Leaking Open Minds

Anthony Bialy
4 min readOct 11, 2021

Other perspectives are important if we aim to respect those who feel differently while ensuring we have considered opposition to our views. Everyone else is obtusely delusional and also aberrant. Well, that is sure a relief if you don’t feel like debating. Thanks for the good talk.

At least hear them out. You can treat yourself to a Blizzard for enduring ghastly notions about markets being free and the CDC not deciding what rights you’re permitted. Yet the allegedly open-minded never encounter horrid otherness.

Those who have ruined the dictionary definition of liberal refuse to accept any disagreement on the grounds that what they believe cannot be disputed by anyone reasonable. The very accepting embodiments of accepting everyone refuse to tolerate icky regressive views about treating humans as individuals and not ethnic group members.

Listening to anyone who agrees sure makes acceptance easy. I also think everyone marching in lockstep has the cadence correct. Some traitors possess the temerity to think Joe Biden might not spur financial glory by spending money he hasn’t taken from you yet on road projects already budgeted.

Accusing vile right-wingers of not thinking of other views is rich from those whose next encounter with valid alternate theories will be the first. Those who dare to have read the Constitution are encountering opposition constantly. It’s called the news. Incessant bias from those allegedly bringing truth to our brains is just the start of the mendacious lunacy those who wish to be left alone encounter regularly. Sighing about an endless social media feed of daft takes is the price of snarking about why they’re asinine.

Say whatever you’d like as long as it’s been approved by those who disregard facts. Stop trying to hurt China’s precious feelings by noticing a cartoonishly villainous commie goon inflicted a global plague. Censoring conservatives on social media is necessary if we’re going to maintain homogenous openness. It’s almost clever to feel justified in ignoring dissent by labeling every example as noxious.

Note who hates when people listen. It’s no wonder very tolerant liberals are so keen on shutting down. Opposing free speech goes beyond broad contempt for the Bill of Rights, and not just the even-numbered ones. Why develop good ideas when you can just suspend accounts of those who notice they’re bad? The only consequence is inflicting agony.

Their political views aren’t political. It’s a relief to know just why you’re awful. You oppose gay people existing if you think a civil union is a way for couples to be together while keeping marriage as a special ceremony designed largely for the benefit of resultant children. And calling for literal socialism is their universal cure for what they maintain is prejudice in every area of life.

The perpetually outraged are referring to the Jim Crow Fourth Reich oppressive monstrosity of America in 2021, for the record. It’s uncanny how seeing racism everywhere also facilitates their calls for wholesale state involvement in every life aspect.

Everyone who disagrees is a bigot. It must be a relief to be the only accepting ones, which is why those who think they’ve noticed this trend are so smug. Well, you try not being full of yourself for opposing oppressing. It takes lots of hate to fight same. Claiming they’re tolerant of everyone who is identical is as clever as they get, and they didn’t even try. The ironically intolerant possess self-awareness as low as the GDP.

Seeing others shows how you’re seen. People who genuinely prefer leaving others alone think the rather rabid fans of acceptance are silly for believing taxing success works as well as switching genders. Meanwhile, those who claim to be welcoming to all as a matter of ideology fall asleep obsessed with the notion of destroying their genocidal enemies. They kindly think you’re diabolical for awareness of the government sucking at everything it tries. You’ve committed the crime of noticing biology.

Believing liberals are misguided is especially gracious considering the venomous reverse. The loving side calmly and rationally announces conservatives are selfish monsters who seek to destroy humans because they profit off it somehow. It’s too bad we don’t have a system where both parties are free to negotiate and those who think deals are unfavorable can take business or jobs elsewhere.

Economics professors are unable to determine how ripping off others spurs consistent financial success for those who pull the con once, but that’s just because they’re right-wing shills who don’t even accept life must be a zero-sum game.

Ask liberals to summarize what their foes believe to hear how vile life can get. The only problem is it’s in their heads. That’s the truly scary spot. You’re going to hear what demons those outside their tribe are. Looking for victims and minorities to attack for fun and commerce is horrifying except for the part where it doesn’t technically happen. Tolerate learning what others actually believe.