Boomer and Bust

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 29, 2024

Couldn’t they find a more sincere phony? Aging dolts rally behind Donald Trump as revenge on whippersnappers for the crime of starting life later. And they don’t even realize they’re inflicting retribution. Boomers remain on track to be the most likely generation to believe anything. Meanwhile, nobody believes them for good reason. Someone tell them they’re wrong about everything so they believe it.

One age group stubbornly never learned suspicion. It’s the one that’s sure they know everything. A rather useful life skill remains elusive to era representatives who need it most. Their children picked it up despite not having the best example, which is a testament to the power of overcoming a dreadful upbringing.

Fans of the most dissonant music couldn’t learn to seek harmony. I thought hippies distrusted everyone and everything. But they sold out without being suspicious of anyone but comb users. Putting faith in whatever authorities claim is how to feel free.

All-time Boomer Trump is the savior for worshipers of everything false. The perfect candidate for self-indulgent dupes expresses their aimless anger in a way they can’t always articulate. Subscribers to physical newspapers and empty Trumpian blather simply know they’re ticked about something. They don’t know what it is or how to fix it, but their rage prevents them from conducting an audit.

Being bolder about lying works in one sense. Trump is the worst sort of politician, which is just another irony for the list. A network game show host doesn’t even try and certainly doesn’t learn anything about the subject; it’s like he’s running his real estate empire. Government shouldn’t be run like a business in this particular fraud’s case.

But why craft mendaciousness with care when blurting obnoxiously is easier? His target audience fell for it as if they were being told his secret to making them think he’s worth 11 figures. Claims doesn’t equal worthwhile results, of course. The most deflating path to nomination yet is brought to you by the same dopes who bought the Trump board game to entertain themselves on weekend evenings by role-playing as their golden savior. An example of losing by winning is too complex for those who think sufficient electoral votes are all it takes to succeed.

Their flak is not merely unaccomplished in theory. Trump has spent about half a miserable century dragging down everyone into his classy pit for success, including a rather repulsive presidency that fittingly ended with a legendary tantrum. The subject in question could do nothing but pout after seducing enough voters once like they’re Eastern European models who need green cards and still have them beg to save the republic.

There couldn’t be anyone else who’d be better at president than Joe Biden. We don’t have 10 billion options like the sole alternative’s totally real fortune. You couldn’t choose a third thing. We must adhere to binary thinking that’s inherent to the Hannity generation. Remaining convinced he’s a fighter after he ran from every single conflict won’t deter zealots who don’t want to make a second choice.

Truth is anything that sounds comforting. That’s untrue, of course. But a stubborn faction still believes only what they wish. The professionally oblivious taught today’s

telling them exactly what they wanted to hear like a brave honesty purveyor.

Nobody deserves less faith than the putzing entity that demands it most. A perfect record of incompetence won’t stop Boomers from seeking their needs met at every moment. Anyone slightly connected to conservatism can tell you how insecure antisocial Social Security is as lousy as it is involuntary. The person who calls everyone else RINOs is half afraid to scare Boomers and half dedicated to government providing a pittance. It’s all Trump.

People equipped with free will refuse to snap out of conditioning. Singularly hard-headed 1950s kids still inhabit a world of three channels. Viewers could go mad thinking of missing what the other two are showing. Lack of choice is comforting. Having life programmed for you was apparently what they liked best. Nostalgia means refusing to search for preferred entertainment or truthful updates. It’s much easier to have facts dictated to them even if they’re technically lies.

Ceaseless Trump lickspittles claim they want a fearless defender of authenticity in a display of how funny they are. On top of that, they want one person to dictate it to them. Even more appallingly, the person they chose thinks putting his name in gold is all thriving takes. The question of whether the embodiment of the self-absorbed age bloc truly believes his ceaseless falsehoods would be fascinating were he an interesting individual.

People are the same in every era. It’s not a compliment. Terrible idiots are the one constant through history. Grouping individuals because they happened to be born in nearly adjacent years disregards consistent patterns since the first generation decided the second were a bunch of ungrateful bums. I typically hate generational separation as if humanity alters radically depending on the decade. But this slot has earned their spankings.

Competing by age is a loss for every participant from whippersnapper to geezer. There’s nothing worse than aggrandizing Greatest Generation blather. But it’s certain who the worst generation is. As a hint, they are full of themselves and not suspicion. Used book sale patrons thankfully won’t have searches plagued for years by empty Tom Brokaw volumes about how those born after World War II kept the universe from collapsing on itself.

The forwarded email generation believes every single word they read. Their last infliction will cause even more harm to the point where it’s irreparable. Leaving a legacy isn’t always soothing. It’s tough to feel comfortable when so many aging bores seek revenge without having done anything to provoke it.

Their final gift looks to be a slightly older loser on track to win because they can’t detach themselves from manipulative salesmanship. A carnival barker surely has your wallet’s best interests in mind. Forget about carrying less cash thanks to online banking: that’s the only thing doddering Boomers don’t trust.