It’s not like you can dissent. Arguments based in force never quite seem designed to facilitate discussion. Once you have government on your side, disagreement is illicit. Its gloriously slavish fans, who call law enforcement supporters bootlickers, happen to be advocating on behalf of cases where nobody is permitted to object. While it seems clever, they didn’t think it out.

Debating on behalf of a monolithic brute that consumes opposition by nature is designed to curry favor in case you dared think there were ulterior motives. Remember when I said you should have all the power you want? Well, how about a favor now? The law is applied equally otherwise.

The only way to exacerbate shameless toadying at the expense of autonomy is if the results bite. Naturally, that’s what happens every time with utter certainty. The state’s embracers believe they’re helping the poor when they’re helping make everyone that way. There are better approaches to equality.

If you’re tired of learning lessons from Star Wars, stop creating them. Imperial officers don’t have to learn strategy’s intricacies when they can just send another Star Destroyer. Lazy reliance on dumb force instead of the magic Jedi kind kept leading to exploding Death Stars, and we may as well learn from our myths unless we want to be punished with another trilogy.

Those very bravely arguing for fewer options have government on their side, which they think ends the argument. Demanding compliance is so very much the opposite of sinister. An entity that’s coercive by nature must come up with swell ideas. It’s little wonder those who think government is just the best to the point of being unassailable oppose people having guns. Washington is just another criminal who opposes intended victims being able to defend themselves.

Life forgot to reopen like the light switch got flicked. It’s easier to smash than build, which doesn’t occur to rather unskilled laborers wielding hammers. Shutting down society by the force of semi-law with the empire’s decrees didn’t stop the virus, although society halted. Why couldn’t the former take the latter’s example? Noting that infringements on every level didn’t help dodge the virus is pointless, as aspiring autocrats enabled by bypassing legislatures aren’t going to check results before deciding if you deserve to cope with another mandate.

Might everyone at least try to be a rugged individual? Protecting yourself is scary, but so is existence. Fretting that others will get sick is bad for your health. A forced shot doesn’t quite display confidence that it works. But we’re all in this, even though you didn’t technically consent.

If insurance is collective, you must do what benefits. It’s logical in a sicko way. Those who note vaccine dissenters use excessive collective resources are actually arguing to end mandatory sharing. They’re not used to needing to make sense with their cases.

Unconscionable spending is ruining the economy and government and freedom, but those who notice math are subtracted from the terms. Make the case against it as if those who bribe for votes are willing to care. Bipartisanship is as overrated as consistency when both parties strive to buy enough votes with money they try to convince you was taken from different suckers. One pretends to be against what they are very clearly for if you seek a distinction.

Disagree with their ideology and hope you only get fined. Ceaselessly targeted taxpayers already pay a fortune in service fees without getting any service. But you can’t email customer support. Arguing with a goon quickly proves to be pointless when punches are offered as counterarguments. It doesn’t matter if you’re right, as you are out of authority. Bully politicians give dissenters purple nurples. Self-defense is unlawful.

Authority will be returned after the crisis. Alas, same crisis is eternal. This is one way to learn how existence keeps going. Humanity is blessed to be dominated by its most enlightened members who know how to navigate life’s challenges. Having problems is brand-new. Those guarding us from pain and sadness can’t permit liberty as long as bad things might happen.

Good luck retrieving decision-making once your elected betters seize it. Next, get bourbon back into a dropped bottle. You won’t be able to get tipsy to cope.

Cheering for those taking what’s yours at least means you’re on the winning side. And you lose anyway. Overcompensating for insecurity starts at the top. The Biden White House’s efforts to squash dissent are the natural result from telling others what to do paired with such blatant overreach never helping. Proving their foes right while getting their way is a trade they’ll take.

Where else will you turn to get bossed? You can’t just shop for another government. When it’s up in your business, you’re stuck either obeying or turning outlaw for wanting to run your own life. Lightweight tyrants need to make people participate with their daftly pernicious ploys. You’re prevented from leaving because they love you so much. A divorce isn’t allowed. And you thought you were liberated.

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