Hating Speech

Anthony Bialy
4 min readNov 7, 2022

You’re an accomplice. There’s no appeal, either, so accept the struggle session’s sentence for amity. The only crime Democrats care about is using mean words they decided make others commit assaults. The infractions themselves are excused away as the result of poverty they cause or blamed on implements used as long as they feature triggers. Linking scolding Nancy Pelosi to a madman attacking her husband is the sort of distortion makers of the most tenuous case claim to oppose. At least they have an accurate example to cite.

Demonizing a foe should be banned. This is politics we’re discussing. The First Amendment should end with an asterisk. As with other fabricated portions of the Constitution like the insurance mandate, education, and separation of church and state, liberals have reached the stage of just shrug off pretending to find justifications. Pointing out the only ones thriving in such a wretched economy are thieves has been branded hate speech.

A concerted effort to silence foes is particularly adorable from preeners pretending everyone who doesn’t cheer for an insurance mandate like the harmed individual is reveling in an attack. Ensuring only the side that pretends to care gets to be heard is tougher to do on Twitter now that Elon Musk has the app in his pocket. But the dinosaur legacy media is doing its best to connect everyone noting that Paul’s spouse’s beliefs are as unconstitutional as they are daft to a lone disturbed assailant.

The list of violations you shamefully haven’t proclaimed you oppose is virtually endless. Demanding Republicans condemn one particular attack implies culpability. The faction in question is already outraged by crime, including the numerous offenses in Pelosi’s district. Acting as if those who vote differently aren’t upset about misusing a tool on a human is particularly hideous while acting as if incorrect assumptions cause rancor. Conspirators are responsible for daring to note Nancy remains a hustler and hassler.

Those newly blacklisted from noting the deficiencies of election competitors are similarly prohibited from acknowledging what sounds fishy. You’re not allowed to challenge the official narrative regarding the hammer wielder heading to the Speaker of the House’s house after reading the Washington Free Beacon’s tweets. There’s certainly nothing suspicious about how the fiend got inside or if he knew his victim. For someone who’s gotten rather rich from public service, it seems the representative couldn’t afford working security cameras. I blame greedy taxpayers for not paying a selfless public servant enough.

Dedicated foes of using paying governmental employees to enforce laws suddenly trusts everything the police claim. There’s finally a crime liberals condemn. Haters of every cop not involved in this particular arrest seem rather nonchalant about constant transgressions against San Franciscans who aren’t married to prominent congressional Democrats.

An excuse to stifle criticism is especially rich from those who have concluded they don’t have political opponents but enemies. When one concludes government fixes everything, anyone thinking otherwise therefore keeps society from purring. Progress is thwarted by liberty, according to advocates of involving government with every life aspect. It’s logical in its illogical way just like everything else the state’s cultists goofily proclaim.

The media should be aware it relies on free speech to do its job. Newsroom partisans ironically use false charges to inflame hate. But this is no time for self-reflection. Eminently skilled journalists have concluded the attacker was motivated by conservatives who note the present Speaker of the House uses federal power to bully the rest of us while she enriches herself. Sure, there’s nothing trifling like evidence. But interrupting the narrative throws off Democrats who sure aren’t going to win elections by gesturing to results.

It might just be possible that someone willing to hurt another is unbound by rationality. This particular criminal appears to be a delusional human who doesn’t seem to obey any sort of coherent political doctrine. Lots of Bay Area commune dwellers are renowned for heeding complaints about present meddlesome tendencies of the House of Representatives. Reality-based intellectuals still think Sarah Palin’s map spurred a murder spree.

Affiliation is a magic spell that changes everything. Take Steve Scalise getting vilified as a chief fiend before a prototypical loser proved he sucked as assassinations, too. Presently indignant Democrats didn’t seem particularly worried that treating a Republican like Adolf Satan would provoke a deranged and dedicated liberal to try to murder his target at baseball practice. That’s unless you count Joy Reid’s gloating as compassionate.

Most of us learn that words are not actions around kindergarten. Of course, most of us also figure out that printing money to get rich has a catch around the same time. Liberals who downplay actual incursions against others sure find lots of words to be felonious. Those using colorful language to mock politicians are not responsible for lunatics taking rhetoric to heart. The only thing keeping sanctimonious speech enemies from blaming Martin Scorsese for the attempted killing of Ronald Reagan is the latter’s affiliation.

Endure your lecture from very calm partisans who think conservatives want poor people to starve. They crave controlling women by noticing sonograms. And anyone who notices criminals disregard gun-free zone signs want children who are born to be murdered. Professional slanderers think everyone else wishes harm on those who dissent, too.