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Anthony Bialy
4 min readAug 26, 2021


Discourse takes the form of not allowing it. Shut up as requested. Attempting to ostracize those who dare think marriage involves two genders or people can only be one is effective in its way if not actually helpful, decent, or a sign of confidence.

The notion of canceled tells one everything you need to know about how the judgmental party sees humans. Whisper it so they don’t find a deadpan tweet of yours from 2014 that will be the sole piece of evidence presented at your summary execution trial. Those who think destroying dissent equals accountability are blessed with utter humorlessness, if you can believe. Inhuman labeling that’s the specialty of honorary struggle session attendees is only the start.

The worst part of repulsive notions put into action is that there’s no do-over. Panicky reactions intended to crush others who dared offer mild objections really happened. Gina Carano lost a chance to continue acting alongside a rather manipulative Muppet because tough internet woke dudes couldn’t handle a strong woman questioning their lunatic takes. The worst Star Wars fans still gloat as if overwrought memes were justification to fire an actress, especially considering their own regrettable internet histories.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia will always note 2021’s All-Star Game was moved because Georgia was racist enough to verify each vote counted. And there really is no Chick-fil-A in Buffalo’s airport because one self-righteous New York Assembly twit decided Christianity is hateful.

The particular lust for destroying anyone who holds contrary opinions is particularly tiresome for a group so dedicated to ignoring evidence. The same people who call Obamacare a success must be tethered to reality. They really laid waste to those who are deranged enough to think only women can give birth.

Joyous fervor sure makes it seem like the self-appointed decency deputies would seek prey even if they couldn’t get the fired. The only time humanity’s police seem anything close to happy is when they’re making others miserable. True professionals hate cops while they’re busting fellow humans for daring to note letting erstwhile males dominate the Olympics is not a shining example of feminism. They’re too busy setting records for ruined lives. Stasi agents would tell them to calm down.

Smugly blathering about introducing accountability is the culture tyrant’s strained excuse. Ruining opposition is what they think of as the free market at work. Customers respond by wrecking options they find unpalatable, right? It’s little wonder they’re unable to find productive employment. Ruining those who think a man in a dress has not become a woman is their equivalent of business dominance. They couldn’t thrive on their own offering a valuable product.

One might figure the entirely progressive would want awful idiots who oppose their loving and wise ideology to broadcast it. But they never grasp practical consequences, either. I always assume that people who think they can warp English and gender by announcing they have special pronouns should be allowed to loudly self-identify so the sensible know who to avoid. But opposition to free speech is reflexive. Some are so confident in their ideology that they must vanquish opposition. It’s the only way they can make the world tolerant.

Accuse everyone else of shoplifting to distract from pockets packed with pilfered candy. Those infected with fervor about the righteousness of their causes sure get a lot wrong about biology and the economy. Proclaiming they’re on science’s side is as unscientific notion as possible. Refusing to accept counterarguments is a delightful self-own that’s tough for them to appreciate as they heat their branding irons. Distract from how experiments constantly go against their favor by shrieking that those who possess test tubes are witches.

Carelessly aimed unbearable toxicity seeps far past targets. These aren’t the types of cunning military strategists concerned with surgical strikes. Unjust social justice warriors claim to care about the Earth as they hurl sludge. They justify carpet bombing by noting the reduced carbon footprint for those they banish. Ruining the lives of anyone to Pol Pot’s right is a pure offset.

Poisoning society was successful regardless of whether that was the goal. Stomping out unmutual opinion holders is not a contained problem. Explaining why the debater is a hater who deserves to be left on an ice floe goes far beyond a casting issue for a streaming Disney bounty hunter adventure. Everything seems enervating because of wariness. Winning on destruction because they can’t win on merits should be taken as a bad sign. Of course, de facto Maoists use overpowering government in the same way, so at least they’re consistent.

This remains an even worse time for politics than usual. Feeble vegan sharks compensate for weak swimming skills by attacking in quantity. The open-minded announce disagreement means you oppose their existence.

Setting out to make everyone as wretched as they feel is one way to achieve fairness. Thinking all hose in disagreement are the hateful ones is only the most notable irony. Woke vigilantes better hope nobody holds them to their own disgusting standards. Noting their constant violations of respectable opinions and decent behavior would be the only punishment worse than having to live with themselves.



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