Joe Biden’s Old Ideas

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMay 4, 2023


An ancient president pushes even hoarier notions. Ingrates don’t want to double the presidency’s length for the pettiest of reasons, namely noticing what he’s done. Democrats may let Joe Biden focus on getting the high score on Pole Position, but low point totals remain.

Unlike they permit with insurance, Democrats want to choose a new provider. The pushy party is looking for a younger candidate, which by percentage is almost all the humans who are around. Finding someone with better notions will be trickier on account of how they’re limited to picking from Democrats.

Dreams of swapping out Biden have replaced hopes of ever having an omelette again. Discussion about personnel turnover is a sure sign of a successful hire. Distancing themselves from consequences is odd with such a very awesome legacy becoming reality.

The Democratic nominee will be left with what Biden thinks, which should horrify everyone capable of perceiving reality more clearly than him. That is say just about everyone.

It doesn’t matter if Biden is replaced by someone the age of his grandchildren, as we should be screwed either way if his faction prevails. Isn’t it nice to have predictability? The president’s ideology is the important part, which is to say the woeful part. Voting for how much the Party of Clinton is going to muck up your efforts to scrape by is not dependent on whoever’s name they stick on the ticket.

We could use a fresh approach like trusting the government to make the economy hum. Perhaps suggest that politicians should provide you with the most courteous health care that can only be provided by coercion paired with the reduction of options.

Removing competition by law is bound to work if proposed by a liberal who’s half the incumbent’s age. There’s slightly less of an excuse for believing daft notions if you’ve spent a couple more decades yearning to emulate the wrong Korea.

Biden’s replacement will either come along when he’s even older or even much older. The wording will remain the same with slightly less yawning. The stand-in will pimp the same policies, which is to say you’re not broke enough. If you think the president is a failure, imagine what he is to his victims. The party that professes to care about others wants you to know lawn clippings are edible.

Wondering what a Democratic president born after Silly Putty’s invention would do differently is as challenging as waiting for printing money to stop inflation. The Treasury Department needs to get with the times, as money is all on computers now. It’d be one thing if Democratic proposals were ancient because they contained wisdom accumulated over time. But the only thing gathered is woe. Biden is just another person with his ideology who keeps proving he doesn’t know one stupid thing about our dumb world.

The stand-in is not going to conjure some novel approach that involves trusting humans to invest and interact better than our brutish government. The dull party will remain obsessed with punishing those who don’t deserve it. Wealth is going to still be seen as a violation just like wanting to exercise the right to self-defense. Meanwhile, don’t worry about felonies.

If you think Biden is old, wait until you hear economic ideas that should’ve fallen along with the Berlin Wall. A salesman is all it takes to convince you otherwise, according to a parody of capitalism adhered to heartily by its foes. Thinking you just need cajoling is as cynical as you’d expect for people who hold that markets offer nothing but trickery as rubes trade away their cash for unneeded products. Meanwhile, liberals do precisely that, only forcing everyone else to buy junk by law.

Ideas are the benefit, or in Biden’s case the drawback. Delivery doesn’t change outcomes. Take his last boss, who was also his first. We’re totally enjoying the same dreadful results as forced upon us by all-time phony Barack Obama. The slimy charmer spoke as if ripping off people was his dream. Seducing dupes who wanted to believe government would make health care efficient was easy with a charismatic charlatan. Biden can’t even fool those who desire enrollment.

Victories are based entirely on perception, which doesn’t work in reality. Germany could try to declare it’s undefeated in world wars to see if the brazen tactic works. Their word for defying reality is nine syllables long. Crime skyrockets everywhere Democrats confiscate guns from people who behave. Meanwhile, they create poverty to address.

There will be no difference once the hoary executive is officially retired. It’s just like how governmental spending takes from earners to fund a crummy economy. The science is settled. A slightly altered presentation doesn’t alter a demented program. Dreadful ideas are packaged slightly differently as if a commercial jingle is the key to sales. Try peddling a different product than toxic garbage to make the pitch easier.

Until we try sensible notions that penalize lawbreakers instead of the virtuous, crime will inflate like inflation. Making them feel better about their awful notions is the sole benefit of nominating someone born during the time when aforementioned Germans made France their own. Liberalism will always fail even if the representative has not reached nine decades.