Joe Biden doesn’t have much to do. The cranky grabby grandpa was already loath to toil, as seen by how he pursued winning elections as a career. The only only thing the semi-professional politician likes more than vigorous government is not working.

The first and only option his faction could prop up to run would have pursued a useful career if he cared about anything more than slacking his way to the presidency. But his schedule is even lighter than imagined thanks to the mouthy ineffectiveness of his predecessor.

There’s not much to reverse. An easy workload is a gracious gift from the person least likely to give. Not getting much done was sure kind of Donald Trump, who you thought was such a selfish jerk.

Trump knew we’d be disappointed by what would be confiscated upon his loss were he actually a bold conservative. That’s why he didn’t bother winning or doing much. I’m starting to suspect that last guy was a bit of a talker.

America finally got a conservative businessman executive who recognized Social Security is a sweet way to stay alive. Entitlements are great deals aside from how those paying get ripped off to not pay recipients much at all. At least they create unfathomable debt. You thought it’d take a Democrat to keep going broke. Trump’s most ardent defenders and zealous detractors both prefer forgetting he switched jerseys.

Biden isn’t that far from Bidencare. He’s already halfway back to reinstalling his last boss’s hideous attempts to lower health costs by trusting your well-being the entity that can’t deliver your mail. The last guy never quite got around to full repeal, which was apparently as tricky as keeping a casino open. It’s a good thing we didn’t have a limp RINO president, as otherwise he would’ve been suckered by the insidious notion that federal guarantees will keep you healthy.

Confiscatory rates remain suspiciously progressive. A flat tax would have caused prosperity peaks, especially as people moved up the single bracket. By contrast, slightly less severe tiering isn’t quite bold. George W. Bush got a modest reduction along with a re-election.

Tariffs are good again to Democrats who were suddenly enthusiastic about free trade thanks to Trump’s opposition. Nothing’s more mature than deciding what to believe based on your proclaimed enemy liking something. Thinking American manufacturers are so flaccid that they need shielding is a profoundly liberal idea. Enemies of unfettered trade no longer must feign contempt for contempt.

The alarmingly high percentage of voting customers who fell for the phoniest attempt to project confidence imaginable could at least learn to loathe salesmen. Experiencing how the Ford Escort actually drives will surely entice you to take the wheel permanently. Trump is the biggest politician imaginable. Chasing popularity is the precise opposite of doing as one wishes. You’ll have little luck convincing the alphas following him.

Anyone who makes Trump look bad by comparison ends up on his enemies list, which he’ll compile through official retirement. John McCain had integrity by comparison to a president with zero core. Preening about doing what his foes wanted was for amateurs. The self-proclaimed tough guy gave in without even putting up an effort. Tweets that would alarm a psychiatrist don’t count.

Executive order reversal kabuki is the one form of cultural appropriation that actually deserves condemnation. Respect for the peoples of the world should take the form of not using Japanese drama to get around that dang Constitution.

Trying to establish precedent beats being helpful. At least, it’s easier. Getting people hooked on assistance is almost as important as the notion users can’t stop. Crack is casual by comparison. Kindly drug dealers ensure your shakes aren’t severe. Here is some more product to help you feel steady, and all it’ll cost you are your wallet’s contents and soul.

A savvy dealmaker would’ve seen that federal pittances offer such a poor return that there would be no voluntary customers. But Trump deep down admires making people buy stuff, as his undoubtedly scrumptious vodka would still be distilled if drunks were forced to purchase it. Unlike allowing his proclaimed proclivity for walking away, the deal remains compulsory.

Brave leaders keep spending money that’s not theirs which hasn’t even been made yet. The notion must be noble if both parties agree. Bipartisan logic is as sound as it sounds.

Trump was like any other unctuous delusional sociopath who craved an office, and the ordinariness drives him bananas during retirement if you’d like to participate. The halfway-to-two-terms president ran his purported businesses just like he did his campaign, namely by pretending popularity equals quality. You’d never guess it was all a bluff from his famously kind demeanor.

The previous four years were merely the culmination of a shtick suckering rubes into thinking he offered class when his selling acumen consisted of pasting his dubious name on even shoddier products. Trump was merely just another insider from the party of your choice spending like it’s a race. Parties agreeing is a wish you’d hope wouldn’t come true.

If Trump did as he promised, the other thing he would’ve gotten is a second term. But he learned early in life that gripes are way easier than achievements, which is why he’ll spend someone else’s term bitching like an undignified delinquent. Flipping his own crummy board game is exponentially easier than learning the rules.

An entirely predictable tantrum on the way out shows how people are predictable. Why would it be any different from the rest of the job span? Actual winners don’t have to shriek about phantom ballots. There’s as little evidence of widespread rogue voting machines as there is he achieved anything worthwhile. A sadly fitting end means Biden doesn’t even have to be that bossy. It won’t stop him.

Cranky as a lifestyle choice.