Policy of Errors

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMar 13, 2023

Claiming everyone else gets everything wrong is just another error. The worst violators are mad about misinformation and don’t even have a sense of humor about irony. People who never get anything right failing to smirk about it is not even the worst part. Noting what they do believe here in reality hurts feelings and causes, which is sufficient proof for them.

Every single hoax confirms the liberal worldview. Those are a fun few days for true believers. Trifling details like accuracy are for the intolerant. Noting the constant stream of hate crimes in contemporary America is backed up about everything but the facts. The feeling is what motivates Democrats, as it sure isn’t results. Guardians against fascist racists are still convinced a MAGA Hate Squad is roaming Red State hive Chicago. Jussie Smollett was attacked by everything but attackers.

Every charge against cops is believed by those who don’t believe any against criminals. It only seems backward if you believe the entire criminal justice system is a farce designed to oppress the underprivileged.

Overwrought liberals act reflexively in a way they claim those they impugn do. It’s surely not the first time they think everyone else holds the same bleak personality characteristics they actually do. Meanwhile, their belief system causes the problems they claim to remedy. Proclaiming cops do bad makes stopping actual abuse harder. It’s not the first time incentives go haywire because those who don’t grasp them encourage perverse ones.

Sneak in if you want to be treated like royalty. Border sob stories reflect how Democrats only have sympathy for people in America who aren’t allowed to be here. Uncannily, the pattern is the same with legal criminals. The few things retailers manage to stock get stolen.

Foes of mean arrests and prosecutions enjoy acting like shoplifting is no big deal and just a way of coping with poverty, anyway. You don’t want children to starve, do you? Everyone struggles to make sure minors get enough calories during the era of Bidenomics.

The president’s grifting crackhead brat has to rip off others: how else would he make money in Dad’s economy? Genetics indicate there are no useful skills no matter where one climbs the family tree. Hunter Biden is just like his dad, and they both think they’re being complimented. That bit where he was caught establishing a new standard for corruption showed us a lot about his defenders, too.

Eager suppressors assured us they were protecting the world against falsehoods as they violated the concept of open speech to promulgate one. You’re now free to tweet regarding the scandal about the scandal.

Don’t be racist by noting the commie cabal which inflicts horrors upon citizens and the rest of the world as policy is responsible for what it did. Chinese despots have to pretend China behaved. I’m unsure what excuse Americans excusing a monstrous regime have. Are they ideological allies, bravely fearful that legitimate criticism will provoke bullies, or unable to distinguish between ethnicity and autocracy? The answer doesn’t matter when the options are all repulsive.

The lengths America’s noisiest homegrown critics will go to defend a particularly appalling tyranny couldn’t serve as a more blatant example. Perhaps those indignant on behalf of schemingly incompetent commies who infected the world are secretly admire the control of information in defiance of alleged absolute truth.

Gender is a whim. Believe it or get treated like a witch. Complicating the simplest observations is the cause of those most opposed to how things are. Foes of the rather easy way to determine who’s a male or female are surely as dedicated to evidence on other issues. Fanatical practitioners smugly announce they believe in science, which is the least scientific notion possible.

The presumption government will help can safely be classified as misguided. It’s been disproven consistently enough that we can call it a lie if we’re feeling less generous. The excuse of ignorance means not knowing a thing about current events, which is sadly likely among those whose reply to regrettable news about their ideology is “Fox News!” Wondering what possible evidence could be on the side that figures every interaction requires political guidance is irrelevant, as they’ve made up their minds.

Those who get everything wrong are deeply concerned that you’re spreading lies. The First Amendment’s whole point is that we can sort it out ourselves, which frightens control freaks who neither tolerate differing opinions nor challenges to what they risibly deem cold cases. Jittery censors don’t believe in any sort of open market or natural right, and consistency is not always admirable.

Controlling alleged hate speech means anyone who disagrees. There’s an ulterior reason just like everything else woke sputterers claim, namely that they’re as disconnected from the truth as they are productivity.

Psychological projection is the only productive liberal industry. Business sadly thrives. Making a show of calling everyone else a fibber is intended to distract from their own bouts with truth. Robbers call tip lines blaming others. I’m sure investigators will be thrown off by the blatant distraction.

If you didn’t want coercion with the sheen of legality, you should have thought about that before being bossed around. A politician should decide everything except if babies get to be born, according to those obsessed with accuracy. Lecturing about biology while averting their eyes from sonograms is merely the most egregious hypocrisy by those who commit sins they accuse everyone else of transgressions. Everyone else is a phony, according to the most prominent examples.