Government wants to get back to wasting your earnings. Having no salaries to confiscate makes monumental squandering slightly trickier. But safety must be paramount while mining humans. You’ll have to stay in your pod for a couple more years to preserve your well-being before you can again be punished for success.

Political planning at work doesn’t work. The virus era just spreads the frightening consequences more quickly like some sort of infectious disease. Ghastly results will remain once the virus subsides if you thought a vaccine meant the freedom to live without infection.

There should’ve been a control group. We never get to observe what would have happened if we had done nothing more than telling people to be careful like it’s cold season in response to China sending bat germs globally. But it couldn’t have been worse. Crowded intensive care wards just mean the locks weren’t down enough.

Speaking of cause and effect, notice how many news stories about the horrible toll came before ones about the shattered economy. I wonder if there’s some sort of correlation or at least an alarming uncanny connection. Politicians have never extended pain instead of relieving it, so put that unhelpful notion out of mind. And stop laughing at two weeks to flatten the curve. We could have figuratively took the medicine. Instead, despite became because.

Don’t even imagine daring to patronize restaurants while not wearing masks before sitting, as the thought could infect you. Anti-plague gestures have come to be superstitions, which are renowned for being based in evidence. Believing it’s science is just how the process works.

Every maneuver has been effective aside from how the results show the opposite. You’ll be branded a witch for not deciding the research is concluded, which is just as rational as it sounds. Threatening those not breathing through a bandana is a popular recent hobby amongst science aficionados whose favorite practitioners are Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Around a year in timeout went great other than being sick without liberty. Did you think about what you did? You’re so selfish with your exhaling and urge to see movies. Next, you’ll be bitching about the need to pay for what you use.

There’s nothing greedier than exchanging work and currency for currency for goods, respectively. People participating by trading what they have for what they’d like is part of life and not some capitalistic notion invented by Walmart and the Rand Corporation. Acting like the economy is some separate entity that can be turned on and off has been monumentally unhealthy. It’s like some virus.

Nervous dodgers of zombie hordes can sit home and feel relief that every catastrophic prediction came true with every restriction in place. The worst-case scenario occurring with the strictest measures to avoid it may inspire the precise opposite of confidence in authorities who used emergency powers to prevent you from going to Wendy’s. Hunger distracts from fear, and you didn’t even thank your governor for the privilege. The disease’s symptoms are constant depression, anxiety, and depleted pantries.

It turns out viruses can travel. Post this crucial information on the internet. The patterns defy out puny human efforts to contain them with space and doors. It cruelly infects with disregard for whether you dine indoors or a transparent tent and ignores curfews like hoodlums. Ponder the horror of not pretending otherwise.

Imagine if we had done nothing, where “we” refers to those who took away what’s ours on our behalf. Those of us coping with political communal misery could have had no lockdowns, shuttered gyms, or onscreen schools. Could it have been worse? Putzing autocrats who stopped basic activity will of course say yes. Check their math.

A frightening precedent will be the worst longterm effect. Any sort of crisis will be used as an excuse to invoke emergency. The next bad flu means back to masking, so keep that same lucky one hanging on your rearview mirror.

The contagious health crisis is Christmas for bossy politicians who already always thought they had the right to take ours. Sitting quietly until your phone dies and the next dole check arrives is for our own well-being. Executive disease-battlers just had to shut down civilization so we don’t get sick, and half the job’s done.

Begging to have rights confiscated is one way of coping, albeit not a particularly healthy one. Understanding the impulse to wish not only for protection but think a governor can provide it is easy. And it’s still wildly unacceptable. People have to face risk, which is as obvious to note as it is hard to accept. This world is now into its second calendar year refusing to do so. Trying to eliminate it exacerbates it. Your issue is with reality.

We’re seeing science at work, all right. The experiment to see what happens when politicians are given absolute authority to solve a problem has concluded, and results are clear. Sue the virus for peace. Ask our side’s bumbling generals how it went if you’d like to hear how more of us would be barfing up lungs if we were allowed to see a movie with strangers or play laser tag. Politicians that suck at their actual tasks are surely skilled at epidemiology.

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