Calibrating Thoughts

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMar 6


Offering amnesty to all those who got all of it wrong has to come with a time limit. Qualified forgiveness can’t resemble pretending another couple months of printing currency will beat inflation. This country could use a reset to fix everything alleged brilliance caused.

Tired new thinking sure doesn’t seem to be generating awesome results, what with crime being the only flourishing enterprise and endless acrimony under a regime that promised amity. Saying something doesn’t make it happen for the daft.

Decide there’s racism everywhere if you’d like to find it. There’s as much evidence behind the plan to get rich by compiling more debt. America in 2023 might not be Jim Crow Junior. Anyone nothing such is naturally accused of perpetuating inequality for not thinking everyone liberals have decided is disadvantaged.

You’re going to find what you seek. It just might not be what you were really looking for. That brings us to liberals. Distorting results is the only option when ideas don’t pan out. What are they supposed to do: come up with better thoughts? That’s impossible.

Listen to experiment details from the very scientific as they proclaim their admiration for what never happened. Everyone can actually afford everything they desire and it’s greedy corporations keeping you from buying anything, anyway.

Learning history is a drag. It’s not like all that stuff will happen again. But it may be possible that the past offers clues about what doesn’t work. Patterns are like experiments that have already been conducted, which is why Democrats get it wrong, too.

Enemies of the military and law enforcement think it’s possible for government to protect them from a virus. The autocratically frightened gave up liberty because they wanted security and got neither, which sounds unnervingly familiar. Liberals should heed Ben Franklin’s advice even though he was an old white guy who founded an icky nation with lots of guns and no insurance mandate. He was talking about tyrants ordering you about, not getting a respiratory infection. Everyone got sick while giving away their rights.

Examples of why messianic morons who possess no skill other than suckering a majority of voters into thinking life requires elected guidance should be denied power are reassuringly consistent. It’s less comforting how enough eligible participants continue to fall for it. Having too many failures to process is the only excuse.

Asking when government has ever been useful either takes an eternity or an instant to answer. While results are as clear as anything can be in this rather cloudy world, the tricky part for some takes the form of acknowledging them. Keep pursuing the precise opposite of what conclusions clearly indicate to flaunt a true dedication to stubbornness. The refusal to yield to reality is particularly baffling for those who obnoxiously profess unwavering devotion to science. Presumptions based in pretending to help for a cheap and hollow emotional lift don’t quite seem to benefit those the government pretend to help.

Opining there’s no way to fund something without an elected twit’s consent is wrong financially, too. Lack of trust is a personal issue spread to politics. Humans might just be able to choose what projects deserve how much cash and even receive an item or service in return.

Investors using their own money fund as if they have a stake in the game for mysterious reasons this White House cannot determine. Liberals despise the sensation because it feels like personal responsibility. Spending what’s seized from the productive creates just the results you’d expect from government unless you think removing the accountability that naturally follows the interaction between buyers and sellers creates efficiency.

We’ll have to accept inadvertent assistance during these modern unenlightened times. The only useful part of Joe Biden’s presidency is seeing how useless it is. Deciding what’s best starts with choosing someone who respects the same. Everyone is just about tired of being told what to do, especially by someone who does everything wrong.

Americans starved for mercy wish he’d stop showing why everyone who doubted him was right all along. Every Biden administration flub, flop, or colossal screwup shows why it’s in their benefit to stop doing anything. Even better, it’d be in America’s. But they disregard that obvious evidence, too.

This executive branch isn’t going to stop rotting our roots just because it’s clearly happening. It’s not like he’ll stop because he keeps doing everything wrong. Putting socks on his hands isn’t for a puppet show despite what the White House press secretary claims. Biden’s been a deleterious oaf for as long as he’s been in public disservice. In a republic, blame people who keep voting in such people. Americans are free to stop voting to hand over rights to options who can’t be trusted to correctly identify their limbs.



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