Denying Participating

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMar 20


It’s not exactly fun playing the worst game. But the winners get to choose if there’s another round. The only admirable people in politics are those who participate because they hate it. Joining is a noble act for those who oppose the competition.

Subversion increases productivity by bringing down a shady operation that quasi-illegally bosses humans who did nothing wrong aside from possessing the nerve to be born. A tiresome chore like guarding a baby farm from dingos is nonetheless necessary to prevent catastrophic results. Unlike wild animals, pushy politicians can’t blame nature.

The turf war would be a lot more tolerable if only those who choose membership participated in grappling. A gangster mentality comes naturally to politicians who are essentially members of a crime family. The difference is the mob maintains some honorable standards. Politics doesn’t resemble the John Wick universe where those who’ve joined only target each other: we’re all pursued.

The side that cheats by getting the government on its side demands you obey rules invented this morning. Pretending its rulings are moral by calling them legally binding is as clever as fans get.

One ideology drags everyone in. Intimately involving politics with every life aspect isn’t nearly as romantic as promised by our seducers.

The contest is afoot whether or not anyone chooses to field a team. All are losing. The results of incessant competition are everywhere you turn. You may have noticed the boarded-up windows and lurking plunderers.

Occupying the economy has not inspired collaboration. Being forced to enroll in crummy insurance out of mandatory compassion isn’t as loving as projected. If you thought flagging down a doctor took awhile, check out the wait times to charge a car to drive a short jaunt. Pretend to save Earth by making humans idle while they wait for coal to do its work.

Democrats have succeeded in uniting everyone in poverty. Such common ground is why the vibe feels so pleasant as of late. It’s not like you have a choice. All members are expected to concur with their warping of society. Making everything comply is very tolerant, particularly the way they attempt to ruin everyone who dares dissent.

Hockey players warming up offer the perfect culture war front for Maoist lunatics. The shame-based debate over pride jerseys is an attempt to demonstrate there’s nowhere free of politics. Woke maniacs draft others to wear their uniforms. It’s the wrong kind of impressment.

The utterly tolerant don’t want any foes for the same reason they oppose competition. Creating acceptance by demonizing questioning is like thinking a lack of accountability is what lowers prices while raising quality.

Changing the contest’s boundaries to suit whatever absurd whim they deem scientific is what constitutes rational behavior. Knowing what you’re allowed to say varies by the moment, which is how we keep English interesting. J.K. Rowling refuses to believe magic applies to gender. New Protestants consider it blasphemous, as she wrote their Bible. I’m starting to suspect she didn’t even create Voldemort with Trump in mind.

Seeking emancipation should be an easy case to make. Unfortunately, the judges are related to the parents. Treating politicians as parents keeps citizens as juveniles. Our guardians are deadbeat drunks who spent our retainer money on roulette. They’d bet our birthdate if they could remember it. Solutions that cause problems involve never letting you being left alone.

Join the side who entered the fray because they hate it. The government losing would tally a victory for humanity. Good guys shouldn’t have to fight relentlessly to not be bothered, as it defeats the purpose. But why watch all those superhero movies if not to learn that battling villainy is a pain in the hind that is nevertheless necessary?

Futilely attempting to pay bills takes up enough of the day that exhausted participants can’t appreciate the inflicted irony. We admire those who think the Constitution’s limits are sort of legally binding. Boundaries might be established for wise reasons. Containing a beast that wanders as it pleases is the best way to preserve the environment. You really should care about the Earth.

Playing a sport they hate embodies selflessness. The market would indicate the game should go extinct like the BlackBerry. But unopposed statists will just run up the score. This pastime is more frustrating than soccer, in part because you’re required to watch.

Respecting those who want to commandeer their decisions is a popular political trend for dim lunatics who think Joe Biden makes them rich by printing currency to order. Humanity’s managers certainly won’t stop at interfering with cultists who beg for virtual incarceration.

Resisters are targeted for special attention by caring federal agents. Ingrates should appreciate the care. Adoring the legislative process is as hideous an affectation as admiring a politician. Eagerly tracking election results is the next side of madness.

Fighting on behalf of uninterested parties is the burden of those who want to keep it that way. Decent Americans are tired of investing so much energy in a contest that is decidedly joyous. Dismantling an overreaching government is unfair on account of how competitors are also referees. Biden can’t call or play a fair game, which makes him his side’s ideal competitor.



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