Obey Except Now

Anthony Bialy
4 min readJun 21, 2021

No: the other part of government is awful. Stop letting that one agency run your life. Noting who liberals trust shows their capricious desire to be controlled is about as logical as everything else they believe. They think they’re being complimented.

Total obsequiousness is accompanied by an asterisk. The state’s power to dominate without dissent varies like the left’s opinion of the Supreme Court’s validity. Five glorified lawyers getting to decide our nation’s course is cool if the latest ruling keeps uncooperative Americans from interacting freely. Authority is awesome depending on their personal interests. People who want to keep what they earned are the selfish ones.

It’s tough for the perpetually contemptuous to remember to keep true feelings to themselves. Liberals have been forgetting to at least pretend to respect cops.

Calls to abolish law enforcement are as levelheaded as they are sensible. The distaste for a way to deal with those breaking rules is particularly curious for those constantly creating new ones. Rational statists want government in charge of every last thing except punishing dissenters. How will they ensure fealty?

Disdain for those with arresting power is sickly endorsed by who government goons see as criminals. There are few scenarios where cops pull over CEOs. Those professional thieves show achievement is obtainable while employing countless fellow Americans who deliver affordable products to the rest. Meanwhile, very mature observers of reality who claim all cops are bastards excuse away every warrant.

Create so many laws that life turns lawless. Roving bands ensuring student loan forgiveness will be part of the landscape soon. Pinko congresswomen will oversee deputized vigilantes. The same gentle humans who try destroying anyone believing there are two genders are bound to be fair while sentencing bank executives to summary execution.

You must comply with mandates, although you can ignore the racist goons enforcing them. Those who believe cops aren’t inherently enforcing totalitarianism by asking rioters to avoid incinerating cities are bootlickers. Those same very consistent individuals want the state in charge of every life aspect. Comply or be punished, except when actual punishment comes around. It’s a sure sign concepts are sound when you must force participation.

Figuring just how they plan to ensure utter compliance is as thought-out as everything else statists believe. Arming feckless bureaucrats to hassle the successful requires more upper-body strength than is typically available. What next: they’ll want to send social workers after domestic abusers? Oh: they really want that.

Erase the border to end immigration crimes. You can also end theft by making everything free. Bless those models of rationalism who arrived at the point where they want to hassle citizens while allowing anyone from outside to enter illegally.

Welcome yourself to America by breaking America’s laws. That’s only the start. Oscillating autocrats perversely extend their kowtowing to uninvited guests with endless subsidies. Who wouldn’t try to hop the imaginary line? Tally one more instance where they don’t understand incentives. Consequences have some nerve ignoring federal budgets.

Democrats should strive to trust American citizens as much as they do Iranian lunatics. The rabid desire to go leniently on a global supervillain who despises freedom in general as much as they do us in particular. They don’t differentiate targets based on party registration if the side that sucks up to terrorist mullahs thinks they’ll be safe from fallout if they’re gentle about pursuing nefarious atomic dreams.

Those who like human nature remaining a mystery have decided the making everyone go through their firearm acquisition process fights crime. You can’t get around the application unless you’re willing to do something illicit in order to act illicitly. Gun control is nothing more than hassling the law-abiding. Making self-defense harder is a passion of those who never understood that an item can be used for more than crimes, such as deterring them.

Obey the honor system to select who’s in charge of all this. Gentle souls who want government guaranteeing everything oppose guaranteeing votes are valid. You don’t have to prove you’re the election participant you say you are. Fraud almost never happens, according to those who prohibit checking for it. There’s no quandary like requiring a vaccine passport to fill out a ballot.

Calling for total lawlessness is a curious move from those who want society regulated down to doctor visits. You get a wholesale exemption if you’re made at society. Looting’s criminals are those trying to stop it. I blame greedy stores that deny products by daring to charge for them. Prices are high enough that they profit off each transaction like true vultures. The opportunity to feed families with televisions is denied by an axiomatically avaricious society.

It’s asking too much for those who want services rendered to be deemed free retroactively to think ahead. People who don’t deserve a hard time are the only ones who get it. Bothering anyone who didn’t go first is government at its worst. The strategy is favored by those who think government is best. Wholesale inconsistency isn’t even the worst problem.