Not helping is the most helpful. This is government we’re discussing. Politicians could’ve done nothing as infection rampaged and gotten better results. But the urge to act like they’re protecting us is never declined. That insistent virus concludes another worldwide tour at its leisure despite supermarkets banning free inhalers. I’m sure any return to normal health will be due to breathing through bandanas.

Endless free time remains rather unproductive if anyone wants to halt the experiment. A year or so surely has brought conclusive results. Those forced to participate naturally ponder about altered terms. People conditioned to be terrified of doing anything imagine if we had done nothing. Instead, those who consider themselves elected superheroes completely stifled life for a good portion of individual ones. Now, that was a relief.

Being told to stop it just happens to be like every other governmental interdiction. Having rights confiscated is allegedly for your health, which is the same basis for every other maneuver into your liberty. Classifying a virus as slightly more of an emergency is uncannily an excuse for lamely attempting to control humanity. Please ignore the astounding coincidence of those who continually lust after restraining you insisting we must stay stay at double red alert.

It would’ve been way worse, silly. The eternal excuse of governmental failure involves claiming everything was going much more awfully because of the lack of involvement. Disregard how intimately your supervisors became involved with your affairs. Acting like there were massive crowds of unmasked sickos in, say, Death Zone Zero New York conforms to everything but evidence.

As always, the failure of pushy politicians to accomplish anything worthwhile gets blamed on a lack of compliance from the stubbornly autonomous. Just as it always takes another trillion freaking dollars of spending to make a utopian framework stand sturdily, infuriating human behavior that couldn’t be policed irritatingly enough wrecked otherwise perfect political schemes. All those exhales you snuck at Thanksgiving dinner will make us extinct.

Please learn a lesson to not expect intervention. In fact, demand to teach politicians who gets to decide if people interact or not. Market forces reply to available information more efficiently and quickly than governments whether it involves sickness or not. Governors and their hero president are arbiters of truth in the same sense they’re careful with money confiscated from you.

Your officials were nice enough to decide it’s their job to determine what risk is acceptable. Did you even thank them, ingrate? Claiming it harms others is nothing new. A lethal combination of panic about dying by respiration, politicians thinking they can prevent it, and the unlimited power it takes to pretend to fix it define our melancholy days. They’re infected with a virus that causes far graver longterm effects.

Natural autocrats calculated the risk to those healthy and decided it wasn’t worth it for us. Your judgment is obsolete. Anyone with aggravated conditions such as other illnesses or a high number of trips around the Sun could’ve segregated while everyone else was careful about contact. But then we couldn’t have ruined countless industries to show how much we care.

Sure, panic over that health crisis destroyed finances and humans. But at least illness won. The particularly smug acted as if the choice were between profit and people, which is one of those charming statist notions that wrecks both in reality. Humans were prohibited from interacting, which is all the economy is. Trading what they have for what they’d like is the apex of greed to those who think money comes from government printers.

Confiscating the choice was for your own safety, naturally. Even those plagued by woe focused enough through imposed agony to notice the virus rampaged as depression became the de facto setting.

Nobody got healthier by being told what they couldn’t do. The restrictions made many disturbingly feel like the life allegedly preserved wasn’t worth it. And there were as many deaths as there would have been if the globe had just been advised to wash hands, watch distances, and snooze in the attic for a few days if the bad flu feeling persisted. But at least the self-righteous got to pretend ordering others to cloak breathing holes was how they preserved life itself.

Brace for another year of two weeks to stop the spread. Milton Friedman noted nothing was more permanent than a temporary government program, and short-term alleged virus firewalls quickly became no different. Those who are super into science sure do get predictions wrong frequently. Also, frequently now means always.

It’s easy to claim something scientific is going to happen. Actually researching effects takes knowledge and effort, so forget it. Besides, we were supposed to run out of oil by now, which wouldn’t be a big deal considering global warming flooded all coastal cities a few years ago. Like unfathomable spending of funds plundered from the productive making the problems it purports to solve much worse, checking epidemiology results isn’t really their thing. The science is settled.

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