Patronizing Discriminating

Democrats haven’t fixed racism yet, but only because mean corporate greed prevents them from issuing enough bribes to make hatred disappear. The quite historical voting hobbyist group is eternally cranky because their slaves were freed. Compensating with grudge-based policies is not quite the helpful apology.

The poor party must pretend to celebrate Juneteenth while being upset about its Civil War loss. Revenge takes more subtle forms, as the political faction that originated the Klan is still using government to oppress those it deems unworthy. The 13th Amendment is one more part of the Constitution cravenly condescending racists loathe. Enslaving those they keep telling society oppresses is a more insidious process.

Announcements about racism not only persisting but getting worse sure are patronizing, which is the worst kind of racism. Awful bigots don’t even have the nerve to admit they’re prejudicial monsters. Modern intolerance eschews outright contempt in favor a condescending sad frown aimed at those they’ve concluded are victims unable to advance in this mean society. Picturing them patting heads is almost redundant.

Wealth redistribution is the unrequested gift from those respectful liberals who love shopping with money pilfered from others. Buying votes gets expensive if you use your own credit card. Besides, who wants to be useful and contribute to a capitalistic monstrosity?

Race hustlers announce this country is too racist for advancement, then pimp policies that confirm it. Self-fulfilling prophecies allow liberals to feel useful. How else could they help others? The presumption that those receiving them cannot get ahead is surely based in respect for potential. At least they don’t think anyone’s capable. Contempt for everyone’s abilities is their best defense against prejudice.

It’s tough for the welfare state’s biggest advocates to fight racism when they can create their own. You can replace a parent’s income, but only after he leaves.

Handout policies that break up families are a wicked way to ruin lives of those allegedly being helped. Liberalism’s specialty isn’t quite improving life. Its smugly obtuse adherents created a stereotype with handouts they claim are designed to help. Government replaces parents for those it views as children.

The ceaseless dole is a different take on slavery. Getting around the Bill of Rights is just one part of the subtle drive to show how much they care about victims they create.

Keeping junkies hooked on giveaways that provide barely enough to survive is considered compassionate by those who frame working to afford essentials as monstrous. Government is a less-honest drug dealer. Those they’ve gotten hooked won’t be excelling. Your kindly liberal superiors think you’re incapable, anyway, so take your dole payment and try to smile about subsistence.

The next law will surely create tolerance. As with every other liberal initiative, laws purportedly to fight discrimination attempt to cope with their own insecurities. Admitting they won’t be tolerant without a law is an inadvertently telling concession. Forced compliance resembles mandating insurance mandatory because they won’t contribute to charity. What do you mean by helping voluntarily?

Mutual exchange is the best way to learn respect for others. Those who think trade reduces humans to commercial beings never grasp how offering to perform a task is a profitable way to make use of talents. Not seeing what value humans are capable of creating is yet another delightful irony statists don’t notice about themselves.

Free markets aren’t just for making money, even though it’s nice to be able to buy more than rent and ramen. Open negotiation for items and services offers the best chance for everyone to get ahead regardless of the complexion categories they assign.

The chance for anyone to work smart and create value helps anyone able to contribute. Refusing to consider someone’s work over color is as horrid practically as it is as a twisted creed. Racism is self-punishing.

If meth doesn’t cure it, maybe mixing in heroin will help. Reparations are the apex of lunacy, which is why they’re trendy on social media. Presuming there’s been zero progress is as daft as suffering for what ancestors did or endured. Maintaining grudges for countless decades is the surest path to progress.

Telling people they’re oppressed is culturally hot. Act indignantly on behalf of others who didn’t even realize they were victims. Those demanding endless redistribution to fix bigotry have their own industry to ensure remains profitable, at least for them. White liberals flaunting the Black Lives Matter hashtag may as well wear a sign advertising how tolerant they are. Please tell them how cool they are. A Craigslist ad for black friends is too obvious.

Smug liberals presume everyone is as racist as they are. Thinking minorities can’t get ahead is behind every sinister scheme to compensate for what they claim society inflicted. Those frowning with concern will never guess how much of same society they’ve created.

Collective compensation is endorsed for the same reason they want to ban guns, namely the notion that other humans must also be seething with violent rage against anyone who dares disagree. Keep hoping Democrats catch up to the rest of the nation and learn tolerance.

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