Intermittent Bossiness

Anthony Bialy
4 min readDec 13, 2021


Some fetishes are intermittent. Take how submissiveness is beloved by twisted statists depending on the partner. Those into degradation as policy only like being told what to do in certain situations. In fact, they demand it. Political freaks are such sickos that they want others to be forced to compliance. Deeply committed to force, the application just has to be a kind they prefer. Dress in a suit, not a cop uniform.

Panic about a virus most victims don’t know they have is a trend amongst the pushy that doesn’t seem to be fading. Semipermanent fear is ideal for fans of authority. Discussing dictatorships in terms of pure calculation leads to figuring how to force genuflecting instead of whether or not it’s good for the knees and soul. Making humans feel less so is the best way to maintain control. It’s twisted but kind of effective if you’re not into letting others have decadent freedoms like options.

The longest two weeks in history is merely a good example of their bad fears. Masks are a superstition that reflect devotion to a peculiar faith. If you mock Christians for falling short of ideals, make sure you’re not worshiping science while distorting it.

Damnation-taunters who opine that there’s nothing sillier than eating a cracker to feel holy sure think breathing through cloth preserves humanity. There are equal amounts of evidence. It’s much more mortifying to think every scary part of life can be controlled by a caring politician that trust there’s an invisible all-powerful and -loving being watching over everything, as we can see the latter is untrue.

Enforcing mandates with gentle suggestions may not create as much compliance as hoped, although it’ll be just as effective. It turns out cops may not be the bad guys. In fact, they may be arresting those who are in a high percentage of instances. Next, feel shocked that many trials justly end in convictions.

You’d think those who love government more than anything would appreciate the compliance wing. Punishing those who don’t want to participate in pernicious daftness that can only be enforced by threat of, well, force. Making people buy crummy insurance then assailing those responsible for ensuring compliance is one of liberalism’s many delights.

Don’t ask just how law enforcement’s enemies plan on enforcing their schemes, as the answers will be as vague as how said schemes themselves will function. Bail and immigration plans based on the honor system haven’t quite created high participation levels. They’re effective at everything but stopping the behaviors. Whether they’re that gullible or were on the side of nefariousness the whole time is a fun debate regarding an astounding misunderstanding of human nature.

Central planners crave regulating everything but killing the inconvenient. Abortion really shows the baby who’s boss. The particular rabid zeal for the right to choose murder displays a profound misapplication of free will. Pretending opposition is about control of women’s bodies remains a very openminded understanding of just what the ghastly procedure entails.

Horrifically ditching consequences of reckless fun shouldn’t feel empowering. Contemporary believers of the Earth’s central spot in the universe dodge sonograms like the unborn wish they could dodge the abortionist’s tools.

Humans are permitted choice if it means disposing of the human byproduct of special hugs. There’s no constitutional right for, say, patronizing the insurer of one’s preference like there is for vacuuming out a being who’s been conceived. And you certainly can’t decide to patronize a concert venue unless you got the same shot as every other attendee. All the cool kids are doing it.

Admiring statist paradises sure is popular amongst those who hate their hometown police force. It takes unconscionable levels of brute power to make others obey.

The mechanism involved to create compliance with legal demands should offer a lesson on how welcome their rather aggressive planning is. Instead, our very consistent progressive friends oppose law enforcement arresting criminals while cheering cops ensuring compliance with restaurant hosts checking a paper that says the hopeful diner got a shot.

Liberals used to pretend to be against the establishment. The shtick undoubtedly wore out the performers. They lusted for state control the entire time. Toadying to those who dispense the dole is worth the humiliation. Begging beats working. Let someone else take care of unpleasant indelicacies like money.

It takes effort to get this personally incongruous. The modern sophisticated adorer of unabated power despises companies who rely on voluntary patronization while adoring a government which isn’t quite renowned for permitting opting out.

Similarly, those with fascinating ideas of just who commits felonies don’t know how they’ll punish dissent. Victims wish Democrats would be concerned about genuine lawbreaking instead of fighting crime by getting legal gun owners to fill out more paperwork. Those planning to commit felonies may not bother.

Seeing criminals as innocent and innocents as criminals sums up how we’re ruled no matter how much we wish it didn’t. Banning cash bail while targeting the smallest transactions for IRS scrutiny shows a gross misunderstanding of who to target. But your elected bosses consistent in a sick way. Liberals love thieving so much that they worship a government that specializes in it. There’s no crime if a politician takes what’s yours. Why, that’d be unlawful.