Blown Away by the Blizzard Response

Anthony Bialy
4 min readJan 9, 2023

You know a storm is bad when even Buffalonians twitch. The Christmas blizzard kept families from spending time together but was disastrous otherwise. As a Queen City serf, I grew so tired of comparing the area to Hoth that I switched to bringing up the prison planetoid where the Klingons sent Kirk and McCoy in Star Trek VI. Bringing together perpetually warring nerd factions shows how devastation can inspire cooperation.

Opening presents while there was daylight offered a nice distraction from the chilliness. I personally spent 50 hours without electricity, including the entirety of Christmas. The white Christmas was also a no lights Christmas. That manger-like feel brought authenticity. Looking on the bright side helped cope with darkness. I missed every showing of A Christmas Story, which means it’ll be fresh next year. And not getting to see the Knicks meant missing them lose.

Getting power back brought perspective, such as how much I enjoy using power. Life is most appreciated when basic things are missing, I told myself to distract from shivering. The absence of luxuries like internet and heat allowed time for shoveling drifts as tall as a me-sized human.

There might be warmer ways to learn people will always help those in need. Until Independence Day, Western New Yorkers showed the worst weather brings out the best in each other. People taking strangers into their homes and stores know what the season’s about no matter how or if they pray. From organizing groups shoveling those stuck to clearing out adjacent driveways, anyone who needed help opening the door from the outside got it.

Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors as long as you don’t live next to a politician. Inspirational leaders take time from recovering corpses to blame each other for glacial responses. At least the petty bickering distracts from how their limp responses exacerbated peril from the elements.

This metropolis is stuck even with visibility technically over zero. Mayor for Life Byron Brown ensures the city is more efficient when City Hall is closed. Trash remains even as garbage pickup returns.

Take your time. The mayor took a break from daftly suing gun manufacturers for spiking crime as if he hadn’t held his present office since 2006. That’s barely enough time to learn the city can get a bit snowy during December.

Those who make firearms somehow provoked criminals into robbing unoccupied stores. You don’t want to take off a mitten to pull a trigger. There sure is lots of looting in jurisdictions with heavy gun control. If neutral observers didn’t know better, they might think plunderers don’t fear the consequences of preying upon a catastrophic breakdown of order.

Electing a putzing dolt five times is begging for a poor storm response. If you’d like the city to not lose to a blizzard, don’t let writing in an incumbent clown to defeat an unopposed socialist be the best option next time. Unlike snow, Germans hopped over the Berlin Wall in one direction.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mark Poloncarz, I envy you. Unsuspecting citizens outside the limp Erie County executive’s jurisdiction may have been exposed to his toxicity during national coverage of a local storm. He’s the sort of arrogant dolt who’d be pompous enough without cause to use a JFK quote to excuse away flubbing the driving ban. You can guess his party.

Why are the dads fighting? They’re both megalomaniacal dolts. Those in charge of making the pavement visible again succeeded in fighting the snow if their plan was to wait for thawing a couple days later.

New York’s worst first elected female governor Kathy Hochul illustrates the dark side of consistency by flaunting ineptitude on the next level. Panhandling from Washington for disaster cash results from having no way to know Buffalo would ever get a windy snowstorm. How could governments ever plan for it? We definitely have to bill every American taxpayer.

Forecasters wish they could be as accurate as those who note looting emerges wherever Democrats are in charge of places undergoing extreme weather. The only thing worse than one party running basically unopposed is when it’s this party.

Democrats think they should run everything then screw up what they’re supposed to run. A government that thinks it can do everything can’t do anything. Its fundamental tasks are too trifling for visionaries who want to

Getting politics out of it is the precise opposite of bringing politics into it. We only note who is terrible at interfering because of their incessant boasting and position of exploiting the sheen of legal authority. New York is great except for those in the government. Aspiring tyrants believe they run the state. Sadly, they’re right.

Every story of effective goodwill in helping neighbors overcome the blizzard resulted from Buffalonians choosing to assist while worthless office-filling failures blamed each other for their thorough screwups. Trust that people will help instead of expecting government to do so. We didn’t want to use a storm to make political points. But they went first. There’s more shoveling needed.