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Modern urban dwellers seek oil drums in which to burn debris so clans can huddle in warmth. Maybe the flames will deter barbarians and pumas. It’s only astounding how quickly life deteriorates if you haven’t seen liberals try to impose their utopian ideals on poor cities. Finish reading this before some brute wrests your device from your hands.

The organized way chaos struck embodies the sort of irony that’s tough to embrace while pulling a switchblade out from between ribs. The speed of 2020’s definitive looting was almost impressive in efficiency. Spend as much time studying as planning thieving routes and you’ll be able to afford your own things. But it always seems easier to take what someone else made. Why not pilfer sneakers if nobody reacts when the security gates beep?

The ’70s are back, and we don’t even get punk out of it. New York City is reverting to how your aunt who remembers a scary CBS News report in 1977 thinks it’s been all this time. Entirely calm leftists got every policy they wanted. I’m certain the results indicate tremendous success in a peaceful metropolis. Residents are surely renewing leases and not renting U-Hauls.

Gangs will undoubtedly keep blocks safe. The Warriors returning when seeking protection in a group would seem like a natural reaction to how sinister the streets feel. In the sequel, local toughs would flee to Nevada. The journey on JetBlue would be much less tumultuous.

The caricature of Gotham as a hellhole where the only thing muggers fear is rats the size of raccoons was incorrect for about 20 years. That ingrained perception is once again valid, so bring back Johnny Carson monologue jokes about the freedom of choice between your money and life.

Criminals ruling the boroughs is the normal state of affairs. It takes a valiant leader who grasps how frightening villains make life for the virtuous to thwart flaunting of norms. Why watch all those Batman documentaries if we’re not going to learn from them?

Now, New York City has the precise opposite of a mugger-punching superhero in a commie twerp who’d be mortifying were he a barista calling for revolution between latte preparations. Bill de Blasio sure likes pushing others around for a guy who can’t do a push-up.

The very things social justice maniacs bitch about were keeping us safe. The self-righteous don’t appreciate rueful laughter. It turns out instruments of oppression like, oh, cash bail might actually have been keeping many bad people incarcerated. We can at least find out more after those temporarily involuntarily incarcerated by the state present a case why they behaved. Until them, what if the allegedly villainous committed the crime for which they’ve been charged? Stranger things have happened.

Maybe racist murderers with badges aren’t the biggest threat. Loathing cops is the favorite hobby of those who sure don’t seem eager to halt robberies. You’ll never guess what happens when law enforcement tires of ducking rocks.

The alleged oppression division may have actually been keeping nefarious humans from inflicting harm, including the minorities they supposedly sadistically target. For extra sadness about blood covering sidewalks, note the races of most victims in New York City now that murder is trendy again. Man, cop-haters love crime in non-white neighborhoods.

It’s sad how predictable the unpredictable ghouls have gotten. Take away supervision and many beings equipped with free will will choose nefariousness. Nobody should be surprised. Observers don’t know just what they’ll rip up from the foundations: there’s only certainty that it’s happening.

True oppression takes the form of criminals who don’t fear punishment. A judicial spanking is typically earned. The only motivation for those indulging in baser urges is a lack of fear over getting punished, including ostensibly more respectable thieves who got elected.

Political thieves enjoy proclaiming it’s their right to confiscate on behalf of spending in a less antisocial manner. Railing against wealth as if it fell like manna is sure to make more rain from the heavens. Pray to whichever government agency is supposed to feed us.

Those who’ve never created are eager to destroy creations. Gratitude is tough when everything’s taken for granted. Regressive progressives attempt to replace whatever they despise with what they feel will create blissful equality. But it turns out circumstances were pretty nice until alleged leaders enabled those who enjoy chipping away at marble.

Visionaries who never thought to notice what happens to societies that are lenient on crime are inadvertently conducting an experiment to prove treating thieves as victims causes the honest to quit. Grabby politicians have an ulterior motive in not clamping down on taking.

Those who ignore history as policy couldn’t figure out what direction people hopped over the Berlin Wall. If those tearing down the gates for safety want people to flee from their policies, then life’s successful. The flames are just a sign of how hot the takes are.

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