Burning Desire

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMar 2


Pondering what they can get away with is a sure sign those who want to expand the state’s power will use it shrewdly. Ceaseless efforts to grab whatever authority is in reach are unsurprising from overbearing goons who think rights are granted by benevolent executives and a loving government. But the urge remains disappointing. We’re trying to have a republic here.

A few fellow humans flaunt the hideous mentality that frames anything you have as a privilege that can be confiscated on a whim. Having things and rights taken is for your own good.

Cooking food will kill you. You’re ignorant enough to believe it’s lack of energy that will prove fatal. But it was your stove all along. Some predatory capitalist sold you a method for turning healthy raw ingredients into lethal poison rendered such by an apparently deadly fuel. How did you even survive pancake day?

The tone is as irrational as the alleged science. You’re a gullible moron for thinking capricious bureaucrats are going to keep you from preparing pasta the way you want and also a diabolical fiend for preparing food in a way that ruins our precious globe while giving orphans asthma.

Those who want to take your stuff aren’t as cunning as they hoped. Clumsy despotism is easy to spot by food fascists’ inability to pick one editorial direction. But the inability of dim culinary brutes to keep their dastardly plans secret shouldn’t be the only thing keeping our goods from being quasi-legally impounded.

Not grasping that every single thing comes with a tradeoff makes the inherently deleterious impact worse. We’re talking about more than cooking. It’s tough for aspiring autocrats to see the big picture when they’re so focused on screwing up the small one. The pitiable humanity examples known as Joe Biden fans loathe markets for the same reason, namely they want something for nothing. They generate plenty of the latter.

Completely tilting the balances is just another unforeseen consequence. Bossy Democrats who’ve never been bosses strive to prohibit others from using heat to modify eggs they can’t afford, anyway. The same Earth-loving visionaries decided that gasoline renders Earth uninhabitable, so they strive to replace cars that work with coal. Never leaving the driveway is best for the environment.

You’ll have to stay tuned in to learn what’s the proposed ban of the week. Spinning the fascist nanny wheel offers the greatest thrill of what is regrettably known as the Biden era. Visionaries are currently deciding if it’s vaping, plastic bags, sodie pop, or working automobiles that are keeping us from being alive.

Your elected betters not only decide what’s horrific for you but conclude it’s so frightening that you must lose access. Children seize choice from adults. For people who constantly tell you what you’re not allowed, it’s far from their only unhealthy habit.

Money never seen is the easiest to steal. Just ask your government. Don’t do so during an audit or they’ll harass you even more Pondering how much has been seized is tough when pirates strike pre-emptively. Remember the technique tip of striking before the victims even know they’re robbed. Muggers are so crude. They never learn to steal with style. Democrats still aren’t going to arrest them or anything.

Sneakiness is always a sign people adore what you do. Liberal favorites range from withholding huge chunks of paychecks to taxing the rich into submission so they can’t buy more to regulations that choke without victims even realizing they’ve been deprived of oxygen.

Policies are certainly destined to succeed if proponents must make you comply. Censors of decisions float maniacal invasions into everyday life to see what will not cause enough outrage to prevent their dreams of utter control.

The excessively mature might go bold and blame constant failures on being denied every single thing they want. A tantrum about not getting every Lego set from Santa is a sure sign of maturity. Sure, health care is unhealthy and uncaring, but that’s only because government can only be mostly involved. Cruel Republicans oppose a wholesale takeover by the post office people.

Democrats never forgive those who elected them. The constant search for what they can yoink next is either an example of knowing authoritarianism or unaware nature. They’re both bad, so that settles the debate. As far as unmutual dissenters who dared cast ballots against state power, they’re always going to face punitive action. All credit goes to kind and loving politicians who vengefully take what belongs to private citizens for society’s benefit.

Playing constant defense is the strategy of very dispassionate grabby office-fillers. They can only try to overwhelm with attacks on multiple fronts using virtually limitless power they naturally abuse. Taking resources and rights enables more of the same. It’s no wonder human vampires think free markets are parasitic.

Doing everything they can to take the American parts out of America is one way of expressing patriotism. Elected nannies fight the outrage of choosing what products you’d like and spending what you earn. Constant prowling isn’t beneficial when it’s used to render you less comfortable. Greedily enjoy decadent cooked food while you have the nerve to turn on a burner.



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