Presidentially Defined

Anthony Bialy
4 min readOct 31, 2022

Relying on one individual who’s determined to sabotage individual rights explains why he encourages hiding in crowds. Joe Biden will be the only one allowed to boss around the rest of us once he figures out how chocolate gets into milk.

The president should not define the country, and we have the best example why. Let’s at least take one useful thing from a term that feels like insurance fraud.

The twit who somehow ends up with the most electoral votes wants the rest of us to obey. The messianic fool’s ensuing disappointment at dissent makes it even more fun. A single person’s regrettable personality summarizing a country that encompasses infinitely more to ourselves and this world constitutes a singular tragedy. The only thing worse is the particular kind of person who keeps holding this position.

Whoever happens to be president should never be the first thing that comes to mind about our great and good nation. Biden’s triple dog daring us to push it toward the bottom.

We’re not represented by much. That’s a relief. The few specific tasks permitted by our nation’s rule book imply that we can handle this. In government terms, decent humans don’t want their names linked to those foolhardy enough to think elected office is a helpful career choice.

Our faceless Congress is supposed to cover nearby concerns. You may have read about the reality that they end up being nothing but docile flunkies heeding the executive’s whims. Every lawmaker should have rubber stamps confiscated. Even in modern times, tactile affirmation remains addictively appealing.

Thinking about the president constantly will show him who’s boss. Create equality by electing a woman and contemplating her as soon as you awaken. It’s unhealthy to contemplate any person as much as we do whoever’s president. Don’t tell your spouse, but your mind may turn to other concerns throughout the day. Ample distractions offer a blessing for those seeking personal mental stability, federal boundaries, and the nation’s well-being.

The head of state is not the head of the country. The person in question is not even head of government like some ghastly third-rate Second World European pinko dump. Anyone who finds such a curiously streamlined system tempting is free to flee to one. I’m sure they’re efficient examples of maximized human potential.

Biden’s most valuable skill is showing why those holding his office have limited power for good reason. A place that’s based on not being told what to do sure endures lots of bossing.

The delightful lack of control befits a nation embodied by not being embodied by government. We got this way precisely because powers are specific and constrained, not through the gentle guidance of altruistic public servants who know just how much of your money they need to make society function.

A bipartisan drive requires the small but necessary step of acknowledging we have dreadful presidents. Why let us be stereotyped by the one thing we do poorly? Being bossed around is decidedly un-American, especially for the side that at least pretends to care about liberty. We haven’t been assigned sides randomly. Some Republicans just want their own gang lord.

Free people can agree that they do not wish be summed up by freaking Biden or Donald dadgum Trump. The slightest bit of agreement should be cherished. Let’s please at least agree this is an office for bad people who are bad at the tasks even if the particular personalities and fumbles differ.

Even a semi-competent executive who actually does his job by letting citizens do theirs should be derided as a monstrous fiend. Remember to loathe whoever’s next, especially if you voted for them. Consider endless suspicion of your choice the best form of accountability. You want to ensure the person does as promised, right? Those who set boundaries for others hate being checked themselves, which is the best reason to do so.

The victor is hopefully is fine without welcome attention. People don’t notice proficiency. We could use a break from constantly thinking about who’s semi-serving in government enabled by a president doing things correctly.

Inexorably linking the president to the nation is inherently liberal. If you want one person setting the agenda for everything, you get it. Presuming America can be encapsulated by who’s in office is like concluding television sucks because Jimmy Kimmel still has a show.

Bipartisanship sucks, as seen by the poisonous notion has infected both parties. Citizens of all affiliations should be ashamed to admire the ghastly twits who promise to protect us from life’s vicissitudes if only we reject our stubborn autonomy in favor of allowing glorious complete cooperation.

Patriots vote for the one who’s less of an attention whore. Figure out who’s less bothersome. We could use more politicians who are less likely to go through your wallet while telling us they’ll buy us something nice. Slipping in some useless bills is Biden’s form of an apology.

Paying a federal employee to do nothing may seem wasteful. But the only thing worse is pushy dolts doing something. Reducing the role leads to reducing the quantity. The best case against linking the nation to the president is based on who’s been president.