Generation Ex

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 15, 2024

Experience is the best indicator, which means Democrats ought to be in big trouble. Professional business loathers should be nearly out of business themselves. They think that would prove their point.

The present onslaught of incessant annoyance should create a generation of government-loathers. Every generation ideally faces institutions with institutionalized contempt. Arrogant twits bossing you around hating your attitude is the best reason to maintain it.

People born in every year eventually find themselves old enough to get hassled for not contributing enough to the collective for the sin of existing as an individual. Those taxed in every sense are supposed to be thankful for the privilege, which is naturally exercised involuntarily. You don’t want to risk screwing up a decision with your counterproductive free will.

An extra concentrated dose of harassment from the soullessly monolithic entity that can’t protect you from a rotten flu is not good for any sense of health. Enjoy a full life in your pod where nothing’s legal but cannabis, which is unhelpful for treating symptoms except for shielding oneself from how bad legalizers made everything.

Attempting a sequel of the worst feature isn’t just for Avatar. Unlike a cinema trip, you’re not presented with the option to decline. Contemptuous scorn was a nice touch as compliant liberals mocked your rights being taken as they used absolute power to bungle an infection that would have been properly addressed by chicken soup, DayQuil, and Sprite.

Decree enthusiasts are coincidentally the same pompous dolts who sneer at attempts to outrageously assert that rights and currency are not issued by the government. Office-fillers who don’t know the economy gets worse the more that’s ripped off from it are suddenly experts on epidemiology.

Attempting to stop a virus by imprisoning humans epitomizes compassionate knowledge. Melding the mind with the heart is our ultimate goal, and we should possess enough enlightenment to know whether it actually happens doesn’t matter. Do you want to be a good liberal or not?

A cagey infection found its way around barriers. Panicky fascists were wrong at every single moment about an indifferent escaped bioweapon. China’s ineptness is our best defense. Guilt paired with phrenology-level pseudoscience led to the guilted suckering of getting a shot during the most masked time in history, which differs from getting vaccinated.

Aspiring benevolent dictators require absolute authority to ruin the economy. It’s really your fault if you’re poor for stubbornly refusing to relinquish the last of your petty individual rights. That’s as close as liberals get to personal responsibility.

Trying to avoid tradeoffs leads to the worst deal possible. Existence gets more woeful the more they can control, which almost resembles a pattern. The state’s fans assure us perseverance is all bliss needs. We just need to maintain faith until the breakthrough when treating property as communal lets everyone have as much as they want.

The past few especially pushy years have just been a drugged-out version of normal abnormal federal shadiness. Active bothering leads to widespread lethargy, and this speedball leads to neither speed nor a ball.

Very helpful ushers of prosperity take autonomy on top of your cash. You’re left with the sense of guilt for daring to want to retain funds that you toiled to acquire. Refusing to facilitate corruption constitutes the most shameful audacity.

Present sophisticated theories about authority lead to addresses everything but government’s actual responsibility, which is to halt stampeding barbarians. Liberals are too busy tracking down successful CEOs they deem villains to focus on what they consider inconsequential threats like subway track-shovers and global terror merchants.

Everyone should be sick of being told what to do by people who should be told to not do that. Forced cooperation leads to universal misery. That is not the thing we were told would be shared. Anyone capable of interpreting stimuli can’t possibly still think eliminating choice leads to one glorious option.

The only thing more exhausting than being suspicious of everything is the aftermath of docile trust. Any humans who are unfortunately not cynical by nature better start conditioning themselves.

The good news is that there’s not much training necessary. A few moments on this wretched planet noticing countless infringements on life proceeding normally should be sufficient for incessant rebellion. Instead, baffling state fans are incredulous regarding companies with which they can interact freely while trusting the unaccountable monolith.

Please enjoy ample current ghastly examples for those who think history means switching from the “following” tab to “for you”. Maybe enjoy isn’t the proper word. Claiming to believe in science takes some nerve while ignoring an endless parade of evidence about how surrendering liberty leads to awful morons making dreadful decisions on your behalf.

Trusting authority is the most mortifying conspiracy to believe. Liberal policy creates contempt for liberalism. So, it works in its way. Government doing everything but arresting whoever mugged you leads to getting robbed by those who claim they do so with legal authority. They need your permission. Keep letting them think for yourself if you think they’ve made you richer.