The crazy people were always around. It’s just that now they have backing. Coddling lunacy is a popular trend for very advanced people who think mental illness is to be celebrated as an indicator of unique diversity. They’re right in a way.

Letting those with disturbing notions set the agenda is uncannily popular in an era of forestalling adulthood indefinitely. That characterization is unfair to children who possess enough sense to know everything won’t be free forever. Not paying for one’s own education is the surest way to become a grownup.

An entire political movement revolving around baffling notions requires lockstep compliance. You can’t allow dissent when it’s so obvious. Contemporary comrades are frightening in their zealous opposition to science and math. It’s no wonder they were loath to criticize China like they were movie producers, as admiring struggle sessions is part of the ethos.

It was already risible to believe that government is a helpful presence in their lives. Now, such daftness is oh so pleasantly accompanied by strident shrillness in demanding banishment for anyone who noticed June’s rainbow corporate logos embody pandering.

English is part of our society, which is why it must be destroyed. This whole scene is hateful. Those who preen about blatant disregard for evidence aren’t going to respect what words mean, either. Changing pronouns with one’s mood is certain to bring fulfillment. Go ahead and call yourself the precise opposite. If you’re tired of overwrought comparisons to George Orwell’s work, stop proving him correct.

Pronouns are merely a way to distinguish between two genders. That’s the two genders, which should sentence me to canceling before this sentence is finished. Forget noting why the distinction between the two are important lest you’d like to be sentenced to summary execution by roving woke gangs.

You sure put oppressive words in their place. People referring to you by your genital style can’t see your precious feelings. Choosing terms in contrast to what has already been determined is an act of juvenile rebellion that symbolizes dodging adulthood despite the explicit intentions. Remember that it’s as monstrous to claim homosexuality is a choice as it is to say people are born with genders. Don’t mix up hate crimes.

Those interested in tolerance must change how to refer to different types of people that are meaningless, anyway. Gender has been declared irrelevant by people obsessed with it. The distinction between the war-fighting spider-killers and feelings-based brats-birthers is as antiquated as buying one’s own things.

Mean jerks in lab coats have what shouldn’t be surprising news about genders. You already have one, and it’s fairly easy way to check. Don’t let someone talk you into performing it unless you’re being courted.

Some things have remained with people because they’re so obvious. Many old-fashioned behaviors resulted from everything humans can possibly observe. Stubborn seething contrarians who spend every waking moment scolding reactionary social media users who deadname refuse to accept the wisdom of the elders. I’m sorry to be the bearer of hateful news, but some topics are undisputed no matter how much some care to debate. Nobody wins an argument with biology.

You’d struggle to breathe for another year if you cared. Masks remain a great way to announce something despite muffled voices. Permanent fright is a virtue for a certain type of person who thinks rationality means being scared incessantly.

Those who want a life without risk are pathetic enough without trying to impose their pain-free existence on anyone who’s braver by comparison. Everyone should’ve learned by now that trying to avoid any danger ever makes problems far worse. Irony is the top symptom. Softening immune systems is bound to make fighting off future viruses easy.

Drawing in the impressionable is the natural tendency of cults. People confused about their own lives and life in general find themselves attracted to anyone who claims the bizarre is to be embraced.

Sometimes, not being alone should be disturbing. Read a Tumblr post about warping distinctions that have served humanity for as long as there have been humans for mind-warping perspective. Well, that sounds like something insane with which to eagerly align. Political dealers are like drug peddlers, only less honest.

You believe any special thing you’d like. Just know it goes against everything humans have learned. People who proclaim to be on the side of research sure don’t like evidence right in front of them. One doesn’t even have to rely on lab findings churned out by scientists who vote for the same candidates. There’s no way an experiment’s results could ever be incorrect, especially when it’s conducted in the replies of socialist baristas.

A desire for therapeutic assuaging motivates many people trying to avoid the cruelty of facts. Noting who hasn’t suffered is the most hateful thought of all. It’s a badge to have been wronged amongst very reasonable types who think they’re resisting tyranny by supporting a maniacal federal government. Those who wish to have trauma to flaunt must be victims first. Oppression means you have something to righteously fight. Someone hurry up and be hurtful.

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