Ideological disparities are for ancient times where at least one party thought spending more than confiscated trillions might eventually cause a few financial issues. Sophisticated modern political participants focus on who is honest about dishonest spending. It’s sort-of a virtue. There’s no difference between liberal and Democrat. Meanwhile, there’s a chasm between conservative and Republican. It’s nice to have a choice who bothers you.

Only one side explicitly states it’s cool to have your life run. Half the factions being honest doesn’t quite create liberty. Maintaining the illusion of options to maintain a healthy republic. Structuring your life seems like a pain until the House of Representatives tries it on your behalf.

Thinking our stupid government knows how to spend best is not conservatism any more than fired CEO Donald Trump epitomizes how to run a company. The bossy boss’s cunning business strategy was to slap his name on products someone else developed and hope enough rubes are seduced into thinking they’re getting something quality. Now, he’s done so with Republicans. A party that formerly pretended to not bother you must cope with the consequences of their highness not thinking ahead as he bails, which is punishment enough.

Linking a party to principles would be easy and doesn’t work. Trump will finish the president more liberal than Nixon while make today’s alleged RINOs look like Barry Goldwater in a cranky mood. Stand up to unprincipled sellouts who defend entitlements. This is getting confusing. The most recent Republican president ran on hoary liberal Joe Biden wanting to take away Social Security and Medicare in case you thought your retirement pittance and insurance ration were poor deals.

I have the feeling Trump is not going to announce Obamacare is repealed on the way out the door. Michael Scott is more likely to deliver on a promise. There’s no more mandate: it’s just that government is intimately involved in your insurance, which cannot be denied to you. The only thing off the table is actual treatment, which is of great comfort to the infirm who’ve been promised it.

Brokenness in multiple senses is why nobody could scare Trump-loathing Constitution fans into backing him. Demands to join the fraternity will make anyone independent curse at Greek letters forever. You mean you don’t want to be beaten up so you can buy friends?

Explaining why a vote for one participant is a vote against whoever the tribe prefers is even worse than debt math. Treating ballot casting like part of a communal strategy instead of an individual statement is how we ended up with zero swell options.

A repellant professional politician now has company in wasting what you haven’t even given him yet. Trump will finish his oh so respectable term doing precisely nothing to explain why government engineers society out of Scotch tape and toothpicks. Trump did more to do less than Lindsey Graham.

Voters don’t feel motivated to back someone who won’t give back our wallets. Put them in a garbage back to be locked at the National Archives for safe keeping. You might not get your particular model back, but know they’re all equally empty. Democrats will also kindly spend your money, only with more burning cities. Combine the worst tendencies of either George Bush paired with mortifying shtick instead of a vague sense of decency, and the real surprise would be if he suckered enough voters again.

Our semi-free nation would be best off discarding government at the same rate of acquiring BlackBerry stock. The little issue of spending more dollars than are available has been festering indefinitely. Republicans straying to the other side is not a fun throwback like a Goonies cast reunion. Establishment pet Trump stayed on course. The most loathsome sort of phony claims everyone else is full of it.

The outgoing president confused claiming to get things done with doing things. Running his mouth remains his only exercise. And some actions are worse than remaining sedentary. Taking a sledgehammer to your windshields illustrates activity may in fact be unproductive.

Trump was only actually busy pertaining to ensuring there’s ample debt. For someone who thinks a trade deficit means we lost something, Trump’s sure cool with blowing through cash that isn’t his. All those bankruptcies were practice runs.

Tariffs are still cool in case you worried Republicans would want to free trade just because Trump is seeing how many Post-it notes he can steal. The question of why a tax on products from abroad won’t discourage creation in the same why they ruin domestic businesses remains unsolved like the Sphinx asked it as a riddle. Despite what Bill Clinton claims about wedding vows while he’s in Europe, rules don’t change while abroad.

Math and reality may combine to notices how long we’ll put off resetting spending. The debt clock flips faster than can be perceived, and blurriness may not mean the problem has vanished. Replacing the motor doesn’t count as economic activity.

Aside from being neither bold nor principled, Trump was a success who did everything right. A professional phony whose instinct is to attempt controlling life totally wanted you to escape government’s wiggling tentacles. Voting for the Democrat who’s honest about squandering or the Republican who’ll do it anyway has long been a tiresome choice. Add in constant bitchiness, and it’s so shocking the incumbent couldn’t even beat Joe Biden.

In his sadly unique way, Trump did the opposite of creating a true choice. In fact, the failed product titan calcified the distinction between dueling spending clans. Spending like a Democrat was the only time Trump created a perception that reflected reality, and it was naturally inadvertent. Knowing it’d be at least four years before an adult confiscated our American Express isn’t comforting in certainty. Thank the outsider for saving us from robbers by emptying the register.

Cranky as a lifestyle choice.