Nobody, Nothing Working

Alarm at the lack of surprise will have to suffice as a thrill. It’s not like you can afford a trip to the cinema or enough gasoline to look at the marquee. We knew the White House’s scheme to evade work wouldn’t work. If you’re not disheartened enough, enduring sluggish efforts fails every time. The White House still maintains that their risible schemes will turn idling into a blessing. Stubbornness will never be a virtue.

Why did nobody ever think of printing money before? Many previous presidents were idiots on their own terms and especially so in comparison to super number one genius Joe Biden. Bills buy things, so having more of them means you can get all the products you’ve ever craved. But the brilliant plan to make everyone rich by mailing checks had one flaw, namely how it fails thoroughly like every other dream ever of trying to get something for nothing. Inflation doesn’t surprise those unable to afford college ramen.

Make an item tough to obtain, and the price goes up. A childhood lesson eludes the sophisticated White House. The rather direct example regarding supply and demand with gasoline will not fuel future understanding. You’ll just have to safe your increasingly worthless dimes to afford an electric glorified go-kart powered by nature’s cleanest fuel source, which the layman calls coal. The lethargic cut off energy for others for equality.

The only thing worse than illustrating harm caused by infringing upon basic economics is not retaining the excruciating error. Awareness of what causes pain would be helpful to those looking to avoid more of it. But a White House that’s incapable of learning is staffed by masochists. There’s no shame in encountering information for the first time, although it’d be nice to learn how much harm a supply reduction causes before inflicting it. Pretending the crisis they caused will be solved by them is a bold way of attempted blame evasion.

Contemporary purveyors of logic are so dedicated to ignoring outcomes that they wouldn’t believe in biology, either. Asking what a woman is shows how advanced the understanding of science is in this very futuristic year of 2022. Like hoping sunshine provides enough energy to fuel civilization, aspiration now passes for facts.

Histrionic vitriol aimed at dissenters is quite common amongst the rationally scientific. Singular contempt for questioning whether a feeling matches reality surely reflects confidence in beliefs, too. The dedication to silencing those isn’t merely an attempt to create a lame distraction from how the pseudoscientific censors have staked their personalities on announcing that gender is unconnected to anatomy.

Professed dedication to science sure seems like compensation. Anyone who genuinely respected the results of observation wouldn’t need to announce it. But claiming to do something that never quite gets done is intrinsic to liberalism. Your affordable quality insurance is forthcoming.

Making a show of scientific faith distracts from the regrettable results of their dastardly experiments. We know who stole two years from us, but authorities won’t arrest themselves.

Knowing vindication was forthcoming doesn’t make suffering through daft ideas any less painful. Like awareness that printing money wildly reduces its value, what’s obvious doesn’t affect those inflicting awfulness. Your bosses know they’re the smartest, which is why they use authority to inflict healthy booming. Results may be the precise opposite, which is why observation must be made illegal.

Noticing patterns takes the surprise out of life. Don’t you like the rush provided by the unexpected? Those still trying to tax us into growth refuse to admit masks were useless. And put out of mind the notion of an apology for the worst results paired with the most invasive shutdown. Shuttering civilization didn’t stop a virus from traveling through the ether, but at least politicians got to tell us what to do.

Causing the problems they condemn isn’t just basic psychology. Diseased claims about heartless wealth aficionados wanted to keep the economy open just to profit at the cost of lives is a rather unscientific narrative spread by the ones who enforced both. Autocratic witches shut down everything and still piled up corpses. But I’m sure they’re correct about how ignoring sonograms embodies women’s rights.

Universal solitary confinement was a harsh way to learn that the economy is nothing more than creating for compensation. Constantly trying to evade the mutually beneficial nature takes lots of work. It’s too bad such toil isn’t invested in productivity. The government will give out stuff, so stop worrying. Why even wait for the plague? Think of how relaxing it is to wait for federal cash. Jobs are for suckers who think Washington doesn’t dispense prosperity.

Not understanding the agony they cause would be the best excuse if this were the initial experience. But the president doesn’t remember if he had Fruity Pebbles or Trix for breakfast. Forgetfulness is the next-best hope in case you don’t feel inspired enough.

The remedial presidency should’ve been held back a few grades. Like being the oldest fourth-grader, big kid Biden wants a second term to try his daft notions. He stubbornly refuses to learn. A president born during the FDR presidency doesn’t have the excuse of immaturity. The only way to exacerbate wholly misplaced certainty that they should be running everything is when those who’ve decided such know nothing.


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