You won’t even notice how tense you are after awhile. Forget mercifully letting muscles relax for a moment, as contraction is how they become fit. Plus, you want to be prepared for the upcoming disaster, whatever it is.

Endless panic is the default setting. Your decisions exposed you to potential poor outcomes, and it’s much better to have life guaranteed. Lack of alarm is cause for alarm.

The convenient crossover of thinking government should be involved in everything enables exploiting the hysteria same ruling monolith conveniently caused. Poverty spurred by confiscating earnings to hand out would be amusing in theory if it didn’t cause so much practical misery.

It’s hard to tell if the continuously alarmed are genuinely at the mercy of their emotions or only make a show of freaking out while methodically planning to infringe upon everything you treasure. Well, you think of a better way to manipulate rabble into applauding. I’m almost impressed by the Andy Kaufman-level performance from Democratic meatheads.

It’s so cute how you believed life would ever be normal again. Did you even ask permission? Sure, daring to do so would require the insolent presumption that you deserve choices, but at least you could be properly denied.

Sweet citizens truly thought a shot would end all this as if ceding power were the natural result of handing it over. It’s an emergency, you fool. And a panic that ends is one that could return, so it’s way more efficient to keep fright levels, well, level. Don’t you want to be conditioned to fear? You’ll be prepared for anything bad.

Politicians are working on settling the science behind just how many follow-up pricks are to be required. Earnestly repeating the claim that two weeks would stop the spread has gone on for so long that it’s back to being funny. It’s important to keep laughing while wearing masks and scheduling booster shots in 2037.

Government says you can have your rights back if you comply just like the Constitution states. Those who enjoy infringing on every portion of it particularly loathe the overall theme that people give authority limited tasks.

Ensuing conditions would be bad enough if it weren’t a perfectly backward way of viewing life if they weren’t also wrong about every single sick outcome. Improvising an alleged solution to their last intervention is a habit established way before the pandemic. And wait until you hear about the history of planning for each step to fail in order to increase submission gradually. The debate about why those in power are screwing up your life is a sure sign of proficient management.

Asking a boa constrictor to stop squeezing may add to frustration. And there’s even less breath. Those who keep barging into your territory never give back what they’ve taken. Every encroachment is a victory, at least for them. Ceding autonomy is not quite at all grand for liberty or prosperity. But I’m sure you’ll appreciate pretending to feel safe.

Swallowing rights is their job, according to swallowers. Journalists would’ve checked with an outside source back when they existed. Endless infiltrations at every chance they get are the whole reason officious twerps are limited in the first place. Those who smirk while claiming rich white male slaveowners didn’t come up with the perfect government beg to be dominated.

The natural tendency is to infringe. Notice who’s thrilled. Authority fetishists have to pretend the prospect of eternal shutdown doesn’t inspire their deepest. They secretly appreciate a special excuse. Andrew Cuomo killed all those grandmas to make this moment seem like a true emergency.

Fear-based impulsive reactions aren’t quite as scientific as framed. Inadvertently hilarious people claim to believe in the process of gathering information as if it were a faith. Cheering lustily every time doltish politicians infringe upon simple interactions with irksome restrictions that don’t work is a take without confirmation, which actually makes it perfect. Masks only work if lined with foil.

Getting a say would confuse you. You’re supposed to feel relieved. The government is ruling by force of law, sort of. That whole bit where notions were put into bills is from an archaic system where suspicious humans had the audacity to doubt a gubernatorial proclamation would cause efficient health to spread like a happy virus. Whatever they say is law, and they’ll make sure you know by force.

The Crisis Squad knows another will come along as soon as they dissolve. They therefore must continue to keep you from living to preserve your life. A disease so brutal that most of the infected must be tested to know they have it is all it took to get people to beg to be hassled so they can feel safe at concerts. Now, that’s trusting the vaccine.

Having the power means they’re going to use it in case anyone’s new. Authority that isn’t theirs is just another boundary to ignore. Check the balances. Except philosophically and practically, the benefits are clear. A life without risks creates more of them. Extra reasons to tell you what you can’t do should be greeted with something other than applause.

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