Errors Evident

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 23, 2023

Knowing what’s failing is as close to good news as we presently get. We inhabit a rather imperfect world that’s made much worse by the unfortunate imbeciles elected to serve in our horrific government that’s limited precisely for occasions like this. Life would at least be slightly less miserable if aspiring regents stopped attempting to do everything, but they can’t help themselves.

The evidence of what fails screams at us. Humans have withstood enough examples to make what we know not to work a trend. Naturally, those in position to do something about averting the next disaster are going to disregard what’s right there just like it’s a chart noting that inflation spiked as soon as Joe Biden got what he wanted.

We’ll never catch up to costs. Wait: that’s not the spirit. Cultists must maintain faith in this economic religion. Print money at record rates and wonder why we’re not all wealthy. The answer must be that we won’t be rewarded unless we believe hard enough. Americans are being tested by an entity that acts like a deity despite its rather severe limits on power and absolute lack of good.

Cause and effect hurts feelings. You’re going to drag down self-esteem if you notice who does things then what happens next. It’s little wonder handout aficionados have never run businesses when they demonize those who generate value.

A stubborn fondness for mailing money to create prosperity indicates present politicians think they’re smarter than sucker entrepreneurs. Why work when you can just wait for a check? I’m sure their suspiciously easy shortcut contains no perils. The guardrails must be in good shape if government employees slapped them up.

Advanced thinkers can be spotted by a super enlightened refusal to believe in antiquated notions like consequences for actions. We are all in this together, claim those who hide in groups for personal reasons. A lack of productive skills also explains why they’re deeply opposed to the injustice of only getting money that someone else will trade for work. A performance evaluation seems stressful, especially when there’s nothing quite valuable about how one’s time gets used.

It’s not an exaggeration to say liberalism has arrived at the conclusion where a crime’s victim is the arrested. Getting life exactly backward is embodied by scoffing at the wrong party during a mugging. Heartless conservatives oppose wealth redistribution. Poor thieves have been harmed by a mean society. Those inventing excuses for felons coping with endemic poverty don’t realize what they’re saying about their preferred candidates being in power.

Reserving the right to shut down society again shows why we don’t let power-hungry dopes set precedent. Antiscientific bullies must pretend they didn’t get every restriction they wanted. Violators were the ones who must have ruined our communal health. As always, the bossy proclaim they need utter compliance for their schemes to have any hope of working. The necessity of coercion in everything they believe almost seems like a pattern if you’re cynical.

There are countless witnesses to Democrats inflicting woe. Perpetrators still fib about their alibis and who they witnessed committing crimes they know they did. It’s little wonder the obviously guilty loathe law enforcement. Conclusions don’t match their ideology, which isn’t going to stop them from maintaining it.

The sole thing settled about science is that ignoring what’s happened serves as the equivalent of smashing test tubes. A steadfast refusal to adjust to observation is the precise opposite of the process’s intentions. Wondering whether or not they actually believe their preposterous claptrap is not sign that everything is going smoothly.

Overcompensation paired with projection combine for just the start of psychological problems. Inflicting regrettable beliefs on everyone else could fill the Wikipedia citation section. The same deeply concerned lecturers fretting about misinformation sure don’t seem too concerned about getting everything wrong. A political theory that requires constant excuses may not be based in evidence. Enemies of corporations think advertising is nothing more than manipulating customers because they’ve never created anything worth selling.

Freaking out because people review information and make choices is a predictable outburst. Only the histrionic don’t see their own patterns. The lack of snotty Twitter moderation means liberals don’t get to decide for everyone else what constitutes absolute truth. A belief system based in bossing around everyone else naturally conforms with an impulse to control news updates. Curtailing liberty requires force at every step, including slick words used to describe monumental failures. Mandates sure require a strong public relations effort.

Official approval from editors and politicians carries the imprimatur of truth for suckers. Believers of falsehoods want someone as biased as they are to affirm their daft claims. Verification offered by a title or diploma is easier than actually checking. Finding someone who’ll call you an expert doesn’t confer knowledge. Their candidates and experts prove it constantly. Realizing such would make them renounce their beliefs, and they’re too full of pride about constant screwups to even consider admitting it.