Experiment Concluded

There’s good news for Democrats who profess adherence to science. The only trouble is the outcome. Experiments conclude the Smug Party is making their few survivors broke.

An extensive quantity of observations indicate everything they profess to be true is absolute risible garbage. Government-lovers claim to be open-minded, which provides another chance to conduct research into whether they’re capable of accepting they’re wrong about life and everything it features.

Big fans of proving hypotheses are supposed to go where the experiment takes them. Sadly and unexpectedly, those who claim adherence to facts as faith stubbornly refuse to alter their worldview just because reality contradicts it. Keep dropping the fork and expecting it to fall up.

Liberalism’s results have many victims. Seeing what happens when those who love everything about government but enforcing laws get their way turns logically dire warnings into policy. Treating the law-abiding like criminals and criminals like victims is just except for the corpses clogging Blue State sidewalks. Their ghosts can befriend senior citizens who were touched like the Grim Reaper by Andrew Cuomo. When not opening Arkham’s gates, he touched women as if he were Bill Clinton.

Democratic-run cities are bringing back the 1970s. There’s not a fun retro vibe along the blood-splattered sidewalks. You won’t even get to disco. The gorily natural result of treating cops as the primary committers of felonies is letting felons police themselves.

The crime spike is a sick way to learn what should’ve been obvious without missing blood and wallets. I suppose it’s good news that law enforcement officers were arresting actual violators, even though common sense offers a better way to learn. Eliminating cash bail is great except for the times the arrested actually did it, but that must be really rare by percentage.

Your saintly leaders took everything from you to keep you safe kept you sick, but they helped otherwise. Think of any point where the government has helped for a really tough Jeopardy! category. Thorough predator Cuomo made it so you don’t have to visit Grandpa in the nursing home, and suddenly missing the annual obligation.

Salesmen with an atrocious product must continue to claim shutting down life helped. Liberal politicians couldn’t do anything like switch to a company with functional items. We’ll continue to hear offensive claptrap about making things free making life affordable in the same way the Soviet Union eliminated unemployment. I wish Democrats were honest enough to admit they agree.

Railing at disagreement is the precise opposite of toughness. Shrieking out of fear like a wounded animal is designed to distract from policy failures if you wonder why they claim any disagreement with their ideology will kill all people and the planet. Lashing out at anyone who dissented from their superstition about restricted breathing was merely a noticeable symbol.

Efforts to treat fighting the virus as for the common good haven’t been common or good. The government giving shots for free and still couldn’t get people to take them refuses to learn a lesson. Trying bribes in an inadvertently perfect illustration of how statists view motivation. Establish yourself as a liar and act surprised when your cries of a nearby wolf are disregarded. Claiming it’s selfless to get a vaccine when everyone around already has embodies busybody thinking a bit too perfectly.

Helping the poor creates more of them. That’s one way to stay in business, at least if your product is diabolical. The economy can’t sustain any more assistance. Take money to filter it through the capital where pompous dolts who’ve never made an honest dollar can decide what needs funding in a way those who’ve been made poorer certainly wouldn’t. Not realizing there’s another possible way that might even be better in that charming manner of theirs.

The sole good part about atrocious outcomes is we know what not to do. Inflicters sadistically continue what they know causes harm. Psychopaths are known for taking pleasure from getting away with it. Permanent financial melancholy is their sick goal. The best solution is to condition humans to not expect anything more if you’re diabolical or just a myopic statist putz.

The result of treating a process designed to indifferently find facts is ironically a religion. Treating science as a faith leads to the smugly ignorant professing they’re saved by belief. I wish they could enjoy the irony of preening about the results of experiments as they get the conclusions wrong, but then those who hurt you for your benefit wouldn’t be committing such amusing obtuse fouls in the first place. If this world is going to be full of idiots thinking they’re smarter than everyone else, the rest of us may as well get some enjoyment by pointing and laughing.

If you think believing in an invisible sky being is absurd, wait until you hear about how many worship each other. Trusting outcomes from imperfect and biased humans is exponentially more illogical than claiming there’s an invisible omniscient all-powerful and -loving being who controls everything and gives this awful existence with its arbitrary results and endless cruelty meaning.

The conclusion is right there. Run it one more time to confirm if crime and going broke haven’t caused enough anguish. Cuba is bound to realize government health care is far superior to having a Jimmy John’s. History is crammed with examples of why what government fans believe causes everyone else to loathe it. So, that’s why they think past facts are racist.

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