Grow Up

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 8, 2024

The refusal to grow up leads to a lifetime of imaginative play. Liberals are children, and not ones full of dazed joyous wonder, either. Perpetually guileless brats scold adults who lack the innocent wisdom to believe we can get rich by printing more money. It’s just like lame grownups to only learn to put limits on dreaming.

A hoary president retained the lessons of youth by never learning. Acting as if a higher minimum wage means everyone’s comfortable is not nearly as fun as living on Neptune with dinosaurs.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but you are not the gender you are. Some regressive troglodytes claim you were born this way in a complete misunderstanding of enforced tolerance. Delusion framed as compassionate science is bad both in terms of evidence and ethics. A kindergartener who informed you he or she was not respectively he or she would receive an acceptably patronizing smile accompanied by an eye roll. The technically mature wallow in what bright first-graders discover is claptrap.

Try to outpace inflation by making businesses pay more. We’ll surely stay a step ahead. Earning a raise is for suck-ups. Creative economists try to invent excuses for why inflation didn’t start randomly when the president started handing out cash like a deadbeat uncle who finally showed up for Christmas. Those opposed to cruelty wonder why the government doesn’t give everyone 10 million dollars to ensure equal wealth. It must be corporate greed.

The merciful hate people other than them getting rich so badly that they don’t want them to continue thriving while outpacing. Making more is unacceptable as long as bosses are doing so at a greater rate. Treating salaries as allowances naturally prompts jealousy. It’s not fair!

Half of the equation seems awesome. That whole prickly matter reciprocation throws off what would otherwise be liberating joy. Getting paid without working isn’t too much of a request. A giant check in order to pursue dreams no matter how profitable they may be is to be expected. It takes some nerve to expect tasks for payment. Don’t you want art in this dreary world?

Politicians who hand out seized fortunes in order to bribe hooked voters don’t grasp the costs. It’s not like they spend a shift doing something productive. The formerly industrious have no reason to anymore, either.

The suspicious feeling that life may not be as easy as promoted by office-holding urchins drags down the optimistic. This mean world demands something in return for getting anything. Think how the other side feels about forking over while getting empty cutlery in return. Those complaining should be compassionate and give everything demanded. Try some of that famous empathy that leads them to believe charity must be coerced.

Demanding higher allowances is a truly cultivated expectation. Treating government as the parent of eternal juveniles is a nice touch from those striving to keep actual mothers and fathers from deciding what porn shouldn’t be available for drag queens to read in school libraries.

Helping others shouldn’t take a law. Proclaiming that everyone is cruel because they don’t support coercion might offer a clue to who really believes in comforting the stricken. Scoffing at voluntary charity occurs for the same reason they consider tipping an elitist opportunity to screw over service workers, namely that they’d never think of being personally generous. The purportedly open-minded open-mindedly stereotype everyone else as being similarly stingy.

Cruel misers don’t want to mandate assistance, perhaps because adults realize they can give some of their largesse freely as a byproduct of decency. Charity works just like any other marketplace, namely by encouraging efficiency. Markets also reduce poverty in the first place. Conversely, siphoning money from the economy might just itself restrict prosperity. But all that earning seems like work.

Our fragile globe have peace if only we were cool dudes. As an arrogant resource-consuming gun paradise, this country is innately mean to other ones. Acting like a pushover will surely keep villains from pushing us over. America is presently neither liked nor respected, but at least Democrats get to denigrate the country they loathe while never fleeing.

Guns cause crime in the same way Twitter makes George Takei a self-righteous dope. In truth, the law-abiding not having them causes criminals to cause crime. It’s almost as if the device is merely a way to exercise free will. Those who choose to be naughty are going to pursue implement acquisition, so the best option for the virtuous is to dissuade with similar purchases used to preserve righteousness. I thought liberals wanted to help the economy.

Childish results create crises for geezers. It doesn’t take a certain number of trips around the Sun to grasp that trade is the only legitimate way to acquire anything and that brutes are only discouraged by virtuous force potential.

This ancient presidency is exactly what would happen if pouty whippersnappers got their way. Kids commandeering federal offices could at least use the excuse of not getting a graham cracker snack break. Fanciful legal adults who fail to grow up don’t possess the excuse of being too young to grasp how this elderly planet works.