Presumed Provided

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMay 8, 2023


Stop violating humanity and give me what I want. Having rights provided means they never were such at all, which confuses subtle legal scholars who want junk now. Feeling entitled to entitlements reflects a mentality that dooms us all at the expense of those who haven’t earned it, which is why it’s presently a popular idea. Those who know everything should learn which side of the Cold War was right right after learning what it was.

Making someone else hand you things totally isn’t coercion once the government says they must. Demanding items reflects a complete misunderstanding of how rights work, but at least they install practical nightmares.

Obligation is inherent to the ideology of very peaceful liberals who loathe law enforcement and military might. Using one of government’s few useful powers to ensure compliance constitutes true abuse, which I thought cop-haters oppose. The only criminals they see are dissenters who won’t buy crummy insurance. Justice takes the form of muggers not suffering the indignity of putting up cash bail from their felonious hauls.

For a frightening diagnosis, imagine what would happen with the alleged right if people refused to become doctors. The amazing thing about not being compelled is how people will provide a service if the need arises. They do ask for compensation, which seems fair considering the time and training. You’d do the same if you believe you’re empathic.

The fact it’s crucial is precisely why not to attempt to guarantee it. Trading what we have for what we seek works for every other industry. Competing for our business is the best way to ensure quality at a decent price no matter and especially if the product is valuable.

Democrats presume nobody can afford anything because their policies cause that. Cynical clods who think politics are the only way to get rich can’t imagine anyone entering a higher income quintile, what with the effort and ingenuity. Getting ahead becomes impossible only when they punish those who advance.

We’re all starving. It must be so, as there’s no right to food. That sure seems cruel. I read every amendment twice just to see if I missed it due to old-timey language, but I only discovered we have at most one more Joe Biden term to endure. Most people will hopefully have to visit the supermarket before the hospital and could at one time afford to fill a cart before the president emptied the shelves by making money free.

The one thing that makes acquiring delicious energy tricky is Biden’s determined effort to make you avoid the indignity of having to earn. All this free money made it a challenge to afford eggs, plural. Shoppers couldn’t afford what would normally appear on what are now empty shelves. Order greedy grocers to lower prices until Biden thinks they’re acceptable to increase the supply while lowering demand.

The White House demonstrates their contempt for capitalism by making it impossible for anyone to conduct business. Supermarkets had some nerve providing anything we’d ever want to consume at reasonable prices.

Circumventers who want to treat commodities as rights are the same ones whose policies make them difficult to acquire. I would accuse them of deliberate conspiratorial New Coke-style plotting were they capable, which their demonstrated laughably pathetic efforts clearly indicate are not. Messing with the sodie pop formula was a colossal screwup by accident, not careful manipulation. The difference is they had a delicious beverage to revert to peddling. Meanwhile, the incumbent tries printing money even faster. Nobody is this skilled at a ruse, especially not anyone who claims Biden is helping.

Meanwhile, actual rights are viewed with more contempt than misgendering. You have some nerve suggesting people were born with natural rights and certain genders. As with pretending biology is a choice, the woke brigade presumes amendments don’t say what they do. The hate speech exception is on the Constitution’s back next to the insurance mandate. Explaining why criminals ignore laws is as tiresome as diagramming the Second Amendment. The only debate is whether or not liberals refuse to understand deliberately.

The only guarantees don’t promise products. Liberals despise the existence of liberty because they imply trust in humans and require effort to obtain. You can say anything you want as long as woke social media screechers don’t deem it cruel.

Unofficial censors who tape asterisks to expression sure do utter lots of seething comments. At least their remarks are baseless. I of course don’t think they should be banned; in fact, one of free speech’s virtues is letting fools self-identify. Meanwhile, guns scare those who don’t trust their own impulse control. The nefarious are thrilled every time the law-abiding are given an unnecessary law to abide.

Noting something is un-American isn’t just fun. I should get a flag to wave while reading the amendments. The reason none of the goofy things they desire are not in the Constitution is because this whole country is predicated upon living on your terms. If you can manage to not harm others, you should be okay. Protecting the ability to do what you wish without attempting to do it for you is the founding principle, not the effect.

Having the same arguments is only fun for tiresome types who don’t remember what they had for breakfast or where rights come from. You don’t get stuff without paying for it, which conform with how something allegedly free will be way more costly. Social justice fiends never had someone offer to buy them dinner, which is why they’re not suspicious about it.

The result of a wholesale misunderstanding of human nature means we will be back to listing reasons why freedom only means you get to provide for yourself instead of having stuff provided. We’ll come up with different ones once the perpetually entitled show they can retain the basics.