There’s good news if you believe in science. Unfortunately, the rather nerdy update means many alleged adherents of the futuristic faith have been full of it. So many people who want to forfeit property and autonomy to those in power for its proper distribution may be shocked to learn they are the ones they’ve been demonizing. The experiment causes headaches as observers try figuring out sides.

Causing the problems it claims to solve is the central reason government sucks. Amateur scientists wonder how how many hundreds more examples will be required before professionals grasp what’s unfurling.

Technique is irrelevant. Pushiness by authorities is not a matter of doing it right. Power will be innately wielded in an innately manner as ominous as it is cloddish. Those promising to finally run government differently are gamblers who’ve developed a system to finally beat roulette. Oh, and they’re betting on a wheel rigged in the house’s favor with your money. The sole debate involves whether aspiring messiahs actually believe their nonsense.

Every alleged leader is going to confiscate while shrugging. The honor system hasn’t worked for treating currency like communal property, but I’m sure those appointed to govern existence by the cosmos can be trusted. I almost think limits on politicians getting to confiscate and order would be necessary even if that means I face blasphemy charges.

The present president doesn’t care for what was yours. I wish Joe Biden loathed the Taliban like he does Americans. Misplaced contempt is manifested in looting by law. Government couldn’t try harder to create inflation intentionally. Legal looters have the National Guard under their command. Your leaders are less than careful about emptying Target’s shelves.

Life would apparently be easily fun when there’s no competition. In truth, conditions become too cozy when there’s nobody to hold us accountable. The challenge is what makes life worthwhile. Playing hockey with no foe but a net takes a bit of fun out of the game. It turns out having to beat a goaltender brought joy precisely because of the high save percentage.

It’s slightly tougher to vie when there are the same number of players working to stop yours. But having to skate with urgency leads to slightly more enthusiastic performances. The prospect of getting jolted through the boards gives participants a chance to focus. Removing foes just makes players glide, which is why government isn’t in charge of sports. They fritter enough fortunes building stadiums for billionaires after plundering the pockets of taxpayers.

Hoping government will be efficient is like asking Chuck Lorre to create a show that isn’t evil. He provides programming that covers Hell’s only channel’s primetime lineup for a reason, namely that he can’t do anything else. But we don’t have to watch the output of those programmed to inflict diabolical agony.

The inherently toxic nature of taking what belongs to others to purportedly benefit the same humans means starting below zero and never breaking even. Washington is a rental car where someone else pays the rate. I’m sure motorists without care for maintenance brake softly.

Creating more people to help is one way to flaunt appreciation for fellow humans. Compassion junkies can’t think their economy-wrecking maneuvers actually create wealth, can they?

And who would help voluntarily? The presumption there will be no charity on humanity’s own is one of the gloriously positive notions pimped by those who find themselves endlessly attempting to fill the void where a soul usually resides. Figuring everyone else is as stingy just like they are when others in genuine need could use a hand reflects a thorough rejection of empathy. I suppose consistency can be seen as a virtue. Those who demand force replaces autonomy are terrible at giving freely on top of everything else.

Those who are smarter than us sure struggle to prove it. Dull Vox twits thinking a technocracy run by dispassionate arbiters will create an efficiently glorious people’s republic never ponder why they are unable to get useful work. Paradise on Earth is merely a matter of managing correctly. Self-proclaimed nerds who are actually geeks have detailed plans for making government go well. They explain everything but how the endless nonsense will function. Other than having a concept of how the world works, schemes check out.

They only thing progressive shysters know how to run is the scam where they convince others they are better at spending what’s taken. It’s no wonder the arrogantly obtuse think government is the best, as it epitomizes knowing what’s best despite knowing nothing.

It’s too bad excuses for socialism failing every frigging time can’t be monetized. The claptrap system might be able to stay in business. Sure, there’s a modest industry of very fair journalists who eke out subsistence livings by suckering a few impressionable cultists into believing the rapture is forthcoming, but the only way to profit is by lying about why profits are forthcoming. Less bold cousins of communism rampage through free markets more slowly. Spreading out pain doesn’t lessen it.

Paradise will be installed next time. For now on this dumb planet, Cubans aren’t as into living in utopia as fans of communal health care would have you think. Creating conditions where people can do what suits them is the next-best option to a life free of hunger and pain. Liberty requires ingenuity and work, and you’re still going to have to pay for things. Those who opine such horrid concerns are below them will continue fruitlessly attempting evasion.

People who never earn anything trying to run everything. There’s a good reason they’re not involved in private enterprise. Dragging down the productive is bound to make everyone prosperous.

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