Devalued Money Is the Root of All Evil

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 16, 2023

Making money worthless is almost impressive. Turning paper that once embodied affluence into kindling while trying to make everyone rich is extraordinary in its way. The inability to buy much didn’t even result from sabotage, I’m pretty sure. Financial titan Joe Biden didn’t just stop at wrecking the value of the economy: he actually crushed the power of the thing used to obtain other things. The commander-in-chief is a military genius if commerce is our enemy.

Bills remain valuable if you run out of paper towels. Lots of basic goods remain tough to find and buy for some mysterious reason. Meanwhile, digital funds float away like gossamer in the ether. We were supposed to be enjoying our futuristic cyberworld where the mere idea of being rich is all it takes.

Federal economic experts think there’s no way to go broke as long as the presses operate. Performing labor in order to receive compensation is for suckers. Primitive earlier generations were so unenlightened that they thought trading created value to address needs. Modern geniuses wonder why anyone has bothered to ever work. Democrats try their hardest to ensure the dream.

Your leaders who tried making you rich by conjuring checks presume money never changes value. It buys stuff, silly. Never pondering where it comes from is like presuming any gender can have babies. As it turns out, modern reasoning is not as sophisticated as those generating notions would like to think.

We all pay thanks to those who truly think it’s just a matter of government issuing enough funding to create prosperity. You just know they tip like six percent. It’s sadly obvious why their solution to both federal programs and personal handouts is always to send out more. Unlike the fuel they refuse to tap, the well is running dry. Fundamentalist lunatics who believe Washington is the source of income, prosperity, and joy refuse to believe more could ever equal less.

Human motivation makes handing out unfunded prizes tricky. Unhinged fanatics who trust Washington over their own shopping skills are unable to grasp the essence of supply and demand, including when it pertains to currency itself. Increasing the supply surely won’t spread poverty.

Congress meanly won’t vote to lower prices. I just wish there were a natural way to do the job representatives won’t like consumers negotiating with a variety of sellers competing for business. The free market is much crueler to enterprises, unlike the unfortunate certainties provided by forcing citizens to buy junk.

The only beneficiaries of coercion are companies that don’t need to impress customers to get cash. For people who hate greedy capitalists, Democrats sure do love guaranteeing massive profits.

I am also shocked those who fundamentally don’t understand what finances are spread poverty. Thinking having to work is heartless misinterprets the transaction. Shutdown lovers enjoyed grandstanding about the economy being more important than people when people exchanging things is all an economy is.

Thinking the government can provide everything neglects that little bit involving where stuff comes from. Politicians always compensate for not thinking things out by deciding what you need while being funded by parasitism. But at least their products suck. If you like government work, you’re in a rather lonely focus group.

Sending out checks makes recipients wealthy. The White House is certain, and their math legally can’t be incorrect. Why ever work? And why not send checks for a million dollars? An extra concentrated dose of free cash will surely stimulate the economy in ways cruel profiteers could never imagine. I can’t think of a single catch.

Getting something for nothing is liberalism’s core. Not getting anything is liberalism’s result. The conflict between idea and reality defines a most empty presidency.

Making others work for free is the new way of embracing compassion. Canceling student loan debt means students learned they can use a product without paying for it. The item’s shoddiness is the buyer’s problem. Every product provided as an alleged right forces someone else to toil on behalf of others, which violates a pretty important amendment. And softness on crime is nothing more than thieves who don’t generate value taking from those who do.

A personal example doesn’t necessarily inspire. Biden has spent his rather unproductive career bossing around others while grifting. The embodiment of inspiration believes government initiates everything worthwhile, including economic progress. Meanwhile, the very thing used to purchase other things isn’t even valuable anymore.

The only thing worse than claiming Florida suffers from cruel conservatism as they gain electoral votes is trying to explain why liberalism fails. Everything Biden believes is being disproven. Even worse, it’s by Biden. Liberals should loathe their erstwhile savior just for that. The pushily duped ought to be furious at themselves for believing it was possible to get away with such preposterous attempts to circumvent earning. Wise kindergarteners grasp what a president in his ninth decade doesn’t.

Why learn when you can double down on delusions? Blaming diabolical corporations for coping with his policies is exactly what to expect from this presidency. Prices all just jumped at the same random time which happened to coincide with the inauguration of a thoroughly liberal president.

The collusion behind prices jumping universally shows a disturbingly sophisticated level of planning amongst commercial competitors. If an observer didn’t know better, it might appear that the one entity that actually doesn’t allow customers to shop elsewhere.

Open negotiation requires working instead of waiting for magnanimous dispensation. Worthless politicians wonder why all this free money buys less and less.