Excessive Amendments

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 20, 2023

People who love everything about this country but everything about it have many very helpful suggestions for improvement. We will be true Americans once expert reformers alter every aspect is dynamited and rebuilt by social justice fanatics who are so good at building things that they don’t even bother.

Aspiring architects are so dedicated to our country that they’d never dream of emigrating to one that already has the neat guarantees of their dreams. Our Constitution is outdated, according to an obsolete claim.

The right to exist may require action. Defending ourselves is necessary if we want to continue enjoying the benefits of life. Horrified liberals condemn an icky document that lets free people shoot back against thieves and tyrants. Unreliable witnesses misidentify the bad guys too consistently for it to be a rare error.

You couldn’t get a semiautomatic rifle when our rulebook was written: the only long guns available were muskets that could remove a limb. If we’re not going to act as if principles remain consistent, then police can search your plug-in car because it didn’t exist during the time the Fourth Amendment was written.

Bad guys with guns don’t seem particularly interested in heeding laws restricting the law-abiding. The virtuous can negate the advantage of the nefarious as long as they’re not punished for behaving. Viewing life as needing to ask permission typifies a political stance relying on bothering everyone else. Treating the law-abiding like delinquent children while letting hoodlums who disregard rules rampage as they please leads to rather intense bullying.

Economic and educational experts want to cancel debt for every school but the Electoral College. We’re told by our deepest thinkers that the way we pick our stupid president is archaic, which is defined as anything Democrats hate. Treating each state as important so the executive has to represent a large swatch of the nation is somehow designed to preserve slavery, according to very reasonable interpreters of history.

Every portion of the country is represented thanks to holding 50 little races for the big office. Having a beef with states because their entrants are losing is convenient for those who presume everything about America should be abandoned. Democrats hate competition, whether it be businesses trying to please customers or governors attempting to retain residents.

There is plenty of elbow room and a suspiciously high vacancy rate in progressive utopias. The rent hasn’t dropped on account of inflation paired with the wealthy moving in after individuals are priced out, which you’d think would disappoint liberals who are dedicated to tearing down anyone who’s made more than them.

Kvetching when they don’t get their way is standard practice for those baking resentment into their political pie. A presidential election that doesn’t match the popular vote may reflect the game, not the player. Democrats fail to grasp campaigns would be run differently if participants just had to accumulate the most votes. That’s why they don’t buy ads in Texas. Ignoring incentives is key to believing liberal doctrine.

Similarly, Donald Trump’s greatest enemies judge judges by whether or not the latter do their bidding. Very accepting liberals loathe the Supreme Court when it doesn’t invent rights without bothering the other two branches. The naturally fascistic can’t imagine having all that power and not abusing it. Ire at disrupting their supreme commands is most keenly seen when at least five justices decide to properly limit a bossy government.

Natural rights are naturally universal. It was true then and will be tomorrow. The Constitution’s authors may have been thinking past their era. Government is limited to specific tasks because it sucks in every era.

Smirking about the speed of advancement doesn’t help hasten it. Noting women and minorities haven’t always received the promise of liberty is popular amongst those who don’t grasp what progress is. Laying down the principles even if they weren’t always applied fairly. Those interested in moving forward can start by dropping grudges from before their births.

An imperfect application is nonetheless the best option. People who think anything short of ideals means failures must be a nightmare to date. Swipe left without mercy.

The refusal to accept anything short of perfection is especially unfortunate for those whose ideals never work out at all. Inflation and crime race thanks to the policies of the ultimately enlightened. We’re trying our best while they won’t try any other country. A pretty sizable portion of citizens loathe ours so much that they never leave. It sure is selfless of limited government’s foes to stay behind enemy lines to sabotage.

Statist reactionaries lurching from one crisis to the next are ticked off by the idea of their power getting limited. There might be a reason there’s no provision to allow specific interference, much less the details themselves. A government that takes on the nation’s enemies and prosecutes criminals while letting humans figure out how to create productivity is so primitive.

Awful insurance which you’re not allowed to decline is what some call enlightened. Figuring out ourselves through negotiation leads to the best deal. The very option repulses those who view free will as a relic.

Sophisticated intellectuals who scoff at the antiquated limited government prove why it’s necessary. Altering their views to recognize that the stupid bossy part we permit out of necessity is limited for good reason would be the true way of updating for the times. You’ll never believe who was always regressive.