In Your Business

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMay 13, 2021


Cheer for a spirited bout. Pro-business differs from pro-business. Presuming conservatives are aligned with tycoons almost made me drop my monocle into my martini glass. Buying what you want from who you want is the system goal. Just please buy me an iced cappuccino with the savings.

Do I have to cheer for a team in the Super Bowl, or can I just hope every player has fun? True belief in markets features not taking sides. The tolerant enthusiast is indifferent to how transactions play out. Sure, an individual may prefer Target to Walmart or think an unhelpful worker is overpaid. But anyone really into trading just wants open negotiations, whether they be between customers and outlets or employers and employees.

Everyone wants the best deal. Anyone who fears getting it reveals a truth about themselves, not the process. Rely on shopping around to locate bargains in lieu of admitting to lunacy by announcing you think government finds it for you.

It’s not that heartless conglomerates don’t lust after cornering customers by law. Pinko stooges presume corporations must simply be for open and free commerce, which is as clueless as thinking criminals obey gun laws. Oh: that happens, too.

The notion that competitors want an open competition is like expecting athletes to call their own fouls. Meanwhile, too many games involve announcing who won before playing. Participants seek unfair fights where they control markets, which is why you don’t let them. Monopolistic dominance is impossible to achieve if everyone is allowed to offer sales. Making allies in government who’ll eliminate competition is classified as capitalism by the same gentle dupes who think a law makes tuition cheaper.

The only group that favors every bit of coercion and regulation more than pushy liberals are businesses. Restrictions on products are surely for the customer’s benefit except for how they take choice and cost extra. Companies couldn’t just sell safe goods on their own. Aside from the whole not wanting to harm people thing, it might just be possible that dangerous products are bad for business. But I’m sure consumers will just keep buying exploding lightbulbs.

You’ll never guess how big the entities are that didn’t suffer from a year of banned interaction. Government shut down commerce for everyone but those independent local craftspeople who deliver every product imaginable nationwide.

The attempt to construct a makeshift virus firewall aided mom and pop enterprises with family names like Walton and Bezos. Massive enterprises just happened to benefit from lockdowns that closed competitors. Enduring strangled markets means the one good thing from being told what not to do for our sake was a bad example to avoid.

Nothing holds sellers accountable like having to please customers. One can cynically claim an incentive for avoiding ripping off others is not quite from the goodness of their hearts, and I’d agree with one. Yet the natural process whereby nobody will buy expensive garbage prevails no matter the motivation. The only entity that can get away with forcing shoddy purchases is the government, and they’re not known for permitting competition.

Insurance shows how much corporations hate the idea of having to attract customers. A mandate means guaranteed business if you thought insurers favored Obamacare because they really cared about their customers. They get compensated at a rate not precisely set by having to compete.

Make health providers dance for your nickels just like every other business. The importance of insurance is precisely why obtaining it should be an open process. The only downside to a choice of contenders is having to endure commercials from appalling spokespeople. Promise to buy from either GEICO or Progressive if they put the Gecko and Flo up for a cage match, respectively.

Contemporary commies bitch on the very internet they claim is controlled by corporations. The frontier feels uninhibited precisely because the government didn’t help by committing arson. If it’s dominated by any conglomerates, it’s woke dolts who think correct information about the limited quantity of genders is insufficient.

Woke values are how businesses show their opposition to liberty. They’ve been trying to tell you all along. I really need a seller with a political philosophy, especially since it’s invariably to the left of Hoxha. Flaunt alleged tolerance by condemning potential shoppers who’ve ever known Republicans as bigoted haters. A Black Lives Matter sign in a coffee house with choose your own gender restrooms sure makes me think of greedy capitalists.

The most glaring sign of free enterprise failing is how willing they are to appease woke mobs. It’s too bad shrieking torch mobs who don’t seem to buy much can’t monetize intimidation, as their ability to interfere with the process impresses the mafia. Sellers should be patient, as markets will actually win out in the end whiles consumers reject indulging maniacal haters incensed at the idea of having to do their jobs.

Conservatives don’t want businesses to be conservative. That’s unless succeeding by selling stuff counts, which it sort of does. Every shopper should crave a place where everyone who votes in any manner can buy lawn chairs or Dr Pepper. We don’t need the ironic brand of tolerance involving excluding anyone who voted in a matter deemed unpleasant by people who think Joe Biden is wise.

What’s called capitalism is nothing more than trading. The oh so nefarious system involves using what one has to acquire what one wants. Free dealing is the natural state of affairs anywhere natural rights are recognized. Economic troglodytes don’t know what those are. Sophisticated dealers instead set up wholly artificial constructs for product distribution based on the notion that Biden knows what you need to buy with your money better than you do. Commerce requires skill in creation. Note who’s frightened by that.