Indicative of Vindictive

Anthony Bialy
4 min readJan 19, 2023

We will all get along once those who want to exist in a different way are destroyed. It’s figurative, sort of. Vindictiveness as a guiding principle is not the reflection of kindness practitioners think they’re flaunting. The utter lack of forgiveness inherent to the most loving humans makes perfect sense. Just ask them. Liberals are never wrong about what they claim, as that’d make them delusional frauds.

Bloodthirsty predators who remorselessly look for violators of groupthink to demonize think Christians are cruel hypocrites. The fact that itself is hypocrisy may amuse you, but don’t giggle unless you want to be sentenced, as well.

The party of compassion seeks souls to consume. The fetish of taking down violators of pushy doctrine fuels hunters for what’s next, namely more hunting. The cycle self-sustains as long as there are violators. Don’t fret, as standard-creators work tirelessly to create new standards. Make sure your tweets don’t presume the genders of dogs.

In an era where muggers run cities that would look too decayed for Batman movies, don’t commit the worst crime possible, namely being impolite in texts. Nasty remarks in private conversations are of course unacceptable and also not a justification for permanent banishment. If nothing else, consider the precedent personally. If you’ve never said anything boorish in conversation with inside references that could be misunderstood to outsiders, congratulations on unabashed lying.

Struggle sessions are the only entertainment some comrades get. We’re all in this together except for those who’ve been ostracized. Self-appointed legal practitioners are supposed to pretend not to enjoy it, which is why they didn’t go the traditional route and attend law school. All that reading is so bourgeoisie.

Glee at tearing down those deemed offensive brings tremendous joy, which is why unofficial prosecutors are constantly on the sharklike prowl for defendants. It’s not just that their ideology requires always seeking offense: the constantly bothered actually embrace victimhood. Please keep thinking people are the gender they were born and that masking children harmed them without stopping the virus, as they need targets of animosity to engage in order to feel love.

Forget a trial. And the sentence is always life. The trial process has been streamlined for efficiency. Social justice lunatics who think our court system is rigged against anyone they deem oppressed don’t believe in anything extraneous like the accused presenting a defense. Fiends who text something off-color can’t just feel bad for crossing a line: they must be kept from being employed ever again. Finding work while Joe Biden is president becomes merely even more unlikely.

Measured responses are for haters. It’s not to excuse crummy thoughts by accusing everyone else of committing the same offenses to note punishment should be proportionate. Claiming extralegal judges are too harsh is of course an offense worthy of permanent ostracizing. Democrats who think arresting actual criminals constitutes cruel oppression don’t accept appeals from monstrously regressive offenders who still buy Harry Potter Lego sets for children.

People at their worst moments shouldn’t be allowed to avoid gloating, according to the accepting. These modern times sure feature the epitome of love. Preserving inarticulate ranting for eternity is not supposedly how social media works. Posts designed to be as impermanent as gossamer are carved in stone on the cliff overlooking the city. Getting one’s worst tweets tattooed is the logical punishment. Find an artist who’s skilled at applying scarlet letters.

What are they hiding? Unofficial judges should be asking themselves. It’s not the defenders but the accusers who are suspiciously obsessed with excluding humans for sins. Utter vindictiveness is surely healthy, but perhaps accepting apologies would appeal at least for personal incentives. Mob participants never think others will turn on them. Context is suddenly crucial when you’re the one who didn’t update your pronoun spreadsheet that morning.

There should be no offense in truth. The fact facts spur outrage sums up humans in general and ironically intolerant Americans specifically. The existence of absolute standards won’t stop tireless amateur investigators from seeking to violate it. Their foes stick with biology, which those who profess to be scientific declare to the the apex of cruelty. The vitriol aimed at defendants who point out our best present understanding is surely a reflection of rational thought.

Destruction of dissent embodies true open-mindedness. It’s a sure indicator of security when people and principles can’t be challenged. The refusal to even let the objection exist ensures unity. Those who claim to believe in science get it philosophy wrong, too.

Daring to note that the federal government’s top scientific agency is still part of the federal government will get objectors excluded. A federal imprimatur means their proclamations are infallible. A federal stooge’s inability to be incorrect is central to their religion. Challenging their pope is a crime that will get you damned. Ruining your mentions is their issued penance.

Adherents who think charity must be mandated are always on the lookout for theocracy. Worshiping their own cult is the exception to their condemnation of faith. Loving thy neighbor is their particular church’s worst heresy. Doctrine is far more capricious than the average religion. Demanding compliance despite logical objections is central to all coercion-based beliefs.

There’s not much universal love or any at all. It’s remarkable how profoundly uncharitable adherents are to anyone who suggests even the slightest disagreement or an off-color joke. Woke juries specialize in ruling what’s not funny. The unwillingness to giggle or move forward aligns with a lack of calm thinking. Noticing patterns is a cruel unofficial crime.