Not Thinking to Care

The nerve of noticing results causes untold cruelty. It’s not crummy outcomes themselves that ruin retirement savings and grocery budgets, mind you: karma infringes upon oh so reasonable dream scheming.

Cruel Republicans love inflicting bad vibes which keep interventions into our lives from being effective as opposed to violations of liberty and economics. They somehow profit off observation. Meanwhile, liberals think others don’t care when they actually do enough to fix liberal disasters.

Addressing what they cause is one form of empathy. Sure, astounding promised benefits never technically occur. But professional carers announce what government’s going to achieve, and it would be illegal to break its own laws.

Blaming guns is a common habit for those who don’t care much for responsibility pertaining to human free will. The side that opposes individual success for clearly personal reasons is out to share everything.

The presumption that anyone who read and understands the Constitution cares more about blood-splattered gun lobby currency than living children is based in refusing to even consider that the righteous could mount a defense. I’m still waiting for the NRA to fill my PayPal.

One political party apparently exists for the sole purpose of taking rights from women, at least according to the other one. Republicans want nothing more than to control half the genders, claim very levelheaded foes who clearly took the time to learn what foes believe. Those dedicated to being openminded to everyone who agrees think the opposing side fears debating them when the refusal is a reflection of aversion to interacting with nasty lunatics.

Opponents of a rather gruesome procedure couldn’t possibly be trying to allow babies to be born. Those who stake their entire personas on being empathetic can’t even conceive of an abortion counterargument, which is particularly regrettable considering the quite vulnerable lives at stake. Waging war on the unborn is the worst kind of bullying, as the victims truly don’t stand a chance. Forget about caring if children ever make it out of a Planned Parenthood body part assembly line.

Rotten racist schools don’t teach race. You’d think the professionally prejudiced might be into detailing why they’re purportedly superior. But modern bigots apparently inflict their toxic perceptions very sneakily. It couldn’t be that opponents of woke indoctrination want to prevent kids from being indoctrinated with lies about just what happened.

Anyone paying attention to the news or history is critical of the race theories in critical race theory, in part because they’re utter garbage with zero factual basis. Said nonsense that just happens to conform with how liberals claim this nation and world works. For such a tremendous ideology, they sure have to make up a lot of their own supposed facts.

Every complaint about what public schools teach is an argument to privatize them. Opposing the worst of public coercion leads to pretending mean conservatives want dumb kids, perhaps to keep them ignorant about exploitation by corporations. Coerced whippersnappers presently being exploited by a cruel and careless government have to figure out what irony is by themselves.

Performative policies are not as helpful as imagined. Believing interpretive political dance is real displays an irrational commitment to fantasy. Announcing they’re helping commoners while enacting policies that do everything possible to make increasingly rare currency worthless is the precise opposite of kind here in reality. It’s tough to figure what all-star preeners do differently to wreck an economy if it were their intention.

Hiking the minimum wage maximizes costs. It’s shocking to learn if this is your first day. An artificially inflated wage makes everything more expensive, which you’d think would be less than ideal. You might also think it was freaking obvious.

Overpaying by law does way more than cancel out benefits, which just means the wage floor agains isn’t compassionate enough. It never occurs to useless people that actual workers are capable of earning raises. The nerve of potential hires negotiating how much work is worth is yet another skill that eludes professional Democrats.

Liberal pretend time harms the actuality. Presuming their beliefs work causes even more peril. They’re sure not creative for how much time they spend denying what happens. Washington’s defenders can’t conceive of anything other than government making an economy run.

People buying from each other means there’s no supervision, and how could Democrats be sure the system would keep running? The most competent societal managers possible better impose their awesome management skills to ensure we’re able to afford everything needed that’s also stocked.

Some allegedly cruel requirements could even serve a fair purpose. Aspiring entrants might need to show ID at the border before moving into our country for good reason. You must really loathe women to prevent them from killing what sonograms clearly show are unborn babies. And breathing through cloth didn’t stop a virus from trespassing anywhere it pleased. But the gesture means everything to those spurring woeful outcomes.

Humans who double as individuals might have had a point. In fact, they had the only valid one. You’re free to believe otherwise, although interfering with those who only want to use power to keep from harming others defeats the goal.

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