Conditioned to Thrive

Anthony Bialy
4 min readOct 25, 2021


Life promises you nothing. Phew. The awareness that this dumb world is indifferent to your ceaseless needs at least provides motivation. What might seem to spur trepidation may as well be used to establish character. We’ll starve outside without working no matter the outlook.

Realizing there’s no way to know what’s next should create relief. People know that everything gained will be earned. That’s unless pilfering becomes the preferred method for satisfying needs, which is getting to be a nagging worrisome issue now that such an unseemly approach is backed by semi-law. Anyone who sees what assurance from the capital means should do everything they can to avoid being subjected to alleged help.

Creating conditions to thrive is the best we can do. Properly caging government does not itself create paradise: we can only set up circumstances whereby the process can begin. Freedom leads to having to create value, which means political science majors are out. Entrepreneurs make life affordable precisely because nothing is guaranteed to be cheap.

Planning a perfect life will assuredly make it reality. The only problem is all the things. Grand schemes always fail to account for little things like existence and mathematics.

Only a small percentage of humans are blessed with the arrogance to think they can enforce what the unenlightened don’t notice. Uncannily, they always run for office and seem to miss every single detail. You’re not lucky enough to see the big picture like those who want to take more from your paycheck so you can use late trains literally confined to rails instead of driving.

Letting people figure it out brings them closer to happiness than any plan that guarantees it. It’s not like someone who needs to win elections to avoid hunger would ever lie. Why factor in the oldest human lesson when deciding how to acquire everything we need? You can be generous and figure those seduced by a fatuous sales pitch were stupid enough to think central planners were truthful.

There’s nothing quite irritating like government fans explaining why their flimsy schemes will bring quality at lower prices. Sweet kids who think eliminating competition is the trick also believe decreasing supply will entice consumers to pay less. Who wants something that’s in limited quantity? Those who thoroughly understand life and how it works are so excited by obtaining this knowledge that they must inform those trading freely they’re doing it wrong.

Removing basic concerns won’t work, but at least it would ruin us if it did. Imagine how indolent people would be even if the facile Star Trek fantasy of eliminating the need to work came true. Drifting through the cosmos as a machine conjures another cheesecake would be the only outcome worse than boring encounters with uninspired aliens while wearing pajamas. You can pretend a food replicator would finally allow you to focus on more noble pursuits or admit your goal of acquiring something to eat has been fulfilled and play Nintendo on the bridge screen while.

The right to shop and work elsewhere rewards efficiency. That’s news to those trying to impose it. Bitching about any conglomerate’s shady conduct is nothing next to the power of taking funds elsewhere. Collectivists fail to grasp they can download a different retail behemoth’s shopping application, unlike when dealing with a beloved federal agency.

Competition means nobody has to proclaim products should be cheaper. Prices are supposed to lower because a president decides it should be so. The desire for affordable life is what makes it so, which is why it’s important to elect compassionate Democrats who refuse to be bound by conventions like responding to demand. Wait for the last Game of Thrones book while the defiance of markets takes effect. If you align with a political delusion, you can’t choose another fantasy novel series.

Anticipating human behavior is the goal of those who never grasp how human behavior can’t be anticipated. Seeing how customers react is the only true way to manage costs. If you think paying for what you use gets expensive, wait until you see what free runs.

Modifying our nature goes as well as everything else government tries. The ability to respond to needs requires flexibility and motivation, which are two aspects noticeably absent in Cuba. Figuring it out as we proceed would be frowned upon by those who wish you’d stop squirming out of their projections.

There’s shock ahead for those thinking there’s security available by federal mandate. Unfortunately, those who know what’s next will have to suffer, as well. I’m tired of debating whether or not it hurts more if you’re bracing for the collision. Not having to fret about what’s next because the course has been charted sounds like it offers relief until you realize you’re on the Hindenburg headed toward the Titanic.

Constant bargain-seeking isn’t exhausting compared to letting Congress shop for you. Nothing matches and there’s 83 cents left for groceries. Shopping for promises beats having to shop at the mall with even more vacancies than the others.

Every attempt to eliminate poverty, fear, and woe creates more. The ironically cruel lesson is that life is full of them. Could someone bother to learn? Pursuing individual needs is the very thing preventing despair. I’m certain the politician who assured you common goals will save us all only got this one thing backward.