Politics Ticked

Anthony Bialy
4 min readJan 27, 2022

Trying to think of something other than politics is tricky when politics won’t let you. The ceaseless interdictions into your life win arguments by force of law, which should tell you something about how well such ideas work without coercion. Being compelled to cooperate is precisely why government was limited from ordering your around on so many issues in the first place. But you can’t appeal to the legal system when the judge is the one who mugged you.

It’s unhealthy for anyone to think about what they must obey and how someone elected will fix their sorrows. This country’s whole point features being left the hell alone, which is why liberals despise it so. I know rich white males came up with the system of being unbothered by a dumb and evil ruling club, so the notion must be as racist as it is sexist.

There’s good news ahead if choice feels like torture, as you won’t be allowed to engage in the alternative. We’re told that Barack Obama’s persistently flimsy health scheme fails only because it features too much choice. Government eliminating competition is telling in a way advocates don’t grasp. Infringing on your existence at every instance features the precisely wrong kind of opportunities to seize.

A fear of attack makes going about everyday business stressful. Americans don’t particularly care about Afghanistan except for that whole bit where the only industry permitted under the Taliban is terror planning. We really are lucky that the only memories left are short-term, as forgetting about precedent surely keeps us safe.

Money is worthless, but you can have all you’d like. It seems like inflation is the catch. Supply and demand applies to the quantity of bills, as well, but those dragging us into astounding debt so we can be affluent hope the sheer quantity of bills overwhelms the minuscule quantity of purchases that can be made with them.

Everything will be fine unless your physical self needs consumed energy. Modern people who found themselves reenacting bread lines thanks to the glory of inflation can’t even eat for fun, much less to acquire calories. Food costs skyrocket for some mysterious reason that I’m sure has nothing to do with government trying to make everyone rich by printing currency.

An unnervingly high minimum wage costs you nothing as long as you buy same. Lectures about obesity from an entity of unimaginable corpulence that consumes income and savings in complete disregard to financial well-being adds whipped cream on a sundae nobody can afford. The entrée is out of reach, so forget about acquiring a treat.

Food costs skyrocketing may somehow lead to higher prices. A baseline that restaurant owners can’t avoid is almost as ominous as artificially increasing compensation. It’s awesome to get more money except for how you can’t get any job. Rich dishwashers couldn’t afford to eat at the places where they work even if they managed to get hired.

Negotiation between workers, employers, sellers, and buyers for how much products and labor are worth is as close to happy as anyone involved will get. As it stands, the compassionately rational liberal response to shuttering restaurants is that they should pay more. Why did greedy proprietors who squeak by trying to provide enjoyment during calorie consumption not think to overpay? The most painful cruelty is based in idiocy.

Getting healthier is a matter of obeying. Why won’t your stupid physical self listen to restrictions? Being ordered to not get infected works as well as anything else government attempts. Breathing through cloth treated as a way to stop a pandemic is no different than expecting insurance to get cheaper by passing a law.

Please stop being selfish by caring for yourself. You could’ve made the decision to take precautions that seem reasonable based on individual risk factors just like getting insurance that covers what sounds sensible from any company that sells it. Instead, erstwhile free people don’t have the option to decline. But I’m sure coverage will be awesome. Why else must you participate?

It’s almost like politicians make it worse. Those who profess allegiance to science sure love ignoring experiment results. Purported fans of facts keep voting for the same pompous dolts who vow to solve the problem of making tuition more costly by getting government involved with even more government. Fill in the blanks to feature the awful political solution of your choice.

America needs a president who can be ignored. It’s much easier to disregard one who leaves you alone. That happens about as often as a federal success. A wholly imaginary politician who doesn’t seize a ridiculous portion of your income or potential would be asking for too much. Criminally inept federal agencies going extinct would mean less legal looting, and then we’d be cruelly taking multiple sources of their fun.

Get back here and bother us. It’d be an incalculable relief to loathe the evil president who isn’t making life more expensive by handing out totally free checks. The best argument for making politics less central to life is everything political.