a lifetime in government to come up with trillions more in shredded currency on top of the unfathomable amounts already destroyed in the name of road repair and universal pre-kindergarten.

Punishing success is bound to create more of it. The practical effects of taking a bigger percentage the more one earns are as detrimental as the concept. Asking to pay a little more couldn’t be more offensive. Of course, the commander-in-chief is not asking at all, unless by force of law counts as pleading pretty please. Parasitic liberals who’ve never earned an honest dollar think earners of honest dollars are parasites. They can feed on hosts as long as someone keeps electing them.

Someone who works in government thinking government works is as sad as an orphan hospital. Biden is not exactly trying hard, which he would admit if he drank two root beers. The alleged leader of the free world hopefully doesn’t actually believe the patent nonsense he spews. It’s better if he’s lying.

The pain that’s about to be inflicted is agonizing in anticipation. It doesn’t take a psychic to pay attention enough to accurately forecast what woe approaches. Seeing that punishing success isn’t cool even if you define it as anyone who makes more than you.

The revolutionary notion that people should be allowed to keep what they’ve accumulated shocks those dedicated to presuming earners owe everyone else. Entrepreneurs need to be shaken by the ankles so every last nickel can be wasted on crummy schools and crummier insurance. Having what’s made taken will surely motivate them to keep earning more, not to mention inspire others to join them.

It’s not just that the president’s lamentable notions are even older than he is. Adding sweet vermouth to rye is even more ancient than Biden, and it stands as one of humanity’s wisest calls. His concepts are hoary and dumb. The only option Democrats could apparently locate has had plenty of time and examples to see why everything he believes is harmful and counterproductive and useless and anti-American. He’s doubling down after being dealt a 19.

Spending this much time in office and think those in his position know best constitutes unforgivable arrogance. Biden refuses to admit how much depression his terrible notions cause. His first priority is protecting the precious government and his own job. And he thinks hard workers who make fortunes are selfish.

Republicans couldn’t be set up better, which means they’re plotting how to screw it up. Why win midterms and a presidency by offering an alternative that works? Waste taxpayer confiscations slightly less slowly to convince voters you’re terrific. Sweeten the deal by nominating another cultist conman who’ll spend enough to make Barack Obama suggest he should slow down.

An opportunity to finally get the debt clock to roll down will be squandered like what you send to the IRS. This government needs an intervention, and those confronting it encourage more meth-taking. It should be easy to find a president able to explain why federal spending burns down your house in order to build a neighborhood. And it naturally never happens.

Deep down, Biden feels guilty for being the most unqualified person to ever hold office for half a century. He happened to be the guy facing Donald goddamn Trump. The layup contest winner was the only option available who possessed anything close to stature, which to Democrats means voting for their stupid policies in the snotty Senate part since before the last time there were gas lines.

Someone this wretched at it doesn’t really like being president. Sure, he gets a paycheck and has workers who’ll bring him french fries whenever he asks. But he’s actually held accountable for his decisions, as he can’t even hide amongst 99 other senators. I’d suggest Biden were plotting his own downfall by being this bad at the presidency were he clever, so that conspiracy is busted.

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