Joining a Side

Anthony Bialy
3 min readMay 22, 2023


It’s time to fill ourselves with hope that we can change everything. Is that a lot? Let’s dismantle the invasive unjustified reigning contraption. Call it the patriarchy so woke types will help. America’s royal family is only pretending they possess the authority to tell others how to live. Genuinely hideous results are merely the start of issues. Allegedly free people are bothered for the crime of existing. Forget being successful unless you’d like to be punished for working.

Everyone in the booth technically chooses one side. But it’d be nice to not merely be rooting against the other option. We’ve coped with too many humiliations to list them all, which is an inadvertently successful tactic.

Voting for something would offer a dose of positivity. I feel nauseous, too. But maybe it’s nice to maintain a creed. There might be just enough sweetness to upset the stomach. The candy hangover is a worthwhile side effect.

A lack of commands would be a pleasant break from the last couple of unfortunate decades to see policies at work. The problem is there aren’t any. Government is to life as TikTok is to attention spans. The only useful federal work involves removing barriers that previous office-filling stooges dropped where they please. The world will merely be less dumb without needless hurdles placed in our lanes by capricious officials.

Everyone enjoys destruction. The problem with Democrats is how they do so with useful structures. Wouldn’t they prefer watching YouTube clips of professional demolition like every normal person? The inability to create anything useful must be why pushy liberals loathe the private sector so much, as they think everyone else only harms useful things as well. The only thing worse than uselessness is projecting it on the useful.

Chant like a mantra that learning positivity is possible. It would be nice to actually support a thing even if just to see how it feels. This is as optimistic as I get. I’ll maintain cynical balance by using the notion to rail against interdiction. There are so few chances to be supportive when the default setting is to mandate erstwhile free people participate in deleterious nonsense.

Advocacy takes the form of not wanting to get ripped off by authorities. Revolutionaries merely call for obeying the Constitution, which sort of should be a job requirement. Actual rules are preferable as opposed to the current system which is based upon selecting whoever is the pushiest bully.

Tearing down artifices is particularly gleeful if that policy involves removing terrible dolts from positions where they can infiltrate autonomy. True individuals simply come out in favor of not needing to advocate anything further. Americans who tire of a loving president making a different grocery item unobtainable every week can surely get behind being left alone. Or perhaps you’d prefer having your natural gas stove banned since you can’t afford an omelette’s ingredients, anyway.

It’s officially radical to be in favor of not being bothered. It’s easier to eschew an activity, which should appeal to politicians who run for office precisely so they can slack off. The only field where members work more feverishly to steal is the mafia, and it’s way tougher to break into that field.

Americans are given a hard time by the softest managers. Our representatives love telling us what we can’t do. It’s not like constant hectoring produces remarkable results from the harried.

A drill instructor turning shiftless recruits into a lean fighting unit is the only time federal bossing works. You may have noticed we don’t have a draft anymore. By contrast, the commander-in-chief thinks he’s entitled to order those who have no interest in being recruited. The nation ends up with less upper-body strength than before basic training begins. It’s no wonder he thinks fleeing wars wins them.

Hiring someone for a government job then snarling any time the trainee attempts a task only seems negative. Stopping hassling is the only reasonable political goal here in these advanced times. Adding a quasi-legal sheen shows a lack of commitment. Have the decency to not even feign constitutional justification. Admitting they think the law is whatever they decide is good would feel purer. There would be no different effect, meaning the country would be as unproductive as it is indebted.

You don’t have to be that much of an anarchist to support a mild reduction in intervention. Shrinking-government enthusiasts are not railing against the system but rather how the setup has been manipulated to make the ruled believe there’s no option other than enduring commands about every last thing.

Demanding respect for natural rights is the new subversion. Opposition to frightful irritation is inspirational in its way. Absence of pain will have to suffice.