Out of Control

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMay 18


The president attempting to control everything shows why he shouldn’t. Oh, and he doesn’t. Enabling delusions doesn’t make them real, which is the one true lesson of the interminable Biden era. Putting an all-time doofus in charge of ensuring we have joy and supplies has reduced stockpiles, which is advantageous if you needed extra cabinet space.

All these riches somehow didn’t make us rich. We have more than enough cash. Regrettably, everything now costs more than more than enough. Practitioners may as well ask him to change the weather. Liberals actually think that’s also possible.

Ripping off leaves somehow doesn’t make the economy grow. One branch of government casts shade as a permanent sapling. Try caring for a plant without owning a watering can. Maybe shaking the pot will spur photosynthesis.

If trust is all it takes, we’re all going to have to strain harder. Granting the executive all the power he craves is foolish enough before experiencing quite limited results. Letting the sort of people who obtain the highest office by being slightly less atrocious than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump do as they please should have created incredible results by now. Instead, removing checks and balances left checking accounts unbalanced.

Defining the nation by one person is precisely how it shouldn’t be, especially given the infuriating quality of the sorts of presidents elected. There’s no better case against limitless executive power than who gets to access it.

This whole place was founded on the idea of not being bossed around and yet one unfortunate example gets to violate the notion consistently. Treat the president like a temporary employee whose quite limited tasks include signing bills he’d life if they ever reach him. Perpetual suspicion is our way of respecting the Constitution.

Precedent will not deter zealots committed to waiting for the president to impose utopia. A couple hundred years of experience should offer sufficient precedent, especially considering Joe Biden has lived through much of it.

Your kind and efficient leader wouldn’t maintain anything he does claim if he were capable of paying attention. The incumbent inadvertently proves the job is constrained for good reasons. Most presidents make it worse by attempting to impose what in their heads seem like blissful systems engendering a new plane of earthly paradise. Daydreaming should be discouraged for the doltish.

All enervated Americans crave is a president who gets out of the way. Such trust sort-of makes it better. A dear president who did little still wouldn’t heroically govern our every move, which is the whole point and best case.

The car guy president only uses his Corvette as a table for stolen classified documents, so metaphors about driving may confuse and startle him. We can still try to explain in terms simple enough that staffers could borrow his crayons and diagram an interpretation their manager might be able to semi-grasp. Acceleration is more indirect than brakes. A vehicle may continue going without touching the rightward pedal while slamming on the left horizontal one brings immediate impediment. Ensure nobody goes anywhere by making gasoline even more expensive than eggs.

The best supervisors trust their employees. By contrast, some presidents never become either. Biden’s experience being in charge consists of being president. You have possibly noticed he’s not particularly fantastic at it. There might just have been a reason why he’s never held employment without being elected.

Asking the executive to get out of the way signifies its present contributions. The notion the government is supposed to be this involved is the best evidence against it.

The most smug skeptics mock the faithful while flaunting their own faith. Cultists shamefully believe in government, which is way more irrational than any other prayer. Stop presuming one person benevolently grants all blessings, demand Biden’s zealots. Direct signs their religion doesn’t work won’t stop those who maintain conviction without evidence.

Worshipers who treat the nation’s most prominent politician like a savior commit blasphemy in multiple senses. Their alleged heavenly goals are far more likely to turn out devilishly. Adding challenges to life sure doesn’t seem to be making its course easier to navigate.

Recipients of beneficence shouldn’t be grateful for the opportunity to overcome sabotaging the economy by draining funds from it to fund it. Even political amateurs might be able to think of a better way that cuts out a patently unnecessary step.

Personality is anathema to the ironically-named progressivism. The opportunity to define ourselves is the whole point of existence in general and our awesome country in particular. Outsourcing the rather personal task to the White House that can’t come up with good lies about the endless inflation it causes despite ample practice.

The position description is limited enough that Biden can understand. The delinquent geezer president’s constant disruptions reflect a poor attitude and not low aptitude, at least this time.

Streamlining the process leads to the opposite of efficiency if Washington’s involved. Think of who’s held the office if you want a reason to not let it ever happen. Biden is just the most recent president you shouldn’t want anywhere near your banking app. You don’t need to reveal your passcode by law.



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