Oh, No: Hochul

Anthony Bialy
4 min readNov 10, 2022

Subway shovings have just begun. New York’s criminals will continue being treated like victims while actual victims will have whatever isn’t stolen taxed away. Albany commits quasi-legal theft.

Voters in a state that embraces freedom if opening prison gates counts are apparently eager for more targeting. New York is full of masochists. Suffering under Joe Biden wasn’t punishment enough. Federalism sometimes means extra ruinous policies get enacted closer to home.

The erstwhile Empire State can stop creating bad examples for everyone else to avoid. A progressive hellhole offers a concentrated dose of the flailing bossiness that’s lamentably become a trend in these oh so enlightened times. There’s a promising update for any state resident who didn’t feel kicked around enough by inflation. Plundering is New York’s only thriving industry.

Dodging responsibility will remain a popular Democratic hobby. Warning about those not in power getting their way as their own policies fail is the classic excuse that does everything but improve the state’s fortune. They just need more of their brilliant ideas enacted, you see.

Kathy Hochul’s strategy of chasing away anyone who wouldn’t vote for her was the wisest strategy she’s ever pursued. That had to have been her plan, right? I wish there could be an easy way to tell what approach is successful like seeing if Blue States lose population to Florida and Texas. Unlike the miserably grabby way Democrats see the economy, electoral votes are a zero-sum game.

A liberal economy sure is illiberal. The prototypical tax and spend hive is running out of prey. I’m sure they’ll attract more successful people who are eager for a pilfering. Seeing humans the way vampires do is a sure sign politicians respect liberty. What We Do in the Shadows is a fake documentary about the real scenario of people who gladly enable those who exploit them. Presuming money earned by taxpayers is hers compensates for Hochul’s thorough lack of personal productivity. Elect those who know how to spend better than you do.

Being locked in the state with seething fiends is not as compassionate as billed. Acting as if posting bail is a crime has allowed actual offenses to increase exponentially. The parodic take on liberal policies is all too real.

Hochul may as well blame a microphone for the moronic things she spews. New York is in for another term of blaming guns for crime as criminals disregard gun control. The state’s restrictions on a constitutional and human right are strict enough to classify them as provincial. You can be neighborly to Canada without adopting their refusal to trust citizens with basic liberties as your house policy.

The governor has made it virtually impossible for those who obey laws to arm themselves. Meanwhile, felons who are willing to commit one more will have no problem with paperwork. She really cares for certain people within the state.

The worst thing about the return to lawlessness is having the precedent of knowing how bad it was and avoidable it is. We don’t even get authentic ’70s grit out of the worst throwback possible. The primitive 2020s will apparently be spent perceiving everyone but lawbreakers as lawbreakers. Concluding that those arrested have been violated while scoffing at the mugged like their wounds and missing wallets are a conspiracy is how Hochul flaunts compassion.

The only New Yorkers not endangered by crime are killed before being born. Nobody fretting about ridding themselves of babies at will had to worry, as Hochul is dedicated to preserving the option to discard those in wombs when she’s not preening about how the NRA causes kids to be murdered. Abortion was a winning issue this week for Democrats just like slavery in the 1850s.

How will your money be spent? Enough participants within the jurisdiction in question voted away the right to decide. New York’s particularly odious capital makes corrupt cabals look like benevolent republics by comparison. Funneling any results of prosperity through arrogant elected idiots means the state is like the mob, only unprofitable. Those who keep voting for the same miserable predation think it’s the only way politics happens as they reinforce the calcified arrangement.

Unfortunate election lessons are the only benefit. Jeffrey Dahmer could win because his name stars with a D. While he’s deceased, he has name recognition from a recent fictional portrayal that could land him on a ballot. Sticking with harm shows once again that Democrats will vote for their party no matter what. Trivial matters like consequences and suffering will not deter those who think the party of Hochul helps compassionately despite ho3 rust is winning the war.

Supremely delusional backers who elected an incumbent for the first time display a dedicated refusal to check results can’t be considered steadfast. It’s no wonder Democrats hate free markets when they reward failure.

As for the man who couldn’t beat a documented failure, Lee Zeldin offers evidence that anyone who has ever smiled at Donald Trump will be unable to contend. Anyone paying attention to the emptiness behind the chintzy gold could’ve told you those aligned were making a deal with a rather obnoxious devil. Trump’s going to be much less clever about not honoring its terms. The only thing worse than falling for him then is continuing to do so now.

A Trump pal was the least worst option compared to giving Democrats another chance. Elections presently suck even more than usual. Trying to choose the less rotten option has never been less fun.

Sicko New Yorkers re-hired an all-time dolt with impossibly awful record in a job she inherited from an autocratic scumbag who killed off grandparents when he wasn’t treating women like his property. Andrew Cuomo’s replacement is a slightly different style of scumbag. Hochul now gets a full term to inflict woe. Voters saw just how bad life got, had a chance to halt the agony, and chose to reward her. The sad state of New York demonstrates how liberalism is about making everyone else suffer, too.