Pain by Perspective

It’s easier to measure what didn’t happen than it is to make enough to buy rations and shelter. Inflation cruelly decided to inflict itself randomly just as Joe Biden got his chance to bring universal joy. An indifferent result is a partisan hack. Money becomes increasingly worthless with every sentence. Noting how much energy costs becomes obsolete faster than can be typed.

Proving a negative may seem impossible. But withstanding endless negative outcomes makes the contrast sadly recognizable. Victims miss the relatively carefree days when earning income was the day’s biggest pain. Alleged wage slaves never thought they’d yearn for completing enough tasks to afford basic needs. The case for how much life particularly sucks is presently easier with countless examples of how things were nicer way back three years ago.

It’s possible to know what blessings we possess even if we’re accustomed to cushiness. Eternal gripers just have to be grateful for what things and concepts are presently present. That leaves out liberals, who are sure that stupid freedom and cruel free exchange cause the entirety of misery.

Little treats becoming unobtainable luxuries has made the universally deprived miss the benefits we enjoyed without realizing it. Biden taught us to be more human by confiscating simple pleasures.

Seeing what happens when what’s working is discarded makes society feel unemployed. It’s easy to sense how life has gotten woeful if anyone needed the perspective of pain. All it took to make us beg for ordinary irritations was the incumbent getting what he wants.

Crime is treated like a problem of bitching victims if you wonder where the last of your stuff went. Cracking down on wrongdoers seems so elitist. It’s better to blame everyone else. A victim isn’t about to seek revenge like some misunderstood felon.

The ability to flee truly hurts the social justice effort to end crime through understanding. Companies don’t feel like doing business in places where fiends can steal at will just like residents look to move to jurisdictions where potential muggers know they face arrest or a barrel.

The economy works best when everyone is allowed to work without getting punished for it, noted the person visiting Earth for the second day. The same aspect that makes free markets amazing becomes apparent once meddlesome hands replace the invisible one. It’s only when pushy presidents decide there’s not enough wealth or that people who don’t donate to him have too much of it.

Free is the most costly price. Village elder and idiot Joe Biden attempted to get away with the oldest vain attempt to scheme, namely trying to get something for nothing. Those he sees as subjects got plenty of the latter.

The attempt to get rewarded without creating value has defined Biden’s life. Worst of all, he figured everyone else is also a grifter who relies on parasitic preying. Him getting away with it inflicted tremendous loss on a once-productive nation.

Printing money somehow didn’t make everyone rich. Presses can’t keep pace fast enough to enable affording opulent groceries. Food is today’s equivalent to yachts.

Feeling the urge to infringe is bad enough. The fact it’s always those least qualified to interfere in the work of the productive just spreads flames. Opening the oven door then wondering why the cake doesn’t rise is the culinary approach of present cabinet secretaries. Shoppers can’t afford extravagances like flour and eggs.

International turmoil becoming normal might feel calm. Growing accustomed to marching invaders ruining your flower beds is the best hope for dealing. Being mean to villains doesn’t cause them to be naughty, enemies of understanding are surprised to learn. It’s almost like evil’s existence isn’t the fault of the virtuous, which is news to very proud Americans who presume America is the worst.

Global dirtbags got what they wanted, namely a president who’ll back down like it’s his job description. Scoundrels forgetting to set the parking brakes on tanks or to set centrifuges on sleep mode are just something that’s part of life if you let oafs chart its course.

The measures interdictors claim caused agony prevented it. Sufferers are not exactly smirking at appreciation of irony. It’s tough to giggle while worried that the last of your material goods is about to be stolen. Police were serving as a barrier against involuntary donations, which is why Democrats think they’re government’s only bad part.

Blaming those enduring doesn’t assuage. Guarding against nefariousness was the prevention instead of the cause in case very smart liberals outthought themselves again. The simple act of trading what we have for what we want benefits both parties. Nobody’s partying right now.

I wish there were a better way to know what it’s like to not ache. Imagination should be sufficient. Living through deprivation is helpful to those struggling to picture how well life functioned before those who pretended everything was awful decided to initiate unneeded repairs.

Philosophers who think there’s no certain way to know what good is without bad are in luck, sort of. We can tell what was working by comparison to how everything’s broken now. Blame capitalism for the results of constant interference with that very process. Nostalgia is the only thing functioning.

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