Empathizing Sighs

A restaurant that’s actually famous wouldn’t need to bill itself as such. Likewise, those who care about us the most repeat the claim suspiciously frequently. Shaky stances are routinely presented as facts in this interpretive world. There’s just as much harmonious prosperity generated as a result as one would expect. Pretending to help fellow humans is just another fake item on the real checklist.

Being told just how much they care about others is the sole service provided by liberals. It’s not quite as valuable as prosperity or security. If feelings were outcomes, you’d be able to afford fuel for your vehicle and family.

Big talk is designed to distract from small achievements. There isn’t evidence to show that active federal planning does anything but take from the useful, so nonstop insistence will have to suffice. A lack of empathy defines those who claim to exhibit it, and dodging the harm they inflict makes it tough to sardonically rue their obliviousness.

Boasting infringes on training. Those who think they’re best at knowing what customers desire are naturally the worst. Life’s endless ironies would be more amusing if those who brought them to us ever learned to quit. Making a show of how much they care almost distracts from how they most certainly do not.

Very caring authority figures imposing solutions they presume will be incredible are unable to imagine how others feel. A wholesale inability to trust anyone else stems from unearned certainty of knowing what’s best for all.

Not giving a rat’s keister what others want is particularly ironic for those who want to communalize everything. The policies of screwing over others are to be shared by all. We truly are all in this together.

Refusing to acknowledge the existence of individuals is a sign of respect for the collective. Don’t you want to be cool? Peer pressure through mandates is one way to create popularity. The perpetually useless are only capable of creating psychological projection. Condemning those who desire pursuing their own interests enforces conformity in the worst way. Contemporary America is like high school where obnoxious jerks with rich parents invite each other to parties via executive order.

Constant suspicions will surely inspire. Figuring business titans are just out to enrich each other before stripping a company of all its assets and copper wire leads to taxing the stuffing out of them.

Presuming the best way to make money is not by staying open to offer products shows who’s never run a company. And limiting guns because they figure everyone else is consumed by sputtering rage shows just how much compassion they contain. Their 30-round magazines are loaded to capacity.

Meanwhile, government has to support the arts and charities because they’d never think to send funds from their own PayPal accounts. The inability to imagine that others are not also miserable connivers is yet another personal limit those deeply into reaching out impose everywhere.

Reality must be reflected in pretend time. Actors can no longer play different people. That sort of reduces the challenge. Oscars will still be awarded despite the fact that playtime participants are not allowed to be different from those portrayed.

Letting woke social media shriekers serve as casting directors will undoubtedly spur beautiful art. You’re hateful if you hate films based around the theme of ironic intolerance.

You can’t understand what children need unless you’re presently reading this at a child’s soccer game you’re feigning watching. Announcing your opinion fails to count if you don’t have kids presumes those without progeny couldn’t imagine what it’s like to have whippersnappers running around. One might think all that children’s programming dedicated to pushing the virtues of imagination would connect with overprotective parents.

Even kids know you can worry about others even without a personal connection. Clueless overprotective liberal parents who are much less calm than their children insist the Constitution’s fans obviously don’t care about keeping schools safe. Meanwhile, gun-free zones ensure only predators are armed. You’ll never guess who’s actually creating danger. Even those who prefer the quiet and disposable income of a child-free life could be dedicated to finding ways to protecting the brats of others.

Inadvertently flaunting their own inability to care about anything that doesn’t affect them personally is just another consequence everyone outside of pushy liberals themselves lamentably knew was forthcoming. An intrinsic lack of understanding motivation infects politics, fiction, and human interaction. Everyone has their own interests and understandings, which sadly needs to be said in a world where using judgment to figure out how to profit and address needs is treated with suspicion and derision.

Understanding what others understand shouldn’t be that challenging. Genuine respect for different outlooks is missing from those who declare themselves openminded. It’s like science where professing adherence compensates for ironic ignorance. Liberals who don’t tolerate dissent claim it’s because everyone who disagrees with them is intolerant, which sure is convenient.

You’ll never guess who should in fact be ashamed. Allegedly progressive policies regressively spread poverty, crime, and like they’re goals. If tremendous sadness is not what perpetrators set out to inflict, then they’re even less accomplished than imagined.


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