Effect Caused

Anthony Bialy
4 min readNov 17, 2022

Thinking about yourself is so selfish, which is why Democrats selflessly look outward to find who deserves blame. Using the pain their polices cause to inflict more of them isn’t as ironically amusing as hoped. There’s little giggling while making the choice between not paying rent and not buying groceries. Denying the origin story makes just what’s causing harm like a recession. The same deniers are also into rejecting biology, so it’s not like this is a new habit.

Help those you hurt. It’s only fair. Democrats are so committed to the notion that prosperity is unobtainable that they make it happen. Take culprits’ steadfast loathing of economy participants to the point they discourage anyone from trying to make bucks, plural. You’ve got some nerve being useful enough that others will pay for your skills or goods.

A self-fulfilling prophecy that causes economic woe is the wrong way to create incentives. Keeping people from profiting is profitable for sicko power junkies. They infringe upon every attempt thrive independently then moan that the economy needs subsidies. It’s almost clever in a mob family sort of way.

The inability to stand was caused by failing to drink enough Mad Dog 20/20. Some of the cures seem like they are causes. This quackery is victimizing wallets everywhere.

Noticing when the cycle began means you hate the poor. Class warfare is based on actively ignoring when the classes began resenting each other enough to declare hostilities. Jealousy-based politics aren’t going to involve anything like being aware of who dragged down our finances.

Health care is so costly, note those who made health care so costly. Government is renowned for reducing prices, which makes the constant skyrocketing prices when they’re in charge of our well-being so baffling. Next, you’ll claim Washington isn’t quite renowned for providing quality service.

You can’t decline. Lifesaving care being expensive was supposedly remedied by making everyone buy a policy. Businesses can charge what they please when customers must purchase their products in case anyone born yesterday is shocked at how life has unfolded.

We need to bill the collective to show how much we care. Sure, insurance gets unbearably costly when sales are coerced. But everyone will have to pay, which will make suffering universal. Don’t you value empathy?

The solution to previous meddling is more of it. An entire philosophy based on losing weight with more hot fudge has somehow created an obese government. The next bout will settle the matter instead of extending agony. It’s the law.

Certain students get less smart the more time they spend in school. Notice them by how they’re always expecting educators to get paid more without those using the services getting charged. That’s before paying for utilities. Classrooms don’t become comfy by chance. Let’s learn about cause and effect on the first day.

The refusal of many graduates to pay for services rendered is the best argument against allegedly advanced education. Student loans embody desiring to bill others, which means moochers obtained zero knowledge about economics or decency. Lifetime quasi-studiers don’t want to enter the real world, and it shows.

Federal cash cannons aimed at administration offices mysteriously didn’t lower school bills. It’s uncanny how tuition became unaffordable following involuntary investment by leaders who claim they’re dedicated to knowledge.

Free money is the most expensive thing there is. I wonder if there are other practical examples of the folly behind trying to get something for nothing like entitlement cash printing leading to a recession. Graduates can’t afford their diplomas, but at least there are no jobs to even try. And don’t fret, as any cash involved is now worthless, anyway.

The first thing they learn should be to notice cause and effect. Refusing to observe basic patterns should mean having to claim that you’re retaking a class because the subject was so fascinating.

Colleges would be begging for business if campuses resembled the rest of the world. The alleged horror of treating education as a commodity actually makes acquiring it more costly. Noticing should be worth three credits. Taxpayers find themselves funding degrees that recipients still can’t afford. Meanwhile, universities feature untouched endowments like truly selfish conglomerates that get demonized incessantly in their classrooms.

A captive audience is surely glad to participate. Mandates paired with pecuniary draining make everyone need to rely on those who cause harm. Hand your stuff over so it’s treated properly. The presumption those who earned it don’t deserve it is at best cynical, so try to be an optimist.

People will just spend their own money wrong, anyway. It’s not like company owners will hire people to do things or those not in position to have employees will buy from businesses who are.

Liberals are constantly trying to figure out what causes all these dreadful problems. Also, John Wayne Gacy was horrified at whoever stuffed corpses in his crawl space. Realizing their own beliefs spread misery is too close to personal responsibility, and ideology demands they point fingers at everyone else. Even those who struggle to retain knowledge should’ve learned in childhood how rude that is.