The majority cramming through whatever it wants is bound to bring progress, at least if you define it as forcing irreversible bossy federal programs that ruin budgets and lives. The filibuster respects the rights of those who do not hold power, which you’d think would be the coolest thing liberals ever encountered. But they’ve decided any chicane on the socialism speedway is to be excised. Wait until they realize how slowly they’re going.

Sliming the filibuster is the trendiest form of appreciating America via loathing everything that makes it so. Tapping the brakes is crucial to the functioning of society in general and half of Congress in particular. The ability of any senator to object to looming invasiveness keeps this monstrous bigoted republic from ascending into a majestic people’s republic.

The minority having their say is just one more thing liberals can’t stand about this place. It’s easier to list what they like. Most of the rather short examples would feature recent changes. Gay marriage and compulsory insurance made the nation what it is, according to those who really appreciate its freedoms.

It’s tough for those fixated on demolishing the Senate to learn its purpose. The Capitol’s snotty side is not a small legislature, which is yet another crucial detail delightful public schools neglect to teach. It’s better to make up your own version, according to those who do the same with gender. Government will create much more ecstasy by viewing the Senate as a redundant rubber stamp. They miss the tactile experience of shoving through ideology.

The minority party getting a chance to express dissent ticks off just who you’d expect. By astounding coincidence, it’s the same people horrified at the notion of calming down. A chance to discuss things embodies limiting government’s reach, which is why they hate it. Washington’s biggest fans would curiously prefer to see less yapping from politicians. They’re all about action and not whether it’s wise. Thinking about whether the latest faddish intended order provides a chilling opportunity to not order around citizens.

One might think anyone confident about an opinion would be fine with debating. But only bigoted monsters disagree with the airtight logic of benevolent meddlers. Did you actually think you could care for yourself?

Haste in discussion is especially popular amongst those whose philosophy only works if one discusses it in a certain matter. Forget trying it in mean reality. Shutting up their foes is for progress. Ramming through legislation is no different from getting Gina Carano fired for noticing lockdowns didn’t lock down the virus.

The dirty secret isn’t so little, namely that those claiming to work on behalf of the people prefer inflicting rather coercive policies in a wholly coercive manner. Consistency isn’t admirable if you’re always awful. You’d think fans of mandates would appreciate a republic preventing mob rule, but those taking what’s yours for your benefit prefer cloaking themselves with a sheen of democracy.

Circumvention is bound to represent the people’s will. Letting the Senate continue to exist is the compromise position for wannabe autocrats. Those who just know they would impose awesomeness would rather remove the legislature in the first place. Fans of the wrong type of efficiency can’t even learn the reason a barrier to rapid legislative advancement is in place, which is a sure sign of a fair position.

Rich white male geezers wrote it, and valuing anything those specific repulsive creatures created is the equivalent of calling to repeal the 13th Amendment. The filibuster is naturally called racist, which is code for anything liberals oppose. Democrats are probably thinking of instances like when earlier party members used it to futilely try to prevent civil rights legislation from becoming law. They miss the old days.

An implement is indifferent on its own. It’s all about how the thing is used. Presuming the filibuster will be deployed to harm the nation’s interests is like, say, figuring guns will only be used in crimes and not preventing them. They think that, as well, so at least they’ve thought out their philosophy. Creepy streamliners are not only unable to envision themselves using something powerful for good: they presume everyone else is as irresponsible as they are.

I thought uniqueness was good. Bitching that America is the only nation with impediments to restricting liberty through federal initiative is especially risible from those always blathering about how society can’t tell you whether you’re a boy or girl.

Our little country is great and good precisely because it doesn’t follow precedents set elsewhere in this rather stupid world. Being yourself is only okay if you want to change genders, not if you want to be a nation that respects human liberty. Becoming just another of the world’s quasi-socialist babysitters of adults will bring true happiness.

The Senate’s present composition should get to warp the nation permanently, according to those who think ahead in every way. Unrestrained statists feel they should use two years of two majorities to make countless new flimsy programs mandatory until Mars conquers our dumb planet. Progressives with a warped idea of progress will think it’s crucial to preserving the American experiment once they’re not in charge of the Senate anymore. But that’ll never happen as long as they’re awesome.

As usual, liberals have dedicated their lives to opposing something that benefits them as they loathe it. Eternally appreciative humans don’t grasp the filibuster keeps them from implementing even more trash. As always, America saves its ingrates.

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